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Preparedness Camp Custer 1924
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Preparedness Volume IV Sixth Corps Area, Camp Custer Michigan. Prepared by the Men of the Citizen's Military Training Camp 1924 Published by the Military Training Camps Association of the United States. CMTC=Citizen's Military Training Camp
BreedChas. R.1020 Huron St. Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
BreitenwischerP.Furnace St. ManchesterWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
CareyHarold N.Rt. 5, Box 12-B Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
ChristensonV. H.1114 Prospect Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
CulverRonald H.851 Tappan St. Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
CutterRobt. C.1111 Michigan Ave. Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
DavenportC. O.Route 2 MilanWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
DresselhouseH.R.F.D. 1 ManchesterWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
GiffordCarl R.  PittsfordWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
GiffordLloyd H.  PittsfordWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
GlenHarrie J.631 University Ann ArborWashtenawFirst3DHistory Link
GortonLeRoy A.532 Thomson Ave. Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
HeabOscar W.534 Hill Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
HigleyChas. S.615 Monroe St. Ann ArborWashtenawThird3B CavalryHistory Link
HolmesH. W.615 E. University Ave. Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
KeshishianA. H.616 Church St. Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
LindemannEd. G.730 Miller Ave. Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
PlacewayWm. C.1309 Washtonaw Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2OHistory Link
ReynoldsD. S.335 E. Jefferson St. Ann ArborWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
RicharFred W.R.F.D. 4, Box 17 YpsilantiWashtenawFourth3B Field ArtilleryHistory Link
SimmonsGeorge J.R.F.D. 4 YpsilantiWashtenawFirst2NHistory Link
WhitworthH. G.1437 Washtenau Ann ArborWashtenawThird3B CavalryHistory Link

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