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USA Hospital Postings
From a Newspaper in Pennsylvania


I was in PA recently and came across this newspaper that someone had copied from microfilm. The list was published for the newspaper and it is a listing of men transferred from Washington City to the USA General Hospital in York, PA. If you need the source for your records I would use listing from the USA General Hospital in York, PA. The paper was published on Saturday, 6 August 1864.

Orlando Haney H 26 MI
Marcus Colf F 3 MI 
Elias Baldwin A 26 MI
Augustus Newton F 8 MI 
Sgt.Marcus Hatch K 27 MI
Elmor Furry B 27 MI
Augustus S. Clinton D 8 MI
George Treece K 8 MI 
George F. Smith 2d Co. S S 27 MI
Clark Macomber B 20 MI
E.D.Holbrook F 7 MI
John Garrison G ? MI Cav - looks like a 6 but am not sure
Joseph Darling G 20 MI
Peter Cole K 1 MI Cav 
Cpl.Edward J. Bryan I 2 MI
Alonzo Bachelder I 8 MI
William Shaffer E 20 MI
William H. Lacy "Drummer" A 8 MI
Hendrick Heesen B 20 MI
William H. Grey C 1 MI S S
Joseph J. Gilbert E 20 MI 
Harton Elsworth C 8 MI
Isaac Davison F 6 MI Cav
John R. Duesler K 27 MI
Arnold W. Care A 1 MI S S
Hiram F. Blakely C  3 or 5 Cav MI

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