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The beginning page(s) are missing from this one, so do not know the date or place of this convention other than the year, 1901.

Afternoon Session

        The afternoon session was called to order by Department President. Conductor reported all those present members of the order. Lord’s prayer repeated in unison, led by Department Chaplain, Marie Bontecou. Sarah L. Brown nominated Helen Burbanks of Flint, as Department Junior Vice-President, seconded by Mrs. Newell. As there were no other nominations, Mrs. Brown moved that the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballot for Mrs. Burbank for Department Junior Vice-President, seconded by Mrs. Perry. Carried. Secretary cast the ballot from Mrs. Burbank. President declared Mrs. Burbank elected Department Junior Vice-President.

        Mrs. Knapp placed in nomination the name of Elizabeth Kenney of Lansing, for Department Treasurer, Mrs. Griffith seconded the same. There being no other nominations, the Secretary was instructed to cast a ballot for Mrs. Kenney as Department Treasurer. Carried. Secretary cast a ballot for Mrs. Kenny for Department Treasurer. President declared Elizabeth Kenny of Lansing, elected Department Treasurer.

        The name of Cindona Jacobs as Department Chaplain, was presented by Mrs. Caldwell, seconded by Mrs. Quinn. The name of Mary Lane as Department Chaplain, was presented by Mrs. Snell, seconded by Mrs. Eaton. There being no other nominations the President declared nominations closed and ordered conductors to collect ballots.

        While waiting for tellers report, the report of the Legislative and Annex Committee was read by Chairman, Mrs. Humphrey.


Ella M. Herndon, Department Secretary

        I have the honor to submit through you, to the Eighteenth Annual Convention, the report of the Legislative and Annex Committee of the Michigan Soldiers’ Home.

        The following applications, forty-five in number, for admission to the W. R. C. Annex, have been carefully investigated.

        Mary Armstead, Grand Rapids; mother of veteran; age 87 years; one son. Admitted June 16, 1900

        Mary J. Walcott, Solvan; widow of Asa W. Walcott; age 49 years; articular rheumatism, involving nearly all the joints, died in hospital Feb. 3, 1901. Admitted Aug. 15, 1900

        Marion Hall, Grand Rapids; widow of Miflan W. Hall; age 78 years, one child; approved Aug. 29, 1900. Not admitted.

        Emily Stickles, wife of Theodore Stickles, Kent City; age 58 years; one child; chronic bronchial trouble. Not. Admitted.

        Helen Mervine, Grand Rapids, widow of Chas. H. Mervine, age 67 years; one child; no special physical disease. Approved August 22, 1900. Admitted Sept. 19, 1900.

        Phoebe L. Tanner, wife of William Tanner; age 55 years; no children. Admitted Sept. 23, 1900.

        Elizabeth Martin; Not admitted.

        Anna E. Hunt, Grand Rapids. Admitted Oct. 2, 1900.

        Anna M. Richardson, Jackson, widow of Robert A. Richardson; age 60 years; no children; general breaking down. Approved. Admitted Oct. 4, 1900, discharged Jan. 9, 1901.

        Julia A. Watrous, wife of Hugh O. Watrous; age 56; one child; Chronic Rheumatism; Approved Oct. 26, admitted Nov. 6, 1900.

        Lydia M. Hackett, wife of Edward Hackett; two children. Admitted Nov. 11, 1900.

        Martha A. Lewis, widow of a Mexican war veteran, Grand Rapids, age 64; three children; spinal and stomach trouble. Approved Oct. 28; admitted Nov. 11, 1900.

        Mary M. Barclay, Hersey, wife of Abraham M. Barclay, inmate of the Home; age 79; general debility. Approved Oct 8, admitted Nov. 16, 1900.

        Sally Rathburn, Bingham, widow of Frederick Rathburn; age 66; two children; stomach trouble. Approved Nov. 21, admitted Nov. 30, 1900.

        Mary White, Detroit, wife of John W. White; age 54; no children; general debility. Approved Nov. 22, admitted Dec. 4, 1900.

        Susan Marks, Muskegon, wife of Chas Marks; age 61; eight children. Admitted Dec. 6, 1900.

