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Auxiliary To The Grand Army of the Republic

Traverse City, Michigan June 21, 22, 23, 1905

[Note from transcriber: You will find the same name spelled several different ways...I did them as I found them and did not try to change any. Barbara Lesser]

Department Officers Grand Army of the Republic for the year 1905-06

Dept. Commander:                      George H. Hopkins, Detroit

Sr. Vice Dept. Commander:        John J. Cornwell, Battle Creek

Jr. Vice Dept. Commander:         Dan J. Wilson, Jackson

Medical Director:                        Dr. W. W. Root, Mason

Dept. Chaplain:                           William Putnam, Lansing

Assistant Adjutant Gen:             Fayette Wyckoff, Lansing

Assistant Quartermaster Gen:   Jacob Bristol, Detroit

Judge Advocate:                         Allen B. Morse, Ionia

Dept. Inspector:                         R. B. Robbins, Adrian

Chief Mustering Officer:             A. H. Rolph, Escanaba

Chief of Staff:                              George W. Stone, Lansing

Sr. Aid-de-Camp:                        John Devlin, Detroit


Department Officers

*absent ↕ deceased

President:                   Florence S. Babbitt, Ypsilanti

Sr. Vice President:       Kate M. Rednor, Dowagiac

Jr. Vice President:        Stella Ralph, Escanaba

Secretary:                   Vina E. Redfield, Jackson

Treasurer:                   Anna E. Griffith, Jackson

Counselor:                  Lydia C. Hopkins, Detroit

Chaplain:                    Louisa Bennett, Greenville

Inspector:                   Agnes M. Wiley, Albion

I. and I. Officer:          Evelyn Creuseur, Detroit

Patriotic Instructor:      Emma E. Knapp, Howell

Executive Board

Mina D. Kinsey            Saginaw

Anna L. Shakespeare   Kalamazoo

Manda J. Halsted         Concord

K. Krene Hadley           Parma

Caroline Phillips           Ypsilanti

Past Department Presidents

↕Ella W. Shank                              Lansing

*Emma Stark Hampton                 Detroit 

↕Mary Sherwood Hines                  Stanton

*Sarah A. C. Plummer                   Lansing

*Louise B. Robbins                        Adrian

*Hattie P. Thompson                     Flint

*Abbie R. Flagg                            Battle Creek

*Sarah L. Brown                           Ithaca

Cornelia S. Perry                           Elk Rapids

*Allaseba M. Bliss                         Saginaw

*Ann M. Barney                            Kalamazoo

Emma E. Knapp                            Howell

Manda J. Halsted                          Concord

*Louise A. Turck                           Alma

Mary A. McConnelly                       Flint

*Mary A. Maynard                         Coldwater

Annie E. Udell                               Three Rivers

Jennie L. Pond                              Lansing

Lydia C. Hopkins                           Detroit

Vina E. Redfield                            Jackson

*Jennie M. George                        Lansing

*Mary B. Durfee                           Detroit

*Estella L. Moore                          Stanton

*Susan K. Winans                         Lansing

*Susette R. Wilcox                        Adrian

*Catherine C. Partridge                 Flint

*Hattie H. Willard                         Battle Creek

*Annie M. Brown                           Ithaca

*M. Jennie Carpenter                    Saginaw

Anna L. Shakespeare                     Kalamazoo

*Julia Teasdale                             Howell

*Cora Drake                                 Concord

*Mary L. Taylor                            Alma

*Eunice B. Haynes                        Flint

*Martha L. Ball                             Coldwater

Ella M. Herndon                            Three Rivers

Celia A. Lozee                               Lansing

Ada M. Stoddard                           Detroit

Anna E. Griffith                             Jackson

Past Department Treasurers

*Kittie A. Stone                            Lansing

*Adelaide F. Wallace                     Detroit

*Bertha E. Smith                          Stanton

*Harriet A. Tenney                        Lansing

Phoebe J. Curtis                            Adrian

*Helen M. Burbank                        Flint

*Stella L. Parker                           Battle Creek

*Jennie A. Richardson                   Ithaca

*Lina K. Holt                                Bellevue

Mina D. Kinsey                             Saginaw

Laura C. Foote                              Kalamazoo

*Kate K. Collins                            Howell

*Flora B. Stahley                          Concord

*Lena M. Turck                             Alma

*Fannie B. Nodel                          Coldwater

*Susan Pealer                              Three Rivers

Elizabeth A. Kenney                      Lansing

*Florence E. Moody                       Detroit

Emma E. Cole                               Jackson


        The Department of Michigan extend sincere sympathy to Mrs. Armilla A. Cheney, Past National Treasurer, in the loss by death of her husband, James W. Cheney.

        Louise Barnum, Robbins, Past Department President, mourns the loss of an only sister, Mrs. Jennie Barnum, Wyman, died suddenly at the early dawn of November 30, 1904. She was a member of Fairbanks Corps and had served the Department in many capacities. A woman of high ideals, of rare beauty and strength of spirit, of charming personality, of quick and constant sympathy of heart, generous in her benevolences, bravely putting aside her own deep sorrows that she might minister to others, a woman of good work, unselfish, loyal and lovable, and beloved, she has left a cherished memory.

        In the death of Charles H. Hackley, of Muskegon, Michigan has lost a grad patriotic worker, by whose means portrait statues in memory of Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Phil Kearney, Farragut, and many other prominent men of 61-65 were erected.

NAME                                  CORPS                        TOWN

Olive Phelps                         06                              Grass Lake

Jane Sickles                         07                              Lansing

Helen Stowe Beebe               10                              Detroit

Elizabeth McInstry                10                              “

Jennie L. Wyman                  10                              “

Amy Barnum                        14                              Greenville

Margaret Carlin                    14                              “

Malitta Popplewell                 14                              “

Mrs. G. Bromley                   27                              Grand Rapids

Mary E. Newton                    27                              “

Chelo A. Osborn                   27                              “

Edith Alling                          28                              Ionia

Louise Goodall                     28                              “

Carrie Sherry                       28                              “

Sophia Brotherton                40                              Fremont

Almeria Bronson                   44                              Dewitt

Sophia Hoffman                   49                              Lowell

Anna L. Branch                    51                              Hart

Mary Hennian                       51                              “

Margaret Kennedy                51                              “

Harriet Wait                         57                              Saginaw

Hannah Culver                     65                              Ypsilanti

Lizzie Hastings                     65                              “

Melvina C. Leonard               68                              Leslie

Ellen M. Bates                      69                              Midland

Roda Chase                         70                              Lyons

Bessina Thomas                   83                              Potterville

Betsey Herley                      95                              Centerville

Estella D. Carpenter             110                            Kalamazoo

Emily Woods                        111                            Reese

Lucia  A. Bell                        132                            Dimondale

Martha Lee                          132                            “

Margaret Tibbitts                  132                            “

Lucretia Beekman                 135                            Saginaw

Angie McArdie                      136                            Albion

Elizabeth Van Orsdale           141                            Farwell

Sylvia Barber                       147                            Grand Rapids

Lettia Croswell                     151                            Traverse City

Phoebe Heckelman               159                            Marcellus

Lucinda Smith                      159                            “

Elizabeth Manns                   175                            Belding

Martha Nesbitt                     181                            Whitehall

Jesse R. Newper                   181                            “

Ruth Hastings                      185                            Portland

Almira Stringham                 185                            “

Louisa D. Blakewa                189                            Otsego

Mary Henry                          189                            “

Estella Hughes                     197                            Allegan

Ogadic Swir                         202                            Shephard

Julia C. Stewart                    208                            Gaylord

Susan A. Bailey Orcutt          218                            Ann Arbor

Margaret Engel-Liddell          218                            “

Lucy Jane Brown                  237                            Gobleville

Sylvia Barber                       [Annex]








1__Zack Chandler - South Haven, Van Buren Co.- Oct 18, 1889 P__Helen F. Hickmott; PP__Mary E. Dodge, Josephine Prentice, Mary J. Huber, Elsie A. Hicks, Sarah Gibson, Thressa Chapman, Phoebe Griffin, Emaline Nolan; D__Josephine Prentice; SVP__Judith E. Olds; ALT__Helen F. Hickmott.

2__Dwight May - Midland, Midland Co.- Mary 27, 1896 P__Eliza Snell; PP__Edith Richardson, Frances Hall, Josephine Stearns; D__ Sarah A. Kent; SVP__Almira Hart; ALT__Hannah Evans.

3__James A. Sexton, Central Lake, Antrim Co.- Oct. 23, 1900 P__Elizabeth Mohrman; PP__Hattie S. Kelsey, Mary A. Blakely; D__Hattie Beckman; SVP__Irene Morrison; ALT__Bertha Keech

4__Farragut, Battle Creek, Calhoun Co.- Jan. 24, 1884 P__Frances Belinger; PP__Stella L. Parker, Abbie R. Flagg, Ellen Raynor, Sarah J. Cooper, Laura L. Barrows, Mary Beach, Lillian M. Proseus, Mary Flowers, Julia Stayman, Maria Traver, Elizabeth Dowsett, Mary O. Hayes, Elizabeth Slocum, Kate M. Redner; SVP__Celia Dennison; D__Celia Dennison, Clara A. Cowles; ALT__Mary M. Marsh, Alice G. Ward.

5__Edward Pomerroy, Jackson, Jackson Co.- Feb 1, 1884. P__Elizabeth Cooper; PP__Martha C. Strong, Hattie Page, Maria Huston, Mary Gifford, Vina E. Redfield, Anna E. Griffith, Emma E. Cole, Agnes D. Allen, Clara M. Mix, Elizabeth Kaywood; SVP__Matilda Zuber; ALT__Cynthia McKinstry, Agnes Judd.

