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Michigan's Place Names

Michigan has 83 counties and 1,245 townships. Currently there are over 5,300 "named places" in the database. New "historical" places are being added weekly. All place names that are registered as current by the State of Michigan in 2002 are complete. The database is unique, in that there are both current and historical names included. The township of the “named place” is also included when known.

Historical names that have since become "ghost towns" and are not in use are being added. This is a huge undertaking, as there are thousands of "ghost towns". If you can help with a township or county from an old map or book you have on hand, please

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The above links to the full list of "named places" or communities contained in the database. You can surf, or do a search with full or partial spellings and wildcards.

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The full list of 1245 townships in Michigan is here. Search the names you have to find out what county they are in. Links to the community names within each the townshipgs are provided.