        Ruth Barton, Big Rapids, wife of Chas H. Barton, an inmate of the Home; no children; aged 52; locomotar ataxia and rheumatism. Approved Nov. 24, admitted Dec. 6, 1900.

        Adelaide Comstock, wife of Myron Comstock; age 56; two children; Admitted Dec. 11, 1900.

        Ann B. Royce, Port Huron, widow of Wm. B. Royce; one child; age 68; nearly blind, cataract of both eyes. Approved Nov. 24, admitted Dec. 12, 1900.

        Cordelia Fitch, Williamston, widow of Chas. Fitch; age 75; one child; cancer of breast and varicose ulcer of limb. Approved Dec. 20, 1900. Not admitted.

        Mary Ann Carter, Macon, widow discharged. Admitted Dec. 15, 1900.

        Sarah Buibert, Grand Rapids, widow of Geo. Guibert; two children; not approved and rejected by the Board of Managers. Reopened in Oct., and she was admitted Dec. 18, 1900. Discharged Mar. 15, 1901.

        Eleanor Gardner, Grand Rapids, wife of John Gardner; age 57; three children, general prostration of nervous system; husband inmate of Home. Approved Nov. 26, admitted Dec. 20, 1900.

        Susanna Teaker, Lyons, wife of John Teaker, who also applied for admission to Home at same time; four children; age 64; crippled hands and absess of bowels. Approved Jan. 28, 1900, admitted Jan. 8, 1901.

        Elizabeth Spencer, Huron county, wife of Elias Spencer, who also applied for admission to the Home; three children; age 70; spinal trouble and disease of the hip joint. Approved Dec. 20, 1900, admitted Jan. 8, 1901.

        Francis E. Krimberly, Saginaw. Admitted Mar. 5, 1901.

        Artemesia Cole, Battle Creek, wife of James D. Cole, an inmate of the Home; four children; age 80; rheumatism and general disability. Approved Nov. 20, admitted Mar 27, 1901.

        Charlotte Tucker, widow. Admitted Apr. 9, 1901.

        Emily Boody, Hart, wife of Albert Boody; age 52; three children; rheumatism. Approved Apr. 6, admitted same month.

        Mrs. Chas. Troutman, Jackson, made application Apr. 25 for admission, but died of cancer at the Home of the Friendless, before investigation was completed.

        Emily D. Chase, Windfield, Montcalm county, widow of Wm. A. Chase; three children; spinal trouble. Approved Apr. 23, admitted May 2, 1900.

        Margaret Duffany, Cheboygan, admitted.

        Angeline Bond, Flint, wife of Paterick Bond, an inmate of the Home, not approved and rejected by the Board May 2, 1901.

        Sarah Wooten, widow of Wm. Wooten, Adrian; age 75; two children; no special disease, general debility. Approved Apr. 22, admitted May 7, 1901.

        Jane Huntly, Grand Rapids, widow of Horace Huntly; age 68; no children; asthma. Approved May 9, admitted same day.

        Darlisca Clark, Jackson; age 62; abandoned by her husband without cause, and is now granted one-half his pension, $6.00; chronic rheumatism, several joints useless, can not walk. Approved Apr. 16, 1901.

        Elizabeth Gerard, widow, Chassell, applied for admission, but after investigation withdrew the application.

        Jane Frost, Grand Rapids, widow of Aaron Frost, made application but died before investigation.

        The application of Martha Cogshall, Grand Rapids; Maria L. Lince, Paris, Kent County; Mary Wellman, Grand Rapids; Alymira M. Snyder, Paris, Mecosta county; Sylvia Barbor, Honor, Benzie county, have been investigated and sent to the Home awaiting the action of the Board of Managers.