6__Fairchild, Grass Lake, Jackson Co.- April 4, 1891 P__Amelia Hines; PP__Ada A Cooper, Mary E. Capron; SVP__Sarah R. Hoffnagle; D__Minnie Sova; ALT__Emma Boynton.

7__Charles T. Foster, Lansing, Ingham Co.- Feb. 28, 1884 P__Carrie Brooks; PP__Mary D. Reed, Laura J. Rice, Lizzie Schneider, Hattie Wortman, Susie Humphrey, Sarah Wyckoff, Laura Russell, Celia Lozee, Elizabeth Kenney, Cornelia Perry, Sarah A. C. Plummer, Jennie L. Pond, Susan K. Winans; SVP__ Pauline Wood; D__Nara Wortman, Loretta Smalley, Minnie Wyckoff, Annie Scheffler; ALT__ Jennie Nelson, Edkith Helmie, Julia McClure.

8__O. M. Poe, Detroit, Wayne Co.- Jan. 28, 1897 P__ Mary Peppers; PP __Evelyn Creusere, Lora Graham, Frances Myers, Sarah Devlin, Ada Coon; SVP__ Erminie Moore; D__ Sadie Fitzgerald; ALT __ Emma Reed.

9__Stanton, Stanton, Montcalm Co. - Mar. 28, 1886 P__ Rosa Pickle; PP__ Mary Holcomb, Almira Finch, Louisa Elliott, Ella Pickard; SVP__ Jane Kellogg; D- Ethel Moser; ALT__ Mary Holcomb.

10__Fairbanks, Detroit, Wayne Co. - Mar. 5, 1884 P__ Emma E. Bailey; PP__ Helen E. Gibbons, Sarah M. Sterling, Sarah D. Parker, Lucinda Byron, Lizzie G. Hawes, Mary R. Claxton, Mary E. Chandler, Irene J. Love, Sarah M. Barnes, Ella S. Benjamin, Henrietta L. Pierce, Julia Martin, Emma S. Hampton, Lydia C. Hopkins, Ada M. Stoddard, Adelaide Wallace, Florence E. Moody; SVP__ Fannie L. Huff; D__ Jennie Morris, Hattie Vaughn; ALT__ B. Helen Bartlett, Mary E. Wiley.

11__William Bell, Dundee, Monroe Co. - May 8, 1884 P__ Sarah A. Casey; PP__ Julia Trowbridge, Augusta B. Davis, Lucy J. Hurd, Chloe Hendricks, Mary A. Stewart, Susie Deites, Sarah Ball; SVP__ Carrie Johnson; D__ Franc Owen; ALT__ Sarah Brown.

12__Amos E. Steele, N. Muskegon, Muskegon Co. - Mar. 21, 1885 P__ Laura Ralph; PP__ Elizabeth Lynder, Nellie Sprague, Rachel Storrs, Mary Noble, Sarah Briggs; SVP __ Elizabeth Lynder - D__ Jane Holton.

14__William A. Kent, Greenville, Montcalm Co. - June 19, 1884 P__ Alwilda Edsall; PP__Anna S. Grabill, Harriet Sanford, Louisa Bennett, Martha Harriman, Cornelia Rhoades, Amanda Belknap, M. Lina Merrit; SVP__ Martha Harriman; D__ Helen L. Jension; ALT__ Julia Morfitt.

15__Waddell, Howell, Livingston Co. - June 18, 1884 P__ Rosetta Peavey; PP __ Elizabeth Waddell, Sarah E. Lyon, Louisa Clough, Jennie A. McKean, Emma G. Sweet; SVP__ Emma Sweet; D__ Augusta Barnes; ALT__ Almira Hall.

16__Earl Halbert, Grand Ledge, Eaton Co. - July 2, 1884. P__ Mary Sanborn; PP__ Harriet Chamberlain, Augusta Chadwick, Harriet foreman, Ellen Harpster, Carrie Wickwire, Sarah Bigelow, Jennie Rowley, Lizzie Mascho, Loretta Kimball, Addie Hodge; SVP__ Irene Field; D__ Irene Field; ALT __ Anna Wells.

17__W. J. May, Jones, Cass Co. - Mar 12, 1901 P__ Elmina King; PP__ Elvira Ferguson; SVP__ Alvira Ferguson; D__ Elizabeth Teatles, E. Stella Feustermacher; ALT__ Effie C. Miller.

18__A. S. Williams, Charlotte, Eaton Co. - July 30, 1884 P__Lydia L. Harmon; PP__ Mattie Rowley, Addie Morey, Mary Perkins, Sarah Shaw, Louisa Snow, Ann Holbrook; SVP__ Mary Braden; D__ Brusa Butler; ALT__ Mary Bennett.

19__Broadhead, Paw Paw [no county or date listed] P__ Mary Folsom; SVP __ Sarah Cummings; D__ Ida E. Adams.

20__Chas. E. Grisson, St. Johns, Clinton Co. - Sept 10, 1884 P__ Lovina Wilson; PP__ Frances Grisson, Elizabeth Daboll, Lucinda Vreeland, Marion Mosher, Adelaide Harris, Martha Davis, Louisa Danley, Nettie Bradner, Emily Parmalee, Anna Morris; SVP __ Mary Lewis; D__ Fannie Smith; ALT__ Emily Grubaugh.

21__Harvey Tucker, Marine City, St. Clair Co. - May 3, 1894 P__ Eliza A. Marks; PP__ Grace Baird, Sarah Hadden, Louisa Streit; SVP__ Florence Suay; ALT__ Maria May.

22__John Gilluly, Fowlerville, Livingstone Co. - Oct 15, 1890 P__ Francelia Smith; PP__ Helen Streeter, Julia Reece, Sarah Palmerton, Sarah Stowe, Jennie Metcalf, L. Rachel Bradley, Loana Horton; SVP__ Julia Reece; D__ Julia Benjamin; ALT__ Orpha Copeland.

23__Gov. Crapo, Flint, Genesse Co. - Oct 15, 1884 P__ Elizabeth Garner; PP__ Nettie Barney, Helen M. Warren, Eliza Nichelson, Edna Tupper, Clara Ruch, Esther M. Green, Nancy Olmstead, Lucy Wheeler, Lillie Jones; SVP__ Lizzie Ramlow; D__ Elizabeth Hawkins, Carrie Greene; ALT__ Lucy Lamb, Mary Crawford.

24__Randall, Coopersville, Ottawa Co. - Nov 7, 1884 P__ Ellen J. Kirkbride; PP__ Edna Jackson, Louisa Norton, Emma White, Maggie Dumas, Melissa Kearney, Ann Bond, Emma Cole; SVP__ Melissa Kearney; D__ Mary Hovey; ALT__ Edith Park.

25__Corbin, Union City, Branch Co. - Nov 7, 1884 P__ Sarah Kindig; PP__ Lucy Simmons, Josephine Buell, Jennie Dubendorf; SVP__ Ellen Osborn; D__ Althea Stewart.

26__Quackenbush, Owosso, Shiawassee Co. - Dec 6, 1884 P__ Rosamond Jacobs; PP__ Mattie Tillottson, Sarah Wiley, Mary Johnson, Nettie Owen, Emma Dawes, Hannah Mason, Lorinda Bennett, Mary Hunt, Annetta Fowler, Ellen M. Quimo, Sarah Mackey, Myrtle Merrill, Sarah Beattie; SVP__ Libbie Corey; D__ Anna Norton, Rhoda Getchel; ALT__ Mary E. Weeks.

27__ Custer, Grand Rapids, Kent Co. - Dec 10, 1884 P__ Gertrude Hall; PP__ Lou E. Johnson, Emma E. Runyon, Viola Dipple, Margaret Elliott, Louisa Brown, Cornelia Smith, Etta VanOrman, Della Porter, Emily Sones, Mary Warren; SVP__ Hattie Huff; D__ Minnie J. Toot, Lou E. Everett; ALT__ Hattie Wagner, Leta Winkles.

28__William H. Borden, Ionia, Ionia Co. - Dec 17, 1884 P__ Sylvia Spencer; PP__ Abbie Tower, Elsie Rowley, Mary Keyes, Florence Crawford, Gertrude Walker, Sallie Perry, Addie Perkins, Ida Lane; SVP__ Huldah Willard; D__ Cora Perham, Eliza Storey; ALT__ Jessie Emmonds, Hattie Guernsey, Elsie Rowley.

29__Andrew MaComber, Lakeview, Montcalm Co. - Jan 3, 1885 P__ Gene Garland; PP__ Ellen Everett, Esther MaComber, Meda Vning, Julia Rossman, Addie Ball, Nora Bidlack, Miriam Larue, Bertha Stebbins; SVP__ Julia Rossman; D__ Tina Sorenson; ALT__ Mary French.

30__James B. Mason, Bellevue, Eaton Co. - Jan 23, 1885 P__ Etta F. Meech; SVP__ Esther Cook; D__ Emma Anson; ALT__ Nettie Burs.

31__Butterworth, Coldwater, Branch Co. - Jan 30, 1885 P__Fannie B. Nodell; PP__Emoretta Reynolds, Sabrina Hanna, Lydia Benson, Lucy Pierce, Josephine Timmerson; SVP__Savilla Conover; D__Almira Whitten, Mary E. Pitcher; ALT__Esther Sears, Mary Stinson.

32__John Hunter, Montrose, Genesse Co. - Jan 18, 1901 P__Etta Miller; PP__Rose Hitchcock, Anne E. Clough; SVP__Elsie Eckler; D__Alice Cross.

33__C. B. Hubbell, Coleman, Midland Co. - Dec 11, 1894 P__Zellie Evans; PP__Amian Stone, Clementine Randall; SVP__Maggie Hecox; D__Zellie Evans; ALT__Amian Stone.

34__Woolsey, Northport, Leelenau Co. - Apr 18, 1896 P__Maggie Leslie; SVP__Frances Rudger; D__Annie Nelson.

