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Persons Subject to Military Duty
Garfield and Hendricks Townships

1886 Garfield Township Filed this 30th day of July AD 1886 by Townhship Supervisor John Chambers 24th day of June AD 1886 Hendricks Township and April 22 1886 Richard Pemble Supervisor Filed June 12th 1886.

In 1886 a list of men who qualified for military duty was taken in the Garfield and Hendricks Townships. The list contains only the name of each man and gives no explanation as to why the list was created.

AllenJohn Hendricks
ArshomboFred Garfield
AshcraftGeorge Garfield
BaileyProsper Garfield
BerchroedF. Hendricks
BlakeFrank Garfield
BlakeleySmith Garfield
BoardmanWm. Garfield
BorsawLouis Hendricks
BouchaEdward Garfield
BouchaIsa Garfield
BouchaWm. Garfield
BouchaWm. H. Garfield
BoursauJohn Garfield
BoursauJoseph Garfield
BoursauVetal L. Garfield
BowenNathan M. Hendricks
BrenckmanF. BreuckmanHendricks
BrownJames J. Garfield
BruceMyron Garfield
BunellGeo. Hendricks
ChambersCharles Garfield
ClarkJohn V. Hendricks
CofferW. N.  Hendricks
CollinsPatrick Garfield
ContinsFred Garfield
ContinsJerome Garfield
ContinsWm. Garfield


Source: Mackinac County Mich. Clerk Correspondence and documents file with the Mackinac County Clerk 1865-1949 RG 2008-44E.1 HOL. 9
Lists of Persons Subject to Military Duty in Garfield and Hendricks Townships
Files stored at Archives of Michigan, Lansing, Michigan
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