Della J. Wright             June 2

Sabrina Fillio               June 30

Mary Ann Blecher         Sept 23

Caroline M. Smith        Nov. 2

Jane McLaughlin          Nov. 18

Mary A. Goodwill          Nov. 21

Mary E. Dawson           Mar 27

Sophia Virginia            May 3


Rachel Barnum            June 3

Harriet Crosby             July 7

Cordelia A. Rose          July 19

Jane McLaughlin          Dec. 3

Maria W. Ryan             Dec. 7

Mary Jane Walcott       Feb. 4

Josephine Ostrum        Feb. 8

Ruth Barton                Feb. 28

Sabrina Fillio               Mar. 23

Sophia Smith               Mar. 18



President                    Annie E. Udell, Three Rivers

Sr. Vice President        Georgia Stewart, Grand Rapids

Jr. Vice President         Agnes M. Wiley, Albion

Secretary                    Ella M. Herndon, Three Rivers

Treasurer                    Susan Pealer, Three Rivers

Counselor                   Abbie Flagg, Battle Creek

Chaplain                     Maria Bontecue, Petoskey

Inspector                    Mary L. Amber, Northville

I. And I. Officer           Anna Shakespeare, Kalamazoo

Patriotic Inspector        Emma E. Knapp, Howell


Fannie B. Nodell          Coldwater

Vina Redfield               Jackson

Josephine A. Post         Port Huron

Addie R. Hall               Saginaw

Florence Moody           Detroit


*Ella W. Shank                     Lansing

Emma Stark Hampton           Detroit

*Mary Sherwood Hines         Stanton

*Sarah A. C. Plummer          Lansing

*Louise B. Robbins               Adrian

Hattie P. Thompson              Flint

Abbie R. Flagg                      Battle Creek

Sara L. Brown                      Ithaca

Cornelia S. Perry                  Lansing

Allaseba M. Bliss                   Saginaw

**Ann M. Barney                          Kalamazoo

Emma E. Knapp                   Howell

Manda J. Halsted                  Concord

*Louise A. Turck                  Alma

Mary A. McConnelly              Flint

*Mary A. Maynard                Coldwater


Jennie M. George 

*Estella L. Moore                  Stanton

Susan K. Winans                  Lansing

Catherine C. Partridge           Flint

*Hattie H. Willard                 Battle Creek

M. Jennie Carpenter              Saginaw

Anna L. Shakespeare            Kalamazoo

*Julia Teasdale                    Howell

*Cora Drake                        Concord

**Mary L. Taylor                  Alma

Eunice B. Hayes                   Flint

*Martha L. Ball                     Coldwater


*Adelaide F. Wallace             Detroit

*Bertha E. Smith                  Stanton

**Harriet A. Yenny               Lansing

*Phoebe Curtis                     Adrian

Helen M. Burbank                 Flint

*Stella L. Parker                   Battle Creek

*Jennie A. Richardson           Ithica

*Lina K. Holt                        Bellvue

*Mina D. Hinsey                   Saginaw

Laura C. Foote                     Kalamazoo

Kate K. Collins                     Howell

*Flora B. Stanley                  Concord

*Lena M. Turck                    Alma

*Emma J. Chamberlain         Flint

Fannie B. Nodell                   Coldwater

*Absent              ↨Previously Reported            **Deceased


Corps No.

1__Zach Chandler, South Haven. Not represented

2__Dwight May, Midland. Del., Eliza Snell; President, Matilda Blue; Past Pres., Laura Freeland.

3__Jas. A. Sexton, Central Lake. Not represented

4__Faragut, Battle Creek. Delegate, Mrs. Belenger; Pres., Julia Staymen; Past Pres., Abbie R. Flagg.

5__Edward Pomeroy, Jackson. Delegates, Harriet Sample, Catherine Linderman; Pres., Elizabeth Kaywood; Past Pres., Vina E. Redfield, Anna E. Griffith, Emma E. Cole.

6__Fairchiles, Grass Lake. Delegate, Mattie Raymond; Pres. Ada A. Cooper

7__Chas. T. Foster, Lansing. Delegates, Eva Foster, Jennie Stephens, Celia Lozee; Pres. Sarah Wyckhoff; Past. Pres., Cornelia Perry, Susan Humphrey, Laura Rice, Jennie L. Pond, and Sarah Choat.

8__Gen. O. M. Poe, Detriot. Delegate, Jennie Stoddard; Pres., Margaret Haze; Past Pres., Eveline Crusere.

