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1st Michigan Colored Infantry - 102nd U.S. Colored Troop

Data Sources For More Research

Michigan Manual of Freedmen's Progress
Secretary of Freedmen's Progress Commission
Authorized By Act 47, Public Acts 1915

Michigan In The War by Jno. Robertson 1883 - Note: lists names but there are many names missing from this.

A compendium of the War of the Rebellion‎ - Page 1738

Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers 1861-65

Microfilms available through LDS Family History Centers:

v. 46, Colored troops; 1861-1866 v. 47, Unassigned Michigan volunteers; 1861-1866 v. 47, 23rd Illinois infantry; 1861-1866 v. 47, 33rd Illinois infantry; 1861-1866 v. 47, 37th Illinois infantry; 1861-1866 v. 47, 42nd Illinois infantry; 1861-1866 v. 47, 44th Illinois infantry; 1861-1866 v. 47, 59th Illinois infantry; 1861-1866 v. 47, 1st Illinois artillery battery 1; 1861-1866 v. 47, 29th Indiana infantry; 1861-1866 FHL US/CAN Film 915049

v. 2: Infantry, 8th Reg. - Special Reg. 1861-1865 (Special Regiments listed: Michigan Colored, 1st Reg., Merril Horse Reg., 1st Reg. U.S. Sharpshooters, 66th Reg. Co., "D" Illinois or Western Sharpshooters, 25th Reg., Co. "A" Illinois Volunteers, 42nd & 44th Reg. Illinois Inf., 70th Reg. New York Inf., 1st U.S. Veteran Volunteer Engineers) FHL US/CAN Film 2031683

U.S. COLORED TROOPS - 96th-104th Infantry 106th-108th Infantry FHL US/CAN Film 1488667


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