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The 1924 CMTC officially opened camp August 1, 1924. By August 3rd the 127 of Company “N” students all hailing from Michigan had reported and camp life had begun in earnest.

Company “N” was especially fortunate in having for its commanding officer Captain Edgar E. Robinson of the Organized Reserve on Duty, Bay City, Michigan. Captain Robinson was ably assisted in his duties by Captain John T. Metcalfe of the Officers Reserve Corps and Lieutenant J. C. Rademan, Second Lieutenant, Cavalry, Officers Reserve Corps. It was due to the careful instruction of the officers that Company “N” progressed so rapidly in the ways of military life. The Company’s high standing in the eyes of the Commanding Officers of the CMTC is the result of many hours spent in train­ing by Company “N’s” officers.  

The first week was given over to fundamental instruction in squad formation and in the manual of arms. This first week’s training was enjoyed by the students, thus mak­ing it possible for Company “N” as a whole to master the School of a Soldier and the School of the Squad. “Column right”, “squads left”, “right shoulder arms” and “present arms” soon became familiar phrases to us accompanied by the usual watchword, “snap into it’’.

Platoon and company formations were drilled into us the first part of the second week. The latter part of that week was given over to preliminary instructions for the use of the rifle on the range. Again we have to thank our officers for their careful instruc­tion. It was because of their drilling us in position, sighting, aiming, bolt manipulation and trigger squeeze that we were able to make such a good showing on the rifle range. “Keep those bolts open” was very familiar to us those days.  

The rifle range, “the paradise of the rookie”, was the scene of operations for the third week. Of the 106 students completing this course, 1 was awarded a medal for sharp shooting and 35, medals for marksmanship. It was because of the good shooting of the entire company that our company average was 33.91, which was the best of the camp. Cecil Davenport made the exceptional record of 177 out of a possible 200.  

The last week was held open for extended order drill and parades. It was in the parades and fieldwork the last week that Company “N” marked itself as being one of the best in camp. Company “N” excelled in scouting and patrolling, It is an unquestionable fact that in everything Company “N” partook of, it always showed itself to be above the average. 

The volleyball championship of the Citizens’ Military Training Camp was awarded Company “N”. Those making it possible for us to win this title were as follows: Captain Victor Maes, Roger Allen, Walter Hodgeboom, Daniel H. Ford, Henry F. Goetsh, Glen Amsden, and Russell Hopkins, Company “N” also prides itself on having the best bantamweight boxer in camp, Samuel Ventimiglia. In football, Company “N” was represented on both the Michigan lightweight and heavyweight teams. The regimental title was won by Company “N” in both basketball and indoor baseball. 

We hold high regard for the enlisted men of the regular army detailed to us as company clerk, supply sergeant, dining room orderly and, last but not least, the four cooks. They helped us at all times that we might master the difficulties of the manual of arms, and learn the fundamentals of real army life. It has also been agreed between the students of Company “N” that we had the best chow of the whole CMTC. Thanks to our cooks.  

Company “N” was made up entirely of Basic Red men with the exceptions of Breed and Bingman, Blue course men and both Platoon Sergeants. Guides and corporals, se­lected by our commander the first week of drill, made splendid non-commissioned officers for the entire period of camp.

First Battalion 3rd Regiment Company N


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