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St. Stanislawa Kostki Golden Jubilee 1874-1925

Bay City, Michigan

The name index is now complete and has 1,330 Bay Co. names! Thanks to people who have ties to this parish and helped index the book.

These names were indexed from the pages of the book Pamietnik Parafii Sw. Stanislawa K. Bay City, Michigan 1925. The book was published in Polish and thanks to volunteers the names are indexed so you can go right to the page image by clicking on the link next to your family name. Within the pages surnames are spelled differently on some pages due to the Polish language. Links to help with Polish to English Help.

Your search can be for a full last name or any number of letters the last name may start with to search. If you type only the beginning letter it will return many pages of names. Due to the difference in the spelling of last names this may be what you need to find the person you are looking for.


AdamczykJ.Page Link
AdamskaAnnaPage Link
AdamskiJanPage Link
AdamskiJozefPage Link
AdamskiMarcinPage Link
AdamskiWoj. W.Page Link
AdamskiWojciechPage Link
AgdanowskiFranciszekPage Link
AlbinWaleryiPage Link
AndrzejewskaHelenaPage Link
AndrzejewskaKatarzynaPage Link
AndrzejewskaRoz.Page Link
AndrzejewskaRozaliaPage Link
AndrzejewskaRozaliaPage Link
AndrzejewskaRozaliaPage Link
AndrzejewskiAntoniPage Link
AndrzejewskiJ.Page Link
AndrzejewskiMichalPage Link
AndrzejewskiPiotrPage Link
AndrzejewskiRoch.Page Link
AndrzejewskiWincentyPage Link
AndrzejewskiWincentyPage Link
AndzejewskaSalomeaPage Link
AnglewiczPaulinaPage Link
AnnuncyataSister M.Page Link
BajerskiJanPage Link
BakTomaszPage Link
BalaPawelPage Link
BalcerFatherPage Link
BalcerFather WincentyPage Link
BalcerWincentyPage Link
BanaszakKlaraPage Link
BaranDelfinaPage Link
BaranMichalPage Link
BartkowiakF.Page Link
BartkowiakJozefPage Link
BartkowiakPetronelaPage Link
BarzynskiFather Winc.Page Link
BarzynskiWincentPage Link
BednardskiJanPage Link
BetcherAndrzejPage Link
BetcherAndrzejPage Link
BetkierAndrzejPage Link
BieganskiKazmierzPage Link
BielskaLeokadyaPage Link
BielskaLeokadyaPage Link

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