35__Pap Thomas, Chesaning, Saginaw Co. - Apr 1, 1885 P__Electa Smith; PP__Carrie Wilson, Mary Beers, Almira Bennett, Orsavilla Terry; SVP__Almira Bennett; D__Mary Whitney; ALT- Ora Doane.

36__Weatherwax, Grand Haven, Ottawa Co. - Apr 1, 1885 P__Esselda Grinnell; PP__Helen Bell, Anna Milliman, Mary Scott; SVP__Mary Cambridge; D__Louise Van Wormer; ALT__Bertie Moore.

37__C. J. Dickerson, Hillsdale, Hillsdale Co. - Apr 10, 1885

        P__Isabela Fink; PP__Caroline Leland, Mary Schaffer, Louise Whipple, Amy Wood, Laura LaFleur, Mary Agnes Schafer, Carrie Perry, Julia Taylor, Eleanor Chase, Frances Green; SVP__Martha Barrows; D__Effie Green, Anna Bingdolt; ALT__Maria Rippon.

38__James B. Brainard, Eaton Rapids, Eaton Co. - July 30, 1886 P__Anna Welch; PP__Lizzie Cook, Lucy Cheney, Frances Fowler, Matilda Norton, Frances Wilkins, Eliza Olmstead, Effie Coulston; SVP__Lizzie Cook; D__Sarah Crandall; ALT__Marian Greusbeck.

39__Lewis Cass, Waterviet (no county or date given) P__Adelaide Garrett; SVP__Aurelia E. Stillwell

40__Henry Dobson, Fremont, Newaygo Co - Apr 30, 1885 P__Lavina Douglas; PP__Cornelia Norton, Octavia Bacon, Helen Allan, Helen Barnes, Cecela McEwen, Mattie Jacklin, Mary Phelps; SVP__Ellen Williams; D__Sarah Smith; ALT__Olive Giddings.

41__Champlin, Grand Rapids, Kent Co. - May 20, 1885 P__M. Belle Williams; PP__Eva Gray, Hester Cotton, Alice Bailey, Delia Fox, Augusta Phillips, Hattie Sherman; SVP__Alice Bellaire; D__Cora Henri; ALT__Rachel Weed.

42__Jeffords, Nashville, Barry Co. - May 30, 1885 P__ Mary Clay; SVP__Elizabeth Williams; D__Mary Clay; ALT__Nora Stevens.

43__F. A. Buhl, Ecorse, Wayne Co. - Sept 4, 1894 P__Sarah Warner; PP__Mary M. Reno, Eva Lawrence; SVP__Rachel Beabien; D__Ella Perkins; ALT__Carrie Lory.

44__Geo. W. Anderson, DeWitt, Clinton Co. - July 18, 1885 P__Emma Beadle; PP__Rachel Brink, Nancy Cartwright, Adelia Cole, Maggie Howell, Alma Emery, Ida Brink, Mary Davidson; SVP__Alma Emery; D__Alzina Sibley; ALT__Mary Barton.

45__Cory, Wayne, Wayne Co. - July 20, 1885 P__Christina Kelland; PP__Sarah E. Warner, Rilla J. Bird, Sarah Walden, Adelia S. Collins, Harriet D. Heywood, Adelia Bunyea; SVP__Anna Robinson; D__Mary Johnson; ALT__Eliza Monroe.

46__Ellsworth, Hartford, VanBuren Co. - Apr 29, 1891 P__Mary Shaw; PP__Mahala Olds, Eliza White, Emma Stowe, Emma Dyer, Harriet Woods, Myra Dyer, Ada Grove, Mary Poole, Sarah Palmer, Lillian Edmunds; SVP__Anna Horton; ALT- Emma Stowe

47__Frank Graver, Niles, Barrien Co. - Mar 3, 1897 P__ Emma Scribner; PP__Emily Zigerfus; SVP__Mary Kemple; ALT__Nellie Austin.

48__J. T. Jones, Howard City, Montcalm Co. - Aug 3, 1885 P__Ella Church; PP__Jennie Drew, Maggie Austin, Helen Doty, Catharine Reagan, Mary Thurber, Mary Warren, Ella Inness, Janette Phillips, Celia Vanda, Delight Knapp; SVP__Mary Lane; D__Clara Norwood; ALT__Helen Doty.

49__Joseph Wilson, Lowell, Kent Co. - Aug 13, 1885 P__Almira Morse; PP__Hattie L. Painter, Alice Campbell, Sarah Pitcher; SVP__Louisa Shearer; D__Josephine Jonns; ATL__Maryette Sayles.

50__Pap Williams, Ludington, Mason Co. - Sept 8, 1885 P__Mary Ransom; PP__Emily Dowland, Hattie Barber, Mary Cheesborough, Hannah Herrington, Nellie Britton; SVP__Nancy E. Leonard.

51__Joe Hooker, Hart, Oceana Co. - Oct 17, 1891 P__Ida Luther; PP__Emma Carter, Lucy Dennison, Helen Thorp, Alice Smith, Emma Hardy, Mary Besenson, Lucy Flory, Ina Palmer; SVP__Matilda McKay.

52__Hill, Middleville, Barry Co. - Sept 3, 1895 P__Hattie Southwick; SVP__Elvira Tweksberry; D__Rachel Rouse; ALT__Marian Saunders.

53__Montcalm, Stanton, Montcalm Co. [no date given] P__Jennie E. Dunn; PP__Carrie E. Stevens, Mary E. McNutt, Mary E. Grooms, Evangeline S. Bellows, Mary J. Barber, Lucy H. Krebs, Matilda Weed; SVP__Matilda Weed; D__Ruth Dodridge; ALT__Libbie Toner.

54__Scott, Blissfield, Lenawee Co. - May 5, 1891 P__Ada Kropf; PP__Elizabeth Carpenter, Melissa Herman, Mary Collier, Kate Carpenter, Emma Miller, Carrie Rouse, Ella Giles, Ella Wilbur, Ada VanWey, Mary Parker; SVP__Julia TenEyck; D__ Catherine Crane; ALT__Lucy Craig.

55__Horace S. Roberts, Alpena, Alpena Co. - Sept 23, 1885 P__Frances Quinn; PP__Jennie Wheeler, Viola Kimball, Clio Maiden, Catherine Herrington, Annie Wyman, Jennie Phillips, Susie Rice; SVP__Susie Rice; D__Margaret White; ALT__Sophronia Wilson.

56__Wa Bu No, Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co. - Sept 11, 1885 P__Rebecca Gardner; PP__Ellen A. Hiks, Sarah Churchill, Jennie E. Murray, Louise Crapo, Sarah Hoag; SVP__Mary Weller; D__Ellen Loomis; ALT__ Mira Tvans.

57__Saginaw, T. S., Saginaw Co. - Feb 24, 1887 P__Clara Brookins; PP__Charlotte Tate, Nellie Prnice Quimby, Anna E. Dederich, Mary Marshall, Mina Eaton, Mary Morgan, Lucy Cowles, Frances Newall, Catherine Marshall, Blanche Metcalf, Jennie Budd, Helen Doxer, Harriet Englehart, Sarah Glover; SVP__Mary Clark; D__Florence Lapham, Nellie Vance; ALT__Mary Clark, Sarah Hull.

58__H. C. Beebe, Richmond, Macomb Co. - Oct 20, 1885 P__Anna Heath; PP__Lucy Keeler, E. W. Walton, Adelia Quick, Alice Stoddard, Delia Crandall, Maud Cooley, Nancy Patterson, Nancy Vroman; SVP__Elizabeth Allington; D__Anna Heath; ALT__Nancy Vroman.

59__Billy Begole, Maple Rapids, Clinton Co. - Oct 10, 1884 P__Lucretia Sanborn; PP__Frances Terry, Libbie Anderson, Unity Frisble, Ellen Fulton, Libbie Wright, Lucinda J. Allor, Maria Downs, Ella E. Wheat, Jane Wilson, Jetora Anderson; SVP__Sarah Hewitt; D__Kate Britton; ALT__Penelope Archer.

60__Hackett, Bronson [no county given] - Mar 30, 1904 P__Belle Bailey; SVP__Harriet Mosher; D__Belle Bailey; ALT__Julia Carpenter.

61__Jewell, Cedar Springs, Kent Co. - Mar 8, 1892 P__Eliza Parkinson; PP__Minnie Smith, Louisa Jackson; SVP__Lydia Youngs; D__Rose Decon; ALT__Diantha Smith.

62__S. W. Grinnell, Sunfield, Eaton Co. - Oct 30, 1885 P__Nancy J. Linhard; PP__Emma Wilson, Emma Peabody, Phoebe Peck, Alice McGuire, Sarah Pelling, Cassie Cramer, Hannah Orser, Helen Edwins; SVP__Phoebe Peek; D__Louisa Peabody; ALT__Sarah Luck.

63__Stansell, South Lyons, [no county given] - May 27, 1904 P__Amelia Underhill; ALT__Lizzie Gdye.

64__Myron Baker, Morenci, Lenawee Co. - Nov 18, 1886 P__ Carrie Smith; PP__Lucy Converse, Mary Whitney, Mary McDuffee, Ellen A. Oldfield, Julia Bishop, Lillie Chapin, Susie Hanna, Mary Sweet, Emma Chappell, Mary Onweller; SVP__Julia Bishop; D__Phila Smith; ALT__Carrie Mileg.

65__Carpenter, Ypsilanti, Washtenau Co. - 20 Nov 1885 P__Mary E. Dean; PP__Lonora Siegel, Josephine Corson, Cornelia B. Sevey, Mary N. Russell, Harriet Kenney, Elizabeth H. Shaw, Florence S. Babbitt, Adele C. Suidecor, Elvira Clough, Mary E. Breining, Malvina Coquillard, Caroline A. Phillips, Nettie Camp, Anna V. Chamberlain, Mary E. Dean; SVP__Elizabeth Roberts; D__Melvina Coquillard; ALT__Jennie Ostrander.

