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Michigan Deaths by County

AckerAliceBarbaraBauler21 December 1975InghamFamily BibleBecky
AckerRaymond  18 May 1999InghamNewspaper obituraryBecky
AlbrechtGustav  14 December 1907InghamGeneology Death CertificateMargie
AllenAlmerienWinfield Scott 26 MAy 1977InghamDeath CertificateSandra
AllenAlmerienJames 4 June 1987InghamDeath CertificateSandra
AllenCoraBellCarrAug ust 1949InghamBible RecordSandra
AllenJamesRiley 29 November 1947InghamFamily BibleSandra
AllenJimmyJames March 71977InghamDeath CertificateStar
AllenLillianMargaretLettimore12 December 1958InghamDeath CertificateSandra
AllenMinaEvelynElston2 September 1975InghamDeath CertificateSandra
AmbrosianiIreneDPastore30 Dec 2000InghamObit The Daily Mining Gazette Houghton 02 Jan 2001Bettynot related
BaarlowElizabeth Whaley21 July 1883InghamDeath CertificateGaylord
BarlowOrange  February 1862Inghamfamily recordGaylord
bartlettwilliam  september 1985Ingham373 07 7227 lansingNot
Bennettjessie Byers19 july 1980Inghamvital record death state file no. 80 cel 49 cel is city of east lansing. Interment in Wheatfield Twp.Cem. aka as Old Dennis cemetery Williamston Mi. Jessie was married to Roger William
BergauRichard  14 May
BettinsonAlliHKemppainen05 May 2003InghamObituary Alli H Bettinson The Daily Mining Gazette Houghton MI 07 May 2003bettynot related
BlakeClaraIsobelBarrett29 December 1960InghamDeath CertificatePhyllis M.
BlakeNormanBarrett 03 15 2003InghamDeath RecordPhyllis M.
BlakeTimothyWalter 09 02 1967InghamDeath CertificatePhyllis M.
BowdenAgnesMillerBeaton13 March 1948InghamObitLinda
BowersBarnettM. 22 July 1908InghamFamily history.Candy
BowersGlennBarnet 01 November 1884InghamFamily history.Candy
BowersHelen O'Dell30 September 1922InghamFamily history.Candy
BowersJamesBarnet 22 March 1872InghamFamily history.Candy
bowlerdon  1937Inghamcommitted suicide in lansingdean
BrownEsther Vroman24 August 1919InghamObituary Colon ExpressBobbi
BURTRAWCharlesA 1891INGHAMvaried contact submitterJack and Marianne
CarrJohnE. 12 Aug 1932InghamDeath Record 480Mary
CausleyJospehP 21 Jan 1979InghamOrbitVicki

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