9__Stanton, Stanton. Delegate, Cassie McBain

10__Fairbanks, Detroit. Delegate, Isabel Gascon; Pres., Ada M. Stoddard; Past Pres., Emma Stark Hampton, Lydia C. Hopkins, Eunice E. Bailey, Lizzie G. Hawes, Mary R. Claxton, Florence E. Moody.

11__William Dundee. Delegate, Nettie Sloman

12__Amos E. Steel, N. Muskegon. Not represented.

14__Wm. A. Kent, Greenville. Not represented.

15__Wadell, Howell. Delegate, Elmira Hall; Pres., Jennie A. McKean; Past Pres., Emma E. Knapp, Kate K. Collins, Rosetta Peary.

16__Earl Halbert, Grand Ledge. Delegate, Helen Southworth.

17__W. J. May, Jones. Not represented.

18__A. S. Williams, Charlotte. Delegate, Brusa Butler.

20__Chas. E. Grisson, St. Johns. Delegates, Ida Whitney, Louisa Dauley; Past Pres., Anna Morris, Adelaide Harris.

21__Henry Tucker, Marine City. Delegate, Sarah Hadden; Past Pres., Grace E. Baird.

22__John Gilluly, Fowlerville. Delegate, Mrs. Bradley; Past Pres., Mrs.Streeter, Anna Carr.

23__Gov. Crapo, Flint. Delegates, Isabell Cleveland, Lizzie Ramlow; Pres., Helen M. Burbank; Past Pres., Mary A. McConnelly, Hattie P.Thompson, Nettie Barney, Edna Tupper, Eunice B. Haynes, Ella Phillips, Eliza Nickelson, Emily Marsh, Ellen Wiley, Mary Hilton, Catherine C. Partridge.

24__Randall, Cooperville. Past Pres., Edna Jackson.

25__Corbin, Union City. Delegate, Loraine Burnette.

26__L. D. Quackenbush, Owosso. Pres., Hanna A. Mason; Past Pres., Ellen E. Quinn.

27__Custer, Grand Rapids. Delegates, Lou B. Everett, Jennie Pease; Pres., Emily M. Sones.

28__Wm. H. Bardon, Ionia. Delegates, Mary Woods, Cora Perham; Pres., Addie Perkins; Past Pres., Sally Perry.

29__Andrew McCumber, Lake View. Delegate, Delia Butler.

30__Jas. D. Mason, Bellview. Delegate, Lillian Roberts; Past. Pres. Gerrissa Conklin.

31__Butterworth, Coldwater. Delegates, Harriette Ball, Hannah Dart.

32__John Hunter, Montrose. Pres., Rose Hiscock.

33__C. B. Hubbell, Coleman. Not represented.

34__Woolsey, Northport. Not represented.

35__P. Thomas, Chesaning. Delegate, Helen Town.

36__Wetherwax, Grand Haven. Not represented.

37__C. J. Dickerson, Hillsdale. Delegate, Minirva Fairbanks; Pres., Eleanor M. Chase.

38__J. B. Brainard, Eaton Rapids. Delegate, Ida Norton; Pres., Lizzie Cook.

39__Whiteside, Caro. Past Pres., Emily C. Richardson.

40__Henry Dobson, Fremont. Not represented.

41__Champlain, Grand Rapids. Delegate, Alice T. White.

42__Jeffords, Nashville. Not represented.

43__F. A. Buhl, Ecorse. Not represented.

44__Geo. W. Anderson, DeWitt. Delegate, Mary Sipley. Pres., Ida E. Brink.

45__Cary, Wayne. Delegate, S. R. Kinsley; Pres., Sarah Waldron, Past Pres. Rillie Bird.

46__Ellsworth, Hartford. Delegate, Paulina Heald.

47__Frank Graves, Niles. Not represented.

48__J. T. Jones, Howard City. Not represented.

49__Joseph Wilson, Lowell. Delegate, Sally Flannigon.

50__Pap Williams, Ludington. Not represented.

51__Joe Hooker, Hart. Not represented.

52__Hill, Middleville. Not represented.

53__Mont Calm, Stanton. Not represented.

