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Michigan Volunteers in the Spanish American War
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Calumet Light Guard
BOWERSOXHerbert L.PrivateLitchfieldHillsdale32nd Michigan Volunteers Company A
EGGLESTONBenjamin S.CorporalJonesvilleHillsdale35th Michigan Volunteers Company D
FISHERGuy J.MusicianHillsdaleHillsdale35th Michigan Volunteers Company F
HADLEYCornelius M.PrivateLitchfieldHillsdale32nd Michigan Volunteers Company A
KIPPGeorge H.PrivateCamdenHillsdale35th Michigan Volunteers Company I
MATHEWSDavidPrivateJonesvilleHillsdale35th Michigan Volunteers Company C
MOOREEdgar A.PrivateCambriaHillsdale31st Michigan Volunteers Company G
SKINNERWilliam M.PrivateCambriaHillsdale32nd Michigan Volunteers Company G
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Calumet Light Guard
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