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Topic: A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Michigan men and women who participated in the Civil War including regiments, battles, etc.

For questions about this list:  This will get a real person. 


A Few Extra Pointers and Rules:

If you are receiving too much e-mail but don't want to unsubscribe please subscribe to the digest version which is one e-mail with a collection of the posts sent once or twice daily.  If you are on the L list (separate mails) unsubscribe from that and then subscribe to the D list. 

Some Rules for this Rootsweb hosted mail list: 

1.  No name calling or personal attacks are allowed on other list members.  Disagreements are allowed but adult, civil behavior is required.  We have been list administrators on lists for quite some time and have not had name calling, etc. happen very often, but when it does, we react, with unsubbing of the party doing it. 

2. Commercial or For Sale types of posts - YOU MUST ASK TO POST THESE.  We can work something out if, you have a book that has a subject pertinent to the list, or some other source that is for sale.    We do allow it, but not consistently or over and over again.  We monitor it as this list was created for discussion and not as a tool to advertise commercial products.

3. Virus announcements - send to list admin. and do not post to the list.

4. If you have a complaint about another list member - DO NOT POST TO THE LIST - send to list admin. at