54__Scott, Blissfield. Delegate, Ada Knapp; Pres., Ester Carpenter.

55__Horas S. Roberts, Alpena. Not represented.

56__Wa-Bu-no, Mt. Pleasant. Not represented.

57__Saginaw, Saginaw. Delegate, Rose Hartwick; Pres., Lucy A. Cowles; Past Pres., Nellie P. Quimby, Anna E. Dedrich, Mary Marshall, Mina Eaton, Mary Morgan, Frances Newall.

58__Henry C. Beebe, Richmond. Not represented.

59__Billy Begole, Maple Rapids. Delegaate, Jennie Decker.

61__Jewell, Cedar Springs. Not represented.

62__S. W. Grinnell, Sunfield. Delegate, Sarah E. Peling.

64__Myron Baker, Morenci. Not represented.

65__Carpenter, Ypsilanti. Not represented.

66__Col. Fenton, Fenton. Delegate, Julia A. Butcher; Pres., Dora J. Leet; Past Pres., Lucy M. Marsh, Elvira M. Bunting, May Dibble.

67__Chas L. Beard, Perry. Delegate, Martha E. Bennett.

68__Deway, Leslie. Not represented.

69__Farquhar, Detroit. Delegate, Catherine Wealde; Pres., Margaret Mincel; Past Pres., Mrs. Shoemaker.

70__M. W. Dresser, Lyons. Delegate, Emeline Croel.

71__Maurice B. Wells, Luther. Not represented.

72__Woodbury, Adrian. Delegate, M. Elliott Thompson; Past Pres., Harriett Applegate, Elizabeth Humphrey.

73__W. B. Stewart, Crystal. Delegate, Mary Burtch; Pres., Mary E. Stiffey.

74__De Golyer, Hudson. Pres., Anna Ames.

75__Burnside, Decator. Not represented.

76__Julius S. Barrett, Carson City. Delegate, Jennie Thomas.

77__William Sanborn, Port Huron. Delegates, Eva Coveley, Emma Schiffler; Past Pres., Josephine A. Post.

78__O. H. Read, Hubbardston. Delegate, Frances Stuck; Pres. Kate M. Rednor.

80__Archibald Stewart, Litchfield. Delegate, Lydia Sharp.

81__Fred W. Walker, Mt. Morris. Delegate, Lida McCulloch; Pres., Mina Crandall; Past Pres., Margaret Craven, Alma Edwards.

82__Geo. A. Winans, Ovid. Delegate, Susan Burdick; Pres., Sarah Brown; Past Pres., Arvilla Bagley, Elizabeth Southworth, Ruena Propper.

83__O. D. Jackson, Potterville. Pres., Margaret Fordham.

84__J. & A. Rider, Livonia. Not represented.

85__Phil Sheridan, Reading. Not represented.

86__Henry H. Knapp, Davison. Delegate, Maggie Hewitt; Past Pres., Emily Elmore, Alice Hill, Emma Campbell, Luella Sweers, Laura Oharow, Mary Hill.

87__Wisner, Bad Axe. Not represented.

88__Henry Denning, Laingsburg. Not represented.

89__A Lincoln, Bangor. Delegate, Sarah Hibbard.

90__Moses Wisner, Ithica. Pres., Nancy Sayles; Past Pres., Eliza A. Barnes, Julia M. Phillips, Clara L. French.

91__Austin Blair, Hawkins. Not represented.

92__Col. Baker, Kalkaska. Not represented.

93__Tom Custor, Sheridan. Not represented.

94__Wm. D. Wilkins, St. Lewis. Delegate, Sarah Wilcox.

95__Billy Cruson, Breckenridge. Delegate, Sarah Round.

96__Eli P. Alexander, Williamston. Delegate, Harriet M. Bigelow.

97__U. S. Grant, Bay City. Delegate, Ella Zimmer; Past Pres., Mrs. Van Kleck.

98__David Oaks, Centerville. Not represented.

99__Hiram Wilson, Mears. Delegate, Carrie Crampton.

100__Fritz Gerald, Hastings. Delegate, Eliza J. Barber; Pres., Mary Kelley.

