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Preparedness Camp Custer 1924
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Preparedness Volume IV Sixth Corps Area, Camp Custer Michigan. Prepared by the Men of the Citizen's Military Training Camp 1924 Published by the Military Training Camps Association of the United States. CMTC=Citizen's Military Training Camp
AllenRoger E.1030 Williams St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
BaubieJames A.215 W. Clinton St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
BurdickL. D.314 N. Pleasant St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
CarterL. A.621 W. Ganson St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
ComadollLeo P.838 N. West Ave. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
ConwayLeo J.1201 Williams St. JacksonJacksonFourth3B Field ArtilleryHistory Link
DiehlGerald S.123 Orange St. JacksonJacksonFirst2OHistory Link
EwerC. M.808 Adrian Ave. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
FordDaniel H.246 W. Cortland St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
GiordanS. V.611 Francis St. JacksonJacksonThird3B CavalryHistory Link
GreeeneG. J.908 Lansing Ave. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
HeglundCarl E.1509 Mound Ave. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
HillKenneth T.1903 E. Michigan Ave. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
HodgeboomW. F.200 E. Michigan Ave. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
HopkinsRussell231 W. Franklin St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
HylandHugh B.310 7th St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
KingD. M.326 W. Biddle St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
LockerHal. L.Box 83 Michigan CenterJacksonFourth3B Field ArtilleryHistory Link
MaitlandR. W.319 Douglas St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
MansionGeo. N.127 N. Wisner st. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
MooreEverett A.  ConcordJacksonFourth3B Field ArtilleryHistory Link
MoyerChas. W.1006 Maple Ave. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
ParsellsR. D.1228 Loesar Ave. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
PursellC. L.756 W. Washington JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
ReingerM. J.303 Homercrest Rd. JacksonJacksonThird3B CavalryHistory Link
ShawRobert W.330 W. Cortland St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
ShawRollin M.330 W. Cortland St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
SnowK. H.  ConcordJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
SpencerEd. G.316 7th St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link
SpencerHerbert316 7th St. JacksonJacksonFirst2NHistory Link

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