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St. Stanislaus Burials

Bay City (Essexville), Michigan

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St. Stanislaus and St. Patrick's Cemetery Interment Records
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ADAMSKAAnlelaStanislawKonstaneyaAuburnAuburn4 mies 3 tygodWrzes 9-1900Wrzes-10-1900 St. Stanislaus Cemetery St. Stanislaus  
ADAMSKAAnnaStanKonstaneyaAuburnAuburn4 miesSierp-16-1900Sierp-17-1900KurczcSt. Stanislaus Cemetery St. Stanislaus  
ANDREWJEWSKIHedwig  PolandBay City55 years9-28-190610-2-1906 St. Patricks Cemetery33 71St. Stanislaus  
ANDWYEWSKIFrank  PrussiaBay City46 years4-29-190205 03 1902 St. Patricks Cemetery19 24St. Stanislaus  
AUGLERNIEliz  PolandBay City93 years5/3/19085/6/1908 St. Patricks CemeteryA 53St. Stanislaus  
AZUMIGALAStanisloaMartinMary ZaleraBay CityBay City2 years1896-Apr-281896-Apr-29MeaslesSt. Patricks Cemetery19 14St. Stanislaus  
BALWINSKIFrances  Bay CityBay City22 years4/30/19095/3/1909 St. Patricks Cemetery4 31St. Stanislaus  
BARAMBIEtaryst  Bay CityBay City1 year 10/11/1909 St. Patricks Cemetery St. Stanislaus  
BARANOVSKACatharine  CanadaBay City51 years03 12 19033-14-1903 St. Patricks Cemetery18 102St. Stanislaus  
BARANOWSKIClara  Bay CityBay City70 years8-9-19038-11-1903 St. Patricks Cemetery20 26St. Stanislaus6 grave 
BARANSKIFrankLawrenceCatherine ZelinskaBay CityBay City14 years1897-4-211897-4-23Killed by carsSt. Patricks Cemetery35 5St. Stanislaus  
BARKOWSKIStephen  PolandBay City69 years3-26-19043-28-1904 St. Patricks Cemetery14 30St. Stanislaus  
BARRANOWSKILeoFrankMaryBay CityBay City2 years 3 m9-28-19019-30-1901 St. Patricks Cemetery19 104St. Stanislaus  
BAUMBACKAlbertFredMarthaBay CityBay City1 month12/26/191012/28/1910 St. Patricks Cemetery6 23St. Stanislaus  
BELSKIVictor D  Bay CityBay City6 months4/21/19094/24/1909 St. Patricks Cemetery19 8St. Stanislaus  
BIELENSKIJohn  PolandBay City45 years1897-6-141897-6-16Typhoid malariaSt. Patricks Cemetery35 7St. Stanislaus  
BIELINSKAMary  PolandBay City45 years10-19-190610-22-1906 St. Patricks Cemetery35 15St. Stanislaus  
BIERSInfant    2 days8-3-19018-4-1901 St. Patricks Cemetery19St. Stanislaus  
BIES   Bay CityMichigan Ave 6-3-18986-4-1898dead when bornSt. Patricks Cemetery St. Stanislaus  
BIESAdamJosephAnnBay CityBay City1 day5-15-19021-15-1902 St. Patricks Cemetery19St. Stanislaus  
BIESMary  Bay CityBay City1 day1897-8-111897-8-12WeaknessSt. Patricks Cemetery20 11St. Stanislaus  
BILSKIFlorian  Bay CityBay City9 months1-31-19062-1-1906 St. Patricks Cemetery19 8St. Stanislaus  
BLOKFranciszek MartaBay City 1 miesStycz-22-1901Stycz-23-1901 St. Stanislaus Cemetery St. Stanislaus  
BODRAWINSKIChildAnthony Bodrawinski West Bay CityWest Bay City 1896-Apr-81896-Apr-10StillbornSt. Patricks CemeteryPotter's FieldSt. Stanislaus  
BORYSIAKWladyslawJanFranciszkaBay CityS. Bay City3 lataStyczen-28-1900Styczen-30- 1900 St. Stanislaus CemeteryLen GSt. Stanislaus  
BRENTStanislaus  PolandBay City34 years10-6-190410-8-1904 St. Patricks Cemetery35 90St. Stanislaus  
BROKZValentineAndrewMaggieBay CityBay City4 days1896-Feb-161896-Feb-18WeaknessSt. Patricks Cemetery19 12St. Stanislaus  
BROZEWSKIJoseph  MichiganBay City1 years 9 m10/10/191010/11/1910DiptheriaSt. Patricks Cemetery6 35St. Stanislaus  
BRZEZIUSKIAntoniLayuioriFranciszkaSeneja GS 35 lataMaja-25-1900Maja-27-1900 St. Stanislaus Cemetery St. Stanislaus  
BUCRCKRosa  Bay CityBay City5 months 12 d1897-2-171897-2-19Inffl of LungsSt. Patricks Cemetery20 3St. Stanislaus  

Readings of stones at St. Stanislaus Cemetery and burials from the ledger of interments at the office of Saint Patrick Cemetery, 805 Ridge Road, Bay City, MI 48708, (Essexville) Operated by the Saginaw Catholic Diocese. Transcribed by Carol Szelogowski copyright © March 2004 all rights reserved.
Bay Co. Site | St. Stanislaus 50th Jubilee Images | St. Stanislaus School Donations 1915
St. Stanislaus and St. Patrick's Cemetery Interment Records
Photos of St. Patrick's Cemetery  |  New Photos St. Stanislaus Cemetery  |  Images from St. Stanislaus Cemetery