101__Oran Whitcomb, Byron Center. Not represented.

102__Dick Richardson, Pontiac. Delegate, Lucy Phipps; Past Pres., Lucinda Collins, Mary Blair.

103__J. B. McPherson, Holly. Delegate, Becca Hathaway; Pres., Kate D. Ream; Past Pres., Mary VanDorn.

104__John Tucker, Ortonville. Delegate, Fannie Nickelson.

105__Phil Kearney, Muskegon. Delegate, Minnie Lewis.

106__M. W. Chapin, Auburn. Not represented.

107__Edward Dwight, Vermontville. Delegate, Eliza Fuller; Past Pres., Laura B. Fay.

108__Morgan L. Gage, Saginaw. Pres., Sarah J. Alden.

109__Henry Bennett, W. Bay City. Not represented.

110__Orcut, Kalamazoo. Delegates, Lena Beckman, Josephine Shafer; Pres., Anna E. Robbins; Past Pres., Laura C. Foot.

111__Van Fleet, Reese. Delegate, Fanny Shook; Past Pres., Ellen E. Parks.

112__Chas. S. Traverse, Capac. Not represented.

113__Albert Sperry, Ravenna. Delegate, Ella Ackerman.

114__Ed. M. Prutzman, Three Rivers. Delegate, Lucy Doan, Past. Pres., Annie E. Udell.

115__John Bagley, Hearsey. Not represented.

117__Hiel P. Clark, Saranac. Not represented.

119__Ranson, Flushing. Delegate, Emogene Caldwell; Pres., Nancy Olmstead; Past Pres., Mamie Barning.

120__Bonner, Casnovia. Not represented.

121__Geo. H. Thomas, Benton Harbor. Delegate, Lucy J. Willets.

122__Chas. Bradford, Banniester. Delegate, Millie S. Wooley.

123__S. D. Haight, Scottville. Not represented.

125__Worth, Tekonsha. Not represented.

126__Col. Stewart, Tustin. Delegate, Malissa McGovern.

127__Henry Baxter, Jonesville. Not represented.

128__Sparta, Sparta. Not represented.

131__Phil McKerman, Mason. Not represented.

132__Tim Lewis, Diamondale. Delegate, Ida Randall.

133__Henry L. Wallace, Corona. Delegate, Lula Amsden; Past Pres., Jennie E. Evelith.

134__Rowley, Clayton. Not represented.

135__J. N. Penoyer, Saginaw. Delegate, Alice Savage; Pres., Emily Norcoss; Past Pres., Allaseba M. Bliss, M. Jennie Carpenter, Clara E. Wellington.

136__E. W. Hollinsworth, Albion. Pres., Alice Perine; Past Pres., Agnes M. Wiley, Libby Smith.

137__Morgan Parker, Petersburg. Delegate, Edyth Beerdenan.

138__J. B. Richardson, Harbor Springs. Delegate, Kitty B. Rouse.

139__Dahl Green, Holton. Not represented.

140__V. O. Bretz, Lake Odessa. Delegate, Maria Buxton; Past Pres., Mary Marvin.

141__Gen. Chas. Griffin, Farwell. Not represented.

142__A. B. Sturgis, Sturgis. Past Pres., Ada A VanVleck, Rebecca Zigler.

144__M. H. Whitney, Sand Lake. Not represented.

145__O. P. Morton, Manton. Not represented

146__Mark Thompson, Plainwell. Delegate, Florence L. Mason; Past Pres., Emma Madden.

147__Wm. P. Imes, Grand Rapids. Not represented.

148__Wheeler, Otisville. Delegate, Mary Porter; Past Pres., Mary Lansfield, Maria Moon, Cynthia Curell.

149__T. T. Davenport, Vesterberg. Not represented.

150__Washington, Caddilac. Not represented.

151__McPherson, Traverse City. Not represented.

152__Lumbard, Petoskey. Delegate, Elizabeth Jarmen; Past Pres., Maria Bontecou.

153__J. T Barrett, Edmore. Not represented.

154__Ruddock, Cheboygan. Delegate, Elizabeth Lighthall.