66__Col. Fenton, Fenton, Genessee Co. - Jan 12, 1886 P__Anna Ludlow; PP__Abbie J. Curry, Dora J. Leet, Mary Dibble, Kate Conrad, Alma Chestnut, Lucy M. Marsh, Sarah Van Alta, Hannah Marsh; SVP__Lydia Sadden; D__Elvira N. Bunting; ALT__Lucy M. Marsh.

67__Charles T. Beard, Morrice, Shiawassee Co. - Dec 8, 1885 P__Adelaide Trowbridge; PP__Mahala Hawley, Mariette Shult, Mary Hitching, Mary Ewing, Catherine Sherrick, Sarah Treadway; SVP__Mary Hitching; D__Martha Bennett; ALT__Huldah Phelps.

68__Dewey, Leslie, Ingham Co. - Jan 6, 1886 P__Lucy H. Bishop; PP__Elizabeth Wilson, Marinda Bartlett, Sophronia Leach, Adelaide Vaughn, Sarah Lombard, Lucinda Laberteaux, Alice A. Baker, Hattie Small; SVP__Alice A. Baker; D__Minnie Young; ALT__Louisa Way.

69__Farquhar, Detroit, Wayne Co. - Mar 5, 1885 P__Clara Luebs; PP__Mary Schuhmacher, Margaret Mincel, Millie Struck, Amelia Theimer; SVP__Matilda Roehning; D__Carrie Beck; ALT__Mary Shumacher.

70__M. W. Dresser, Lyons, Ionia Co. - May 20, 1891 P__Lucy Bradt; PP__Myra McQuillan, Mary Marsh, Lois Dougherty, Lillian Grant; SVP__Susie Lung; D__Frances Devore; ALT__Louise Lathrop.

71__Maurice B. Wells, Luther, Lake Co. - Mar 9, 1894 P__Mary Nichoson; PP__Josephine Giddings, Mary E. Menold; SVP__Mary V. Nichols; D__Ida Webster Grice; ALT__Mary Nichoson.

72__Woodbury, Adrian, Lenawee Co. - Jan 25, 1886 P__Nellie Printup; PP__Mary L. Colvin, Eliza E. Camburn, Mary E. Hopkins, Matilda J. Allen, Margaret V. Reynolds, Lizzie M. Buck; SVP__Rose Englehart; D__Bessie Cochrane; ALT__Margaret Briggs, Rose Englehart.

73__Wm. B. Stewart, Crystal, Montcalm Co. - Jan 26, 1897 P__Mary Munn; PP__Mary E. Steffey; SVP__Mrs. H. Race; D__Mary E. Steffey; ALT__Mary Munn.

74__De Golyer, Hudson, Lenawee Co. - Feb 19, 1886 P__Amanda L. Sturgis; PP__Addie Patterson, Anna Ames; SVP__Anna Ames; D__Celia Westfall; ALT__Ada Lincoln.

75__Burnside, Decatur, VanBuren Co. - Jan 5, 1895 P__Sophia DeLong; PP__Julia Lusk, Clara E. Mead, Rose Johnson; SVP__Ruhana Morrow; D__Anna F. Brown; ALT__Ella Lusk.

76__Julius T. Barrett, Carson City, Montcalm Co. - Mar 6, 1886 P__Elizabeth W. Hoffman; PP__Jane St. Clair, Julia S. Morse, Anna North, Sarah M. Inman, Elizabeth Laird, Emma Hallett, Clara Garner, Lucy Ludwick; SVP__Elizabeth Fish; D__Electa VanDusen; ALT__Lovina Ackley.

77__Wm. Sanborn, Port Huron, St. Clair Co. - Feb 1, 1895 P__Mary Bryant; PP__Josephine A. Post, Maggie Hyde, Alice Mann, Eva Cooley, Lucy Brown, Jennie Breckenridge; SVP__Minerva Wright; D__Emma Shefler, Selina Carey, Mary Freedinburg; ALT__Eliza Dillon, Ursula McCormick, Amelia Mannassing.

78__O. H. Reed, Hubbardston, Ionia Co. - Mar 26, 1886 P__Mary A. Bennett; PP__Julia Crossett, Bella Langdon, Martha Doremus, Edith Bennett; SVP__Mary Reed; D__Maggie Graham; ALT__Edith Bennett.

79__Jackson Cory, Wolverine [no county given] - May 27, 1904 P__Lydia Bittenbender; PP__Cora A. Ford; SVP__Etta M. Betcome; D__Lillie M. Mackin; ALT__Enda A. Shook.

80__A. Stewart, Litchfield, Hillsdale Co. - Mar 30, 1886

        P__Loretta King; PP__Carrie E. Howard, Flora A. Whitney, Minerva Hadley, Eliza M. Chapman; SVP__Addie Tompkins; D__Marie VanVleett; ALT__Flora A. Whitney.

81__Fred W. Walker, Mt. Morris, Genesee Co. - Mar 15, 1897 P__Azilda Bache [no other info.]

82__Geo. A. Winans, Ovid, Clinton Co. - Mar 14, 1886 P__Jennie M. Link; PP__Elizabeth Southworth, Arvilla Bagley, Alice L. Mentor, Ruena Prosser, Carrie Carey, Ann Bromley, Sarah Brown; SVP__Jane Hunter; D__ Jane Hunter; ALT__Lettia Nesbit.

83__O. D. Jackson, Potterville, Eaton Co. - July 11, 1886 P__Tillie VanAuken; PP__Melissa E. Ells, Eliza Smalley, Amy Merritt; SVP__Amy Merritt; D__Margaret Fordham; ALT__Jessie Hartell.

84__J. And A. Ryder, Livonia, Wayne Co. - Aug 28, 1886  P__Emma L. Ryder; PP__Mary Kind, Nancy Peterhaus, Viola Westfall, Viola Bassett, Annie Farwell, Kate Sackett; SVP__Mary King; D__Nettie Grovenstine; ALT__Kate Sackett.

85__Phil. Sheridan, Reading, Hillsdale Co. - Aug 28, 1886 P__Ellan Lane; PP__Jennie Shafer, Lunette Saunders, Rhoda Emery, Dema Rogers, Maria Benson; SVP__Dema Rogers; D__Esther Daniels; ALT__Rhoda Emery.

86__Henry H. Knapp, Davison, Genesee Co. - Oct 15, 1886 P__Mary Bagley; PP__Emily Elmore, Mary Hill, Alice Hill, Olive Long, Barbara Adams, Laura O. Haron, Lucinda Chamberlain, Emma Campbell, Ella McCallister; SVP__Eleanor Lucas; D__Lucy Conger; ALT__Miranda Cooley.

87__Wisner, Bad Axe, Huron Co. - Nov 2, 1896 P__Rosa S. Smith; PP__Lydia Bordner, Kate McIntyre; SVP__Lydia Bordner; D__Jessie Cantelon; ALT__Mary Bordner.

89__A. Lincoln, Bangor, VanBuren Co. - Oct 21, 1886 P__Mary C. Paddycord; PP__Lucy Harrison, Mary Schemerhorn, Sarah Lears, Tenna Zook, Ida Horton, Jenette Harvey, Nettie Overton, Emma Howell, Esther Daggett, Nellie M. Phillips; SVP__Nellie M. Phillips; D__Lavisa Smith; ALT__Sarah Hubbard.

90__Moses Wisner, Ithica, Gratiot Co.- Oct 21, 1886 P__Cynthia M. Bancroft; PP__Eliza A. Barnes, Julia M. Phillips, Clara L. French, Nancy M. Sayles, Hannah E. Beasley; SVP__Christina Stahl; D__Mary E. Brown; ALT__Margaret Crabtree.

91__Austin Blair, Hawkins, Newaygo Co. - Mar 28, 1896 P__Delia Ackerman; PP__Phoebe Davis, Sindonia Corbett, Lulu Davis; SVP__Phoebe Davis; D__Charlotte Elchenburg; ALT__Mary Zook.

92__Col. Baker, Kalkaska, Kalkaska Co. - Oct 12, 1886 P__Matilda Decker; PP__Jennie Sherwood, Harriet A. Thompson, Maria H. Woolpert, Sarah E. Simonson, Altha H. Mosher; SVP__Sarah E. Simonson; D__Jennie Worden; ALT__Susie Rugg.

93__Tom Custer, Sheridan, Montcalm Co. - Nov 7, 1891 P__Harriet Budd; PP__Eliza Crandall; SVP__Mary Allen; D__Evangeline Harris; ALT__Nellie Winters.

94__Wm. D. Wilkins, St. Louis, Gratiot Co. - Oct 20, 1886 P__Elizabeth Wooley; PP__Emma Shook, Anna Sperry, Jane Gray, Lorinda Longwell, Harriett Forney; SVP__Emma Hawkins; D__Laura P. Hayes; ALT__Ellen Barcume.

95__Billy Cruson, Breckenridge, Gratiot Co. - Dec 8, 1886 P__Charlotte Smith; PP__Ettie Minnick, Lucinda Livermore, Margaret Swope, Ellen Miller, Mary Wolverton; SVP__Margaret Swope; D__Jennie Breckenridge; ALT__Rachel Holton.

96__Eli P. Alexander, Williamston, Ingham Co. - Apr 15, 1897 P__Rosella Leighton; PP__Delina Wilson, Rose L. Dana, Eva B. Haire; SVP__Angeline Jakeway; D__Eva R. Case; ALT__Delina Wilson.

97__U. S. Grant, West Bay City, Bay Co. - Jan 6, 1887 P__Annie M. Russell; SVP__Ella Zimmer.

98__David Oakes, Centerville, St. Joseph Co. - Feb 1, 1887 P__Catharine Manbeck; PP__Mary Bowman, Margaret Belote, Mary Morehouse; SVP__Hannah Sanderson; D__Mary Freeman; ALT__Nettie Wellington.

