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Mission Statement

Friday, 06 January 2000 (with minor revisions on Sept. 1, 2000)

Our goal at the Michigan Family History Network is to provide help to Michigan genealogists so they may further their research by pointing them to the records and resources that are part of Michigan's rich history. We believe that in sharing our knowledge with you it will help promote the history of Michigan and in turn ask that you share your knowledge in some way, whether helping another researcher, transcribing records so others, who do not have access, may view them or simply encourage others in their research of their ancestors and history.

This site and organization, being newer, may in the future change, according to what we see needed for our visitors.

At no time will this site claim or copyright any information submitted or given by other researchers. We will also never sell the information donated by others in any context donated, whether a query or record or any other type of submission.

We encourage and promote responsible research by preserving records and making sure our research is cross-referenced and sources are sited. At no time do we want the records considered primary sources on the Michigan Family History Network sites. Please view where the transcribed records have come from or contact the person who has transcribed the record so you may obtain original documents for your own research.

  • The purpose of the Michigan Family History Network is to provide a centralized location on the internet to help with research of Michigan records and resources, and at no time will consider ourselves as all inclusive.
  • The owners are not responsible for the content found on other web sites that are linked to. Links to commercial sites does not imply endorsement to their services or products, although many have been used by the web administrators.

If you have any questions or you would like to know more about the Michigan Family History Network please contact either or or .  

Thank you for taking the time to read this!