155__Ainsworth, Ransom. Not represented.

156__Heber Lafavour, Millford. Delegate, Lelia Ormsly; Past Pres., Hattie F. Austin.

157__John Stockton, New Haven. Delegate, Minnie E. Carl; Past Pres., Sara A. C. Clemmens, Anna L. Edmonds.

158__William B. Hazen, West Branch. Past Pres., Arulia Day.

159__Tom Manning, Marcellus. Delegate, Sadie Moreland.

160__Henry M. Liddle, Colon. Not represented.

161__Stevens, East Jordan. Not represented.

162__Marion, Grayling. Pres., Fannie E. Eichoff; Past Pres., Isabella Jones

163__Garfiled, Coleman. Delegate, Aurilla Stillwell.

164__Matthew Artis, Day. Not represented.

165__Major Weber, Bellaire. Not represented.

166__E. P. Case, Benzonia. Not represented.

167__D. D. Donnelly, Saginaw. Delegate, Sarah J. Still; Pres., Etta Sudlow; Past Pres., Addie Hall.

168__H. D. Terry, Mt. Clemens. Not represented

169__H. P. Merrill, Bay City. Delegate, Glen Calhoun; Past Pres., Amanda Bradley.

170__G. K. Warren, East Tawas. Pres., Lurea Tapp.

171__A. B. Watson, Grand Rapids. Delegates, Vira Wood, Josephine Grimon; Pres., Mary Hanna; Past Pres., Emilia Wilson.

172__Gen. Lyon, Mancelona. Not represented.

173__Baxter, Charlevoix. Not represented.

174__Chas. Sumner, Sumner. Not represented.

175__Dan S. Root, Belding. Delegate, Adelia Brown; Past Pres., Mary Coville.

176__Anson Sanford, Sanford. Delegate, Mary Lane.

177__P. M. Angus, Standish. Delegate, Clarissa E. Rockafellow; Pres., Margaret Angus.

178__Wadsworth, Lawrence. Not represented.

179__Burlington, Akron. Delegate, Sophia Eddy.

180__Jas. F. Coville, Palo. Not represented.

181__N. H. Terry, White Hall. Delegate, Mrs. Estabrook.

182__Joseph Mason, Wecosta. Delegate, Carolyn Kincaid.

183__Wm. Moyer, Alma. Delegate, Martha Frakes.

184__W. S. Handcock, Clare. Delegate, Elizabeth Brown; Pres., Jane Goodnow.

185__John Megarah, Portland. Delegate, Mary VanWagner; Pres., Anna Blackstone.

186__Bryon Stoddard, Concord. Delegate, Effie Wilcox; Pres., Manda J. Halstead; Past Pres., Ruth Adams, Lydia J. Findlay.

187__Sedgewick, Evart. Not represented.

189__W. G. Eaton, Otsego. Not represented.

190__Geo. Ward, Brant. Delegate, Phoebe Crane; Pres., Mary Rivenburg; Past Pres., Adelia Colvin.

191__Wm. T. Sherman, Vassar. Delegate, Nellie Forbes.

192__Bartholemew, Nunica. Not represented.

193__C. O. Loomis, Quincey. Delegate, Myrtie Harding.

194__G. H. Ewing, Stockbridge. Past Pres., Janette Miller.

195__Walter clifford, Boyne. Not represented.

196__Geo. Martin, Eastport. Not represented.

197__C. J. Bassett, Allegan. Not represented.

198__John Brown, Detroit. Not represented.

200__Jas. F. McGinley, Manistee. Not represented.

201__Ryder, Deerfield. Not represented.

202__Ralph Ely, Shephard. Delegate, Hannah Webb; Pres., Mary E. Northrup.

203__J. A. Dix, Hesperia. Not represented.

204__Jacob G. Fry, Granges. Delegate, Parmelia Davis.

205__Lieut. Frank Fowler, Fife Lake. Not represented.

206__Jas. Wilson, Marlette. Delegate, Lizzie Bone.

207__Harlow Briggs, Hopkins Station. Delegate, Matilda Ross; Past Pres., Sarah Hoofmaster.