99__Hiram Wilson, Mears, Oceana Co. - Sept 22, 1900

        P__Lena Lux; PP__Lucy Terwilliger; SVP__Lucy Terwilliger.

100__Fitzgerald, Hastings, Barry Co. - Feb 17, 1887 P__Emily C. Wilcox; PP__Janette Jones, Mary Wordell, Sadie Slingerland, Mary Loveland, Maria Lewis, Mary Burgess, Esther Stanley, Sarah Leach, Mary J. Marble, Julia A. Culter, Marie DePlanter, Mary Maynard; SVP__Euna Moore; D__Della Lewis; ALT__Elizabeth Reed.

101__Orin Whitcomb, Byron Center, Kent Co. - Nov 3, 1891 P__Angie Colley; PP__Elvira Sadler, Eliza Pelton, Hattie Westcott, Stella Palmer, Ellen E. Morse; SVP__Caroline Phelan; D__Julia Towner; ALT__Elvira Sadler.

102__Dick Richardson, Pontiac, Oakland Co. - Mar 2, 1887 P__Anna Crawford; PP__Julia A. Howard, J. Hammond. W. H. Morgan, Mrs. Dr. Tuly, Lucinda Collins, Jennie Chipman, Ellinor G. Orr, Mary Blair, Carrie Stitts; SVP__Mary Montrose; D__Mary J. Clark; ALT__Rosetta Potter.

103__J. B. McPherson, Holly, Oakland Co. - Mar 2, 1887 P__Flora B. Thompson; PP__Mary VanDorn, Julia Allen, Henrietta Holdrich, Jennie Eisenberg, Becca Hathaway, Kate D. Ream; SVP__Clarisa Stuart; D__Florence Woodworth; ALT__Lizzie Smithengal.

105__Phil Kearney, Muskegon, Muskegon Co. - Mar 7, 1887 P__Helen Hughes; PP__Minnie E. Lewis, Rosa Eckerman, Lou Tayer, Caroline Uimenwax; SVP__Lon Tayer; D__Kate Voss; ALT__Mary Jeffers.

106__M. W. Chapin, Auburn, Bay Co. - Sept 8, 1894 P__Seline G. Rowden; PP__Carrie Davis, Della Brasharer; SVP__Anna Wilbur; D__Belle Caine; ALT__Eleanor Buzzard.

107__Edward Dwight, Vermontville [no county given] Apr 6, 1887 P__Jeanette Lamb; PP__Flora Snell, Laura Fay, Ettie Hollenbeck, Lucena A. Purchis, Julia Mowrey, Harriet Tyler, Charlotte Gunn, Eliza Fuller; SVP__Eliza Fuller; D__Briged Cunningham; ALT__Susie Buyer

110__Orcult, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co. - May 3, 1887 P__Ida Arnold; PP__Emily Orcutt, Charlotte Brown, Louise Pixley, Carrie F. McIntyre, Electa Perkins, Clarissa Root, Annie Robbins, Anna Turner, Laura C. Foote; SVP__Pricilla Strong; D__Lina Rickman, Mary Dunbar; ALT__Josephine Schaffer, Anna Haar.

111__Veen Fleit, Reese, Tuscola Co - May 17, 1887 P__Bertha Krick; PP__Kittie C. Suy, Ella K. Fink, Ann J. McDonald, Ellen E. Parks, Mabel A. Parks, rosetta Teitsworth; SVP__Rosetta Teitsworth; D__Tressie Krick; ALT__Adeline Peter.

112__Chas. Travis, Capac, St. Clair Co. - Dec 17, 1891 P__Edith Presley; PP__Cora Curtis, Briget Waltz, Mayme Matteson, Melison Walker; SVP__Catherine Hubert.

113__Albert Sperry, Ravenna, Muskegon Co. - May 25, 1887 P__Ella Ackerman; PP__Lotta Hull, Mary Alberts, Hattie Bartholomew, Henrietta Plate, Catherine Cryderman, Etta Plumhoff, Mary Gilbert; SVP__Jane Price; D__Lena Thatcher; ALT__Verna Borema

114__Ed. M. Prutzman, Three Rivers, St. Joseph Co. - May 25, 1887 P__Ella M. Herndon; PP__Emma Specht, Delight Thomas, Sarah J. Doty, Susan Millard, Anna Griffin, Mary Engleman; SVP__Helen Everhart; D__Annie E. Udell; ALT__Delight Thomas.

115__John J. Bagley, Hersey, Osceola Co. - July 24, 1900 P__Dora Lafler; PP__Pauline Gorch, Marietta Rose; SVP__Caroline Gooch; D__Rhoda Mills; ALT__ Nancy Hall.

117__Hiel P. Clark, Saranac, Ionia Co. - July 29, 1887 P__Carrie G. Lowrey; PP__Mary Beadle, Naomi Livermore, Emma Oberson, Sarepta C. Train; SVP__Emma Oberson.

121__George H. Thomas, Benton Harbor, Berrien Co. - Mar 12, 1892 P__Charlotte E. Lyons; PP__Henrietta Doane, Clara Granville, Jennie Eastman; SVP__Johanna Warrington; D__Henrietta Room; ALT__Cynthia Lyons.

122__Chas. Bradford, Bannister, Gratiot Co. - Oct 20, 1887 P__Alice A. Meacham; PP__Millie S. Wooley, Rachel Davidson, Mary O. Bensinger; SVP__Rachel Davidson; D__Mary Wilson; ALT__Elizabeth Parks.

[this next batch is missing the Corps numbers, cut off during the copy process I suppose]

???__S. D. Haight, Scottsville, Mason Co. - Oct 20, 1887 P__Allie Bidwell; PP__Sarah Corwin, E. Smart, Tabiatha Mustard, Sarah Wolfe; SVP__Mrs. E. Haines; D__Mrs. L. Potter; ALT__E. Haines.

???__Col. Stewart, Tustin, Osceola Co. - Nov 15, 1885 P__Sarah Rogers; PP__Elnora Jacques, Emma Rogers, May Stansell; SVP__Rachel Stansell; D__Sarah Rogers; ALT__Harriet Schlappi.

???__Henry Baxter, Jonesville, Hillsdale Co. - Nov 25, 1887 P__Anna Fisk; PP__Martha Barber; SVP__Martha Barber; D__Eva J. Baldwin; ALT__Ada Fisk.

???__Phil. McKernan, Mason, Ingham Co. - Jan 13, 1888 P__Anna M. Saraw; PP__Franc L. Adams; SVP__Emily Barnaby; D__Mary Hammond; ALT__Hattie W. Dunsha.

???__Tim Lewis, Diondale, Eaton Co. - Feb 22, 1888 P__Sophie Shotwell; PP__Margaret Stanton, Jennie Pray, Orpha Bateman, Louise Shipp, Jennie Holcomb, Ida Randall; SVP__Attina Rinkle; D__Lulu Shotwell, Clare Barker; ALT__Nellie Hecock, Ettina Rinkle.

???__H. F. Wallace, Corunna, Shiawassee Co. - May 16, 1896 P__Eliza Lindsey; PP__Sindona Jacobs, Jennie Everleith, Anna C. Cummings, Hannah Cooper, Sarah Mareau, Melissa Chase; SVP__Mary M. Denn.

???__Rowley, Clayton, Lenawee Co. - Jan 31, 1888 P__Harriet Van Valkenburg; PP__Lottie Torboran, Polly Yerrick, Mary Iler, Lydia Lawton, Elizabeth Wirner, Rachael Badgley; SVP__Polly Yerrick; D__Debora Gambee; ALT__Charlotte Torboran.

???__?. N. Penoyer, Saginaw, W. S., Saginaw Co. - Feb 1, 1885 P__Minnie W. Dice; PP__Clara E. Wellington, Eliza Ahrens, Emily Narcross, Isabella Herrig, Alice Savage, Harriet Brush; SVP__Rose E. Beer; D__Pamelia W. Little; ALT__Louise Grabner.

???__?. W. Hollingsworth, Albion, Calhoun Co. - Feb 8, 1888 P__Margaret Chatfield; PP__Agnes M. Wiley, Alice E. Perrine, Elizabeth F. Smith, Janette Gardner, Lucinda Page, Mamie Bennett; SVP__Allice E. Perrine; D__Alice Hard; ALT__Elizabeth F. Smith.

137__Morgan Parker, Petersburg, Monroe Co. - June 30, 1893 P__Dora Federman; PP__Ellen Lewis, Alcinda Fance, Florence Gore, Fannie E. Wadsworth; SVP__Florence Gore; D__Hattie M. Ault; ALT__Alice Harshman.

138__J. B. Richardson, Harbor Springs, Emmett Co. - Feb 17, 1888 P__Rosamond Eastman; PP__Jennie Miller, Mary A. Lee, Francis I. Richardson, Fannie K. Brubaker, Ella Bowen, Catherine Miller, Frances Newkirk, Viola Barnes, Frances E. Snow; SVP__Amelia Main; D__Rebecca Goltry; ALT__Emma Regis.

139__Dahlgreen, Holton, Muskegon Co. - Mar 3, 1888 P__Ann Weigand; PP__Luella Crawford, Rebecca Lewis, Frances Kitchen, Lucretia Henry, Elsie Ruggles; SVP__Rebecca Lewis; D__Sarah Oleson; ALT__Mary E. Hoyt.

140__V. O. Bretz, Lake Odessa, Ionia Co. - Feb 23, 1888 P__Mary Bradish; PP__Mary Mallery, Ellen Bywater, Ada Hiar, Mary Tupper, Mary Marvin; SVP__Mary Mallery; D__Deborah Rooya; ALT__Rose Watkins.

141__Gen. Chas. Griffin, Farwell, Clare Co. - Mar 7, 1888 P__Carrie Bingham; PP__Maggie Burke, Esther Coon, Susan Honeywell, Sarah Crippen; SVP__Esther Coon; D__Hannah Glass; ALT__Maggie Burke.

142__A. B. Sturgis, Sturgis, St. Joseph Co. - Mar 29, 1898 P__Julia Allen; PP__Hattie Twitchell, Mary M. Evans, Ada VanVleck, Rebecca Zeigler, Maggie Lamb; SVP__Susan Wilbur; D__Sue E. Cook; ALT__Rebecca Zeigler.

144__M. H. Whitney, Sand Lake, Kent Co. - Mar 9, 1894 P__Margaret Burgoon; PP__Anna Whitney, Catherine Huntley, Asenith Sanborn, Ella McEwen, Melissa Parker, Nora McEwen; SVP__Rebecca Howe; D__Emma Willett; ALT__Vernie Phillips.

145__O. P. Morton, Manton, Wexford Co. - Mar 26, 1888 P__Elizabeth Moore; PP__Jessie Inman; SVP__Mary E. Tyler; D__Eliza Morgan; ALT__Mary Tyler.

146__Mark Thompson, Plainwell, Allegan Co. - June 7, 1888 P__Florence L. Mason; PP__Mary M. Forbes, emma L. Madden, Carrie Talbot, Maud I. Brining, Almina Anway, Effie C. Brown, Lydia A. White, Mary Deane; SVP__Julia Wilson; D__Maria Nichols; ALT__Sarah Macomber.

147__Innis, Grand Rapids, Kent Co. - Apr 14, 1892 P__Esther A. Allen; PP__Eliza Elerick, Elizabeth Gardafee, Frances Alcumback, Alma Dunham, Mary Dean; SVP__Mary Dean; D__Pauline Snyder; ALT__Lizzetta Davenport.

151__McPerson, Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co. [no date] P__Martha Marvin; PP__Anna Soule, Jennie Elmdorf, Phoebe Curtis Fish, Mary Jameson, Sarah Hilliker, Hester Hooker, Hattie Padden, Eunice Fairbanks, Hattie Lyon; SVP__Mary Jameson; D__Adelia Irish; ALT__Callie Thacker.

152__Lombard, Petoskey, Emmett Co. - July 24, 1888 P__Dora Jennings; PP__Lelia M. Rowan, Maria Bontecon, Mary D. Bonham, Harriet Hull, Monica Crull; SVP__Monica Crull; D__Mary Jackson; ALT__Jennie Douglas.

153__J. T. Barrett, Edmore, Montcalm Co. - June 22, 1888 P__Mary Gates - no other info.

154__Ruddock, Cheboygan, Cheboygan Co. - Aug 20, 1888 P__Elizabeth Braham; PP__Margaret O’Brien, Mary Gelger, Barbara Johnson; SVP__Jane La Mont; D__Mary Gilmore; ALT__Julia Wilson.

155__Ainsworth, Ransom, Hillsdale Co. - Feb 14, 1889 P__Susie Mapes; PP__Libbie Humeston, Mary Hile, Melvina Lozier, Sarah Crommer, Mary Petit, Sida Entriken; SVP__Alice Palmer; D__Mary A. Anson; ALT__Maggie Hile.

156__Heber LaFavour, Milford, Oakland Co. - Sept 1, 1888 P__Elsie L. Rexford; PP__Hattie F. Austin, Irene Babcock, Belle Tower, Lena McCall; SVP__Elmira Schneck; D__Helena Schoenemann; ALT__Maude Bailey.

157__John Stockton, New Haven, Macomb Co. - Sept 1, 1888 P__Minnie E. Carl; PP__Martha Halsey, Adaline Bates, Alzina L. Harris, Sarah A. Clemons, Maria Lemon, Marian Fullerton, A. L. Edmonds, Ida M. Campbell; SVP__Sarah A. Clemons; D__Malana VanHorn; ALT__C. M. Dryer.

158__Wm. B. Hazen, West Branch, Ogemaw Co. - Mar 4, 1899 P__Francelia Smith; PP__Lottie Willobee, Orcella Day; SVP__Mary Marsh; D__Mary Babcock; ALT__Matilda Higbee.

159__Thos. Manning, Marcellus, Cass Co. - Sept 20, 1888 P__Sarah Snyder; PP__Elizabeth Emery, Clarene Nash, Sabrina Groner, Maggie Beardsley, Eunice Louison, Alice Streeter; SVP__Maggie Beardsley; D__Mary R. Scholtzon; ALT__Samantha Lambert.

160__W. M. Liddle, Colon, St. Joseph Co. - Sept 29, 1888 P__Mary J. Boughton; PP__Asenath Thornton, Mary J. Ward, Cornella Wellsley; SVP__Samantha Gilbert; D__Libbie Incho; ALT__Marie Mosher.

161__Stevens, East Jordan, Charlevoix Co - Sept 29, 1888

       P__Rosella Hammond; PP__Jennie Rush, Leora Madison, Loraine Kocher, Lasua Kenyon, Eunice Bowen, Ellen Winters; SVP__Mary Townsend; D__Margaret Ruddock; ALT__Ellen Miles.

162__Marvin, Grayling, Crawford Co. - Oct 1, 1888 P__Elizabeth Trumbley; PP__Isabella Jones, Marie Hanson, Fannie Elckoff, Rebecca Wright; SVP__Margaret Jerome; ALT__Rebecca Wright.

163__Garfield, Coloma, Berrien Co. - Oct 20, 1888 P__Adelia M. Garrett; PP__Laura E. Gilson, Alice M. Baker, Mary Garrett, Annetta Clay; SVP__Aurelia Stilwell; D__Aurella Stillwell; ALT__Luella Howard.

164__Mathew Artis, Day, Cass Co. - Nov 2, 1888 P__Sarah Allen; PP__Mary Copley.

165__Major Webber, Bellaire, Antrim Co. - Oct 20, 1888 P__Agnes Adams; PP__Sarah Cleveland, Juliette Watkins, Carrie Hemstreet, Jane Bohumhamp, Harriet Hemstreet, Sarah York, Nancy Willis; SVP__Anna White; D__Minnie Hopkins; ALT__Emma Darling.

166__E. P. Case, Benzonia, Benzie Co. - Nov 24, 1888 P__Aristene Herbert; PP__Minnie Clark; SVP__Martha Montgomery; D__Ann E. Gokey; ALT__Mary E. Bailey.

167__D. D. Donnelly, Saginaw, E. S., Saginaw Co. - Dec 20, 1888 P__Mary Fessler; PP__Libbie Warren, Mamie Mackey, Sarah J. Still, Carrie F. Gray, Addie H. Hall, Mary Mills, Josie Smith; SVP__Sarah M. Cooper; D__Sarah M. Cooper; ALT__Mary Mills.

168__H. D. Terry, Mt. Clemens, Macomb Co. - Feb 28, 1889 P__Lena Stuetger; PP__Mary Bush, Lucy Stockman; SVP__Matilda Lacroix; D__Jennie Grosvenor; ALT__Parmelia Immen.

169__H. P. Merrill, Bay City, Bay Co. - Mar 25, 1892 P__Martha McCabe; PP__Laura C. Merrill, Amanda M. Bradley, Elizabeth T. Tupper, Mary S. Knaggs; SVP__Virginia Chamberlain; D__Lillie Potts; ALT__Laura C. Merrill.

170__G. K. Warren, East Tawas, Iosco Co., Mar 5, 1889 P__Laurea Tapp; PP__Lizzie L. Inglemas; SVP__Kate Jameson.

171__A. B. Watson, Grand Rapids, Kent Co - Mar 9, 1889 P__Eva Blake; PP__Ella Morgan, Ida French, Nellie Putman, Frances Finsh, Mary Hanna, Jennie Cook, Emily Wilson, Alta Stewart; SVP__Mary Hicks; D__Mary E. Tibbitts; ALT__Vira Wood.

172__Gen. Lyon, Mancelona, Antrim Co. - Apr 10, 1889 P__Lissie Holcomb; PP__Anna R. Doyle, Lucy L. Rice; SVP__Lucy L. Rice; D__Agnes Murden; ALT__Anna Young.

173__Baxter, Charlevoix, Charlevoix Co. - Apr 18, 1889 P__Adelia Porter; PP__Sylvia Whitmoyer, Sarah Brown; SVP__Amanda Morse; D__Mary Ainsley; ALT__Elizabeth Miller.

174__Chas. Sumner, Sumner, Gratiot Co. - Apr 12, 1889 P__Lucy Leonard; PP__Lina Booth, Christine Button, Lydia Every, Mary Clow, Rose McGreanor; SVP__Mary McClow.

175__Dan S. Root, Belding, Ionia Co. - Apr 22, 1889 P__Mary E. H. Coville; PP__Betsey Filkins, Harriet L. Locke, Martha Skellenger, Franc Berry, Sarah Luce; SVP__Harriet L. Locke; D__Cordelia Fisk; ALT__Annie Ashby.

176__Anson Sanford, Sanford, Midland Co. - Jan 2, 1897 P__Dora Weakman; PP__Mary Lane, Dora Allswede; SVP__Jane Rosa; D__Nellie Verity; ALT__Clara Brooks.

177__P. M. Angus, Standish, Arenac Co. - Jan 13, 1900 P__Margaret Angus; SVP__Sarah White; D__Orcelia H. Day; ALT__Helen Crook.

178__Wadsworth, Lawrence, VanBuren Co. - May 11, 1889 P__Henrietta Martin; PP__Govica Tweed; SVP__Caroline Simmons; D__Caroline Simmons; ALT__Mary Shaw.

179__Burlingame, Akron, Gratiot Co. - May 14, 1889 P__Martha Ball; PP__Emma Graham, Sophia Eddy, Sarah J. Dickey, Elizabeth Partlow; SVP__Sarah J. Dickey.