208__C. F. Doore, Gaylord. Not represented.

209__R. H. Gibson, Gowen. Not represented.

210__R. F. Carpenter, Chelsea. Delegate, Mary Winans; Past Pres., Mary VanTym.

211__David Becker, Ogden Center. Not represented.

212__L. C. Woodman, Lawton. Delegate, Nellie Smith

213__Frank Mason, Athens. Delegate, Elznia Blanchard.

214__Simon A. Downer, Parma. Not represented.

216__Leonard Manch, Woodland. Not represented.

217__Muray, Mable City. Not represented.

218__Welch, Ann Arbor. Delegates, Delia B. Dean, E. Allmindinger.

220__Hiram Barrows, Armada. Past. Pres., Caroline North.

221__Turrill, Lapeer. Delegare, Sarah J. Farguherson; Pres., Serepta Houghton; Past Pres., Sarah King, Sarah Fitch.

222__Sterling, Wayland. Not represented.

223__John H. Andrews, Grand Junction. Not represented.

224__C. F. Smith, Escanaba. Not represented.

225__A. M. Harmon, Northville. Past Pres., Mary L. Ambler.

226__Geo. T. Fuller, Manistique. Not represented.

227__W. P. Everitt, Rochester. Past Pres., Carrie E. Torrey.

228__Major Lusk, Elsie. Delegate, Amanda Starkweather; Pres., Orlie Austin; Past Pres., Julia A. L. Preston.

230__Comstock, Manchester. Not represented.

231__A. C. VanRaalte, Holland. Not represented.

232__C. Colgrove, Marshall. Not represented.

234__Wallair, Flatrock. Not represented.

235__Peter A. Weber, Rockford. Delegate, Mary LaMore.

236__Jas. Bradley, Clio. Delegate, Vera Fox; Pres., Harriet Anderson; Past Pres., Margaret Eckels, Emogene Sargent.

237__Alvincent Colvin, Gobleville. Pres., Lorena Lambertson.

238__P. O. Cornell, Iron Mountain. Not represented.

239__Edward Pierson, Columbiaville. Not represented.

240__Albert Nye, Romeo. Pres., Nancy H. White.

241__Stephen Monger, Freeland. Pres., Harriet Purchase.

242__Samuel Judd, Newaygo. Not represented.

243__John P. Hart, Crystal Falls. Not represented.

244__John Ritchie, Taymouth. Pres., Ella Bortie.

245__Andrews, Big Rapids. Delegate, Elizabeth Raub.

246__Col. Ely, Elm Hall. Delegate, Annie Lyons.

247__McCook McBride. Not represented.

248__Capen, Blanchard. Pres., Mary E. DeWitt.

249__Marcellus, Sault Ste Marie. Not represented.

250__Gen. I. C. Smith, Reed City. Delegate, Hannah Giles, Past Pres., Mrs. Barker.

251__D. G. Royce, Byron. Not represented.

252__Carlton, Trufant. Not represented.

253__A. L. Carver, Hemlock. Delegate, Sophia Wendt; Pres., Mary E. Burnham; Past Pres., Caro Petit, Lucy A. Carver.

255__Geo. J. Leighton, Springport. Not represented.

256__Frank A. Daniells, New Troy. Not represented.

257__Michigan, Detroit. Delegate, Tillie Euler.

258__Pleasanton, Ironwood. Not represented.


Name:                        Corps No.

Avis W. Young             123

Harriet Bunker             140

Minnie Birr                  069

Philinda Sweezy           207

Marian A. Baldwin        044

Evaline Lambert           159

Nora McAdams            012

Carrie A. Jackson         027

Barsheba Fillmore        220

Jennie Duesett             220

Eliza Worth                 045

Nellie Llewyelan           139

Calista M. Taylor          135

Mary Ann Carey           069

Helen Case Adams       007

Mary E. Lusk               117

Adelia Chapman           044

Caroline Longstreet      007

Mary F. Taylor             183

Sarah Spake                080

Alvina S. Cook             138

Ruby A. Seymour White 057

Elvina Ranker              214

Elizabeth J. Boak         173

Abbie E. Showers         232

Mary J