180__Jas. F. Covel, Palo, Ionia Co. - Apr 6, 1892 P__Emma Greenwalt; PP__Sarah Eitelbus, Chancey Evans, Libbie Evans, Emily Tolcott; SVP__Sarah Eitebus; D__Emma Howorth; ALT__Lydia Barrows.

181__N. H. Terry, Whitehall, Muskegon Co. - Dec 26, 1899 P__Chloe T. Ruggles; SVP__Laura Hanold; D__Agnes Bliss; ALT__May Ripley.

182__Joseph Mason, Wacousta, Clinton Co. - June 20, 1889 P__Jennie Land; PP__Sarah M. Daniels, Geraldine Loomis; SVP__Mary H. Burnes; D__Mary Burnes; ALT__Emily Waldron.

183__Wm. Moyer, Alma, Tuscola Co. - July 2, 1889 P__Maryette Hawley; PP__Hulda A. bogardus, Mary Thomas, Sarah Taylor, Martha Walker, Ada L. Greig, Martha Fraker; SVP__Mary Thomas; D__Emma Struble; ALT__Martha Sharp.

184__W. S. Hancock, Clare, Clare Co. - July 1, 1889 P__Jane Goodenow; PP__Thurza A. Sutherland, Elizabeth Brown; SVP__Virginia Freidboom; D__Virginia Freidboom; ALT__Thurza A. Sutherland.

185__John Magarah, Portland, Ionia Co. - Aug 10, 1889 P__Edith Kennedy; PP__Emerette Whitney, Alvira Armo, Marietta Whitney, Amma Blackstone, Romina Horner; SVP__Christiana Hills; D__Mary Pierce; ALT__Mary McVeigh.

186__Byron Stoddard, Concord, Jackson Co. - Aug 28, 1889 P__Cornelia Bouldry; PP__Mary E. Hamblin, Kittie Shaw, Ruth A. Adams, Lydia Findley, Mate Waldo, Mary Dean; SVP__Martha Hamblin; D__Edith Fritz; ALT__Sarah Lyman.

187__Sedgewick, Evart, Osceola Co. - Apr 6, 1892 P__Mary Parker; PP__Mary E. Manley, Anna E. Gardner, Caroline Bonestul, Alice Waite, Celia Andrews, Cora Holmes, Mabel Keith, Jennie Graham, Adelia Foster; SVP__Alice Waite; D__Theda A. Perkins.

188__Albert Jackson, Marquette, Marquette Co. - Apr 20, 1904 P__Alice Cowden [no other info]

189__W. G. Eaton, Otesgo, Allegan Co. - Oct 5, 1889 P__Caroline Edmonds; PP__Rachel Hare, Louisa Martin, Mary Rice; SVP__Alice Palmer; D__Matilda Dyman; ALT__Mary Slocum.

190__Geo. Ward, Brant, Saginaw Co. - Nov 6, 1889 P__Phoebe Crane; PP__Bertie DeClarenze, Mary Rivenburg, Alice Webb, Mary Luther, Mary Burtch; SVP__Sarah Richardson; D__Adelia Colvin; ALT__Bertie DeClarenze.

191__Wm. T. Sherman, Vassar, Tuscola Co. - Jan 12, 1893 P__Adelia Pitcher; PP__Lottie Brown, Nellie Forbes, Victoria Jones, Effie Loss, Nancy Leonard, Ida Foy; SVP__Ida Tivy; D__Ruth Hascall; ALT__Alydia J. Halstead.

192__Bartholomew, Nunica, Ottawa Co. - Oct 27, 1892 P__Rachel Barden; PP__Eliza Withey, Lucinda Jubb, Julia Hayward, Jennie Plant; SVP__Emma Porter; D__Amanda Castle; ALT__Julia Haywood.

193__C. O. Loomis, Quincy, Branch Co. - Feb 17, 1890 P__Mary Spaulding; PP__Sarah L. Marsh, Abbie Thurber, Janette Cummins, Sarah M. Turner, Mary E. Dean, Harriet Belote, Carrie Halleck, Emma Dickerson, Melissa Wilbur, Mary Houghtaling, Franc Rounds, Nancy Corey; SVP__Myrtie Foster; D__Emma Etheridge; ALT__Franc Rounds.

194__G. H. Ewing, Stockbridge, Ingham Co. - Mar 7, 1890 P__Susan McCloy; PP__Janet Miller, M. J. Bowdish, Maggie Collins, Hattie Cobb; SVP__Sarah A. Pierce; D__Bertha Beeman; ALT__ Louisa Soules.

195__Walter Clifford, Boyne, Charlevoix Co. - Apr 9, 1896 P__Leonora M. Dalrymple; PP__Emma Newville, Ann Newville, Lizzie J. Steele, Semantha P. Jones; SVP__Emma Newville; D__Artie S. Miles; ALT__Henrietta Sudman.

196__Geo. Martin, Eastport, Autrim Co. - Apr 4, 1896 P__Amy Whitney; PP__Mary M. Child, Lydia Randall; SVP__Mry M. Child; D__Martha McEwen; ALT__Martha McEwen.

197__C. J. Bassett, Allegan, Allegan Co. - Mary 13, 1890 P__Harriet A. Hurd; PP__Helen Thomas, Nellie S. Padgham, Huldah Myers, Lucina Cady, Jennie Seery, Adelia White, Ida Foster; SVP__Libbie Lonsbury; D__Letti eEstabrook; ALT__Alice Oliver.

201__Ryder, Deerfield, Lenawee Co. - July 30, 1890 P__Martha Morrison; PP__Helen Pool, Maria Stansbury, Emily Daily, Luna Christ, Amelia Keller, Lucy Tappen, Louise Crane, Rose McNair, Abbie Ackley; SVP__Lizie Benton; D__Rachael A. Burnham; ALT__Helen Pool.

202__Ralph Ely, Shepherd, Isabella Co. - Aug 7, 1890 P__Julia Wolfe; PP__Mary Northrup, Julia Stilgenbauer; SVP__Eudora Cahoon; D__Eudora Cahoon; ALT__Harriet Wimple.

203__John A. Dix, Hesperial, Newaygo Co. - Aug 16, 1890 P__Hannah Smith; PP__Mary Phelps, Jennie Kenyon, Jannette McConnell, Viola Robbins, Vina Potter, Almeda Bowen, Anna Waterman; SVP__Viola Robbins; D__Carrie Reynolds; ALT__Juliette Mills.

204__Jacob Fry, Ganges, Allegan Co. - Sept 25, 1890 P__Helen Miller; PP__Mary Loomis, Mary A. Oliver, Pamelia Davis, Lillian Eddy; SVP__Hannah Hyet; ALT__ Hannah Hyet.

205__Frank Fowler, Fife Lake, Grand Traverse Co. - Oct 4, 1890 P__Ella Breed; PP__Mary Davis, Loretta Elliott; SVP__Mary Tracy; D__Mary Hilton; ALT__Mary Tracy.

207__Harlow Briggs, Hopkins Station [no co. given] Nov 11, 1890 P__Belle Clark; PP__Sarah Hoffmaster, Laura Miller, Emma Holdsworth, Martha Brockway, Anna Duryea, Amelia Page, Matilda Ross, Lydia Lindsley, Lucy Jackson; SVP__Hattie VanOrman; D__Lucy Miller; ALT__Elga Gunett.

208__C. F. Doore, Gaylord, Otsego Co. - Mar 1, 1894 P__Eunice R. Mitchell; PP__Julia M. Willis, Sadie Demorest, Mary Meade Smith; SVP__Ida Niles; D__Donna I. Hicks; ALT__Julia M. Willis.

209__R. H. Gibson, Gowen, Montcalm Co. - Aug 18, 1899 P__Ellen Bristol; PP__Isabella Gross, Libbie Bigler, Nellie E. Dodge; SVP__Hannah Bradshaw; D___Julia A. Dodge; ALT__Libbie Bigler.

210__R. P. Carpenter, Chelsea, Washtenaw Co. - Dec 10, 1890 P__Mary VanTyne; PP__Julia Crowell, Eliza Armstrong, Mary Boyd, Rosy Wilkinson, Carrie Schuaitman, Ida Palmer, Addie Green; SVP__Roxy Wilkinson; D__Lila M. Campbell, ALT__Phoebe Shell.

[Again, this page has the missing Corps numbers, which probably occured during copying.]

???__David Becker, Ogden Center, Lenawee Co. - Jan 2, 1891 P__Cora Rholoff; PP__Matilda Cheney, Alice Marshall, Eliza Hodges, Caroline Hile, Margaret Pifer, Amanda Beardsley, Nellie Service; SVP__Jennie Blake; D__Alma Fry; ALT__Bertha Beardsley.

???__L. C. Woodman, Lawton, VanBuren Co. - Jan 6, 1891 P__Susan Hicks; PP__Nancy Irvin, Esther Coykendall, Elta Root, Rahama Cory, Lucy Atwell, Hattie Printice; Mary J. Lytle, Frances C. Parish, Amanda Hoyt, Lottie Booth, Didama Brooks, Martha Burlington, Alice Waters; SVP__Julia Hayes; D__Maggie Larroway; ALT__Lotta Booth.

???__Frank Mason, Athens, Calhoun Co. - Jan 8, 1891 P__Ella F. Taylor; PP__Melvina Carpenter, Alsina Blanchard, Henrietta Foote; SVP__Melvina Carpenter; D__Nettie Lee; ALT__Laura Holcomb.

???__Simon A. Downer, Parma, Jackson Co. - Jan 9, 1891 P__Nora Gorton; PP__Julia Matson, Julia Shepherd, Rosetta Rogers, K. Irene Hadley; SVP__Julia Shepherd; D__A. Jane Atwell; ALT__Janette Hammell.

???__Leonard Mauch, Woodland, Barry Co.- Jan 25, 1891 P__Nancy C. Long; SVP__Lydia Rogers; D__Jennie Dillenback; ALT__Alice Coolbaugh.

???__Murray, Maple City, Leelanaw Co. - July 11, 1896 P__Maggie Halsted; JRVP__Elvira Amidon.

???__Welch, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co. - Jan 22, 1891 ;P__Delia B. Dean; PP__Mary Ball, Jennie Pearson; SVP__Flora Scott; D___Ella A. Hunt; ALT__Gabriella Southerland.

???__Hiram Barrows, Armada, Macomb Co. - Mar 3, 1891 P__Caroline North; PP__Annie Ashley, Sarah Sperry, Annie Finch, Belle Cudworth; SVP__Annie Finch; D__Phoebe Bates; ALT__Anie Finch.

???__Burrill**, Lapeer, Lapeer Co. - Mar 3, 1891 P__Eity M. Dockham; PP__Sarah King, Sarah E. Fitch, Screpta Houghton, Mattie E. Decker, Charlotte Bradshaw, Elmyra Waldron; SVP__Lucinda Converse; D__Sarah J. Farquhason; ALT__Elmyra Waldron.

[**first letter of the corps name cut...looks like Burrill/Murrill?]

222__Sterling, Wayland, Allegan Co. - Mar 4, 1891 P__Octavia Edwards; PP__Hattie Andrews, Mary Brown, Julia Parker, Marian Pickett, Sarah E. Manley, Sarah Ingraham, Hattie Fales; SVP__Mary Brown; D__Nora Newton; ALT__Julia Parker.

223__John H. Andrews, Lacota, VanBuren Co. - Mar 9, 1891 P__Almeda Gillesple; SVP__Minerva Ickler; D__Zilphia Johnson; ALT__Phoebe Bliss.

224__C. F. Smith, Escanaba, Delta Co. - Mar 9, 1891 P__Jennie Glaser; PP__Alice N. Walters, Stella K. Ralph, Clara Farrell, Sarah Warer; SVP__Clara Farrell; D__Mary McIvar; ALT__Rose Hesel.

225__A. M. Harmon, Northville, Wayne Co. - Mar 7, 1891 P__Ida E. Joslyn; PP__Delia Harmon, Sarah Banks, Mary L. Ambler, Eva Lawrence, Ardella Brooks; SVP__Jennie Richardson; D__Flo. VanValkenburg; ALT__Alice Des Antel.

227__Wm. P. Everett, Rochester, Oakland Co. - Apr 8, 1892 P__Belle M. Hadley; PP__Carrie E. Torrey, Nellie B. Norton, Alice Collins, Fannie Evritt, Jane W. Eastman, Lovisa Ostrom, Carrie Newberry, Ardelia Drace; SVP__Lina M. Bridges; D__Lucile Torrey; ALT__Lina M. Bridges.

228__Major Lisk, Elsie, Clinton Co. - May 18, 1892 P__Almenia Downey; PP__Julia Preston, Jane Emmons, Orlie Austin, Amanda Startweather; SVP__Orlie Austin; D__Ida Page; ALT__Nora Bennett.

230__Comstock, Manchester, Washtenaw Co. - Dec 6, 1892 P__Melissa S. Hall; PP__Mary M. Rushton, Charlotte Silkworth, Nellie R. Stringham, Helen Brown; SVP__Nellie R. Stringham; D__Lillie Sanborn; ALT__Mae E. Hoxsie.

231__A. C. VanRaalte, Holland, Ottawa Co. - Dec 13, 1892 P__Oda Mae Hiler; PP__Katie G. VanRaalte, Frances Anderson; SVP__Florence Boot; D__Catharine VanDusen; ALT__Helena Boone.

232__Colegrove, Marshall, Calhoun Co. - Feb 23, 1893 P__Carrie Goodwin; PP__Sarah M. Smith, Maggie Town, Melissa Phillips, Sarah E. Savery, Laura A. VanOrman; SVP__Mellissa Phillips; D__Lucretia Lyons; ALT__Ellen Riley.

234__Wallace, Flat Rock, Wayne Co. - Mar 4, 1893 P__Jennie Brown; PP__Betsey Wager, Mary Quick, Sabrina Parish, Jane Beach, C. S. VanRiper; SVP__Sarah Whipple; D__Hattie Brown; ALT__C. S. VanRiper.

235__Peter A. Webber, Rockford, Kent Co. - Feb 28, 1893

P__Maggie Barker; PP__Myra Reynolds, Elizabeth Depew, Mary LaMore, Harriet Sage, Jeannette VanDusen; SVP__Jeanette VanDeusen; D__LaVanda Wall; ALT__Myra Reynolds.

236__Jas. Bradley, Clio, Genesee Co. - Mar 4, 1893 P__Castilla McCumsey; PP__Harriet A. Anderson, Margaret Eckler, Sarah Fuller, Imogene Sargent; SVP__Mary Montney; D__Vera Fox; ALT__Ethelbert Lutz.

237__Alvincent Colvin, Gobleville, VanBuren Co. - May 30, 1893 P__Sarah J. Lee; PP__Lucy Bush, Martha Sheldon, Lovina Lamberson, Ettie McFellen; SVP__Esther Hall; D__Eva B. Goble; ALT__Ettie McFellen.

238__P. O. Connell, Iron Mountain, Dickinson Co. - Aug 10, 1893 ;P__Sarah A. Thomas; PP__Elizabeth Bradford, amanda Burbank, Mary Richards; SVP__Ida McCammon; D__Ida McCammon; ALT__Amanda Burbank.

240__Albert Nye, Romeo, Macomb Co. - Jan 6, 1894 P__Rebecca Newberry; PP__Emma J. Frazer, Julia Sanderson, Clara L. Ruddock, Martha E. Hicks; SVP__Martha Hicks; D__Nancy H. White; ALT__Marian Robinson.

241__Stephen Munger, Freeland, Saginaw Co. - Dec 28, 1893 P__Luna Freeland; PP__Rozilla Munger, Mary Doran, Emily Lewis; SVP__Mary Doran; D__Harriet S. Purchase.

242__Samuel Judd, Newaygo, Newaygo Co. - Jan 13, 1894 P__Mary Ostrum; SVP__Bertha Smith; D__Mona Massa; ALT__Rilla Rickett.

243__John P. Hart, Crystal Falls, Iron Co. - Nov 4, 1891 P__Mary Campbell; PP__Kate Morrison, Mary L. Davidson, Emma Margison; SVP__Hattie Vanderpool; D__Mary L. Carr; ALT__Mary L. Davison.

245__Andrews, Big Rapids, Mecosta Co. - Mar 24, 1897 P__Mary J. Moore; PP__Elizabeth Raub, Mary Ford; SVP__Margaret Baldwin; D__Katherine Seely, Ellen Osgood; ALT__Sarah Hardy, Ellen Osgood.

246__Col. Ely, Elm Hall, Gratiot Co. [no date given] P__Ellen Romine; PP__Bessie Winters, Chloe Morton; SVP__Rebecca Loomis; ALT__Jennie Blair, Carrie Walker.

247__McCook, McBride, Montcalm Co. - Apr 5, 1897 P__Susan Neff; SVP__Ellen McCrea.

248__Liscum, Sault Ste Marie, Chippewa Co. - May 12, 1897 P__Sarah A. Troutt; SVP__Mary Turne.

250__Gen. I. C. Smith, Reed City, Osceola Co. - Jan 26, 1897 P__Rose Freeland; PP__Amaretta Gilbert, Eliza J. Barker, Emma Wise; SVP__Imogene Curtis; D__Almira Moriat; ALT__Eliza Barker.

251__D. G. Boyce, Byron, Shiawassee Co. - July 1, 1897 P__Sarah Fisher; SVP__Helen Comstock; D__Helen Comstock; ALT__Charlotte Bishop.

253__A. L. Carver, Hemlock, Saginaw Co. - Jan 6, 1889 P__Elizabeth Bennett; PP__Caro Pettit, Mary E. Burnham, Grace Thomas, Sophia Wendt, Dell Irish; SVP__Louise Yule; D__Grace Whitney; ALT__Lizzie Perkins.

255__George J. Leighton, Springport, Jackson Co. - Mar 4, 1898 P__Lucy Faxon; PP__Meda Judson, Asenith Gifford, Mary Bothwell; SVP__Susan McOutry; ALT__Harriet Dodd.

256__Frank A. Daniels, New Troy, Berrien Co. - Apr 17, 1898  P__Mary Deckham; SVP__Mary Hinchman.

257__Michigan, Detroit, Wayne Co. - May 25, 1898 P__Emma Adderly; PP__Mary Smith, Mary King, Sarah Kidder; SVP__Clara Springham; D__ Annie Marsh; ALT__Tillie Euler.

258__Pleasanton, Ironwood, Gogebic Co - Aug 25, 1889 P__Lucy Monroe [no other info.]

259__Robert Bell, Otter Lake, Lapeer Co. - July 24, 1901 P__Sarah Clemons; PP__Victoria Clemmons; SVP__Esther Leonard; C__Mary Cummings; ALT__Artinsa E. Balcom.

260__Frank Powell, Oxford, Oakland Co. - May 24, 1902 P__Amy F. Glaspie; SVP__Caroline Brockenshaw; D__Jean Phelps; ALT__Martha Fall.

261__Corbett, Palmyra, Lenawee Co. - Jan 3, 1903 P__Augusta Johnson; SVP__Carrie Eayrs; D__Carrie Eayrs; ALT__Melissa F. DeGraff.

262__H. W. Lawton, Samaria, Monroe Co. - May 15, 1903 P__Mary Slick; SVP__Nancy Alberts; D__Betsey Karr; ALT__Electa Willard.

Transcription by Barbara Lesser August 2004 © copyright all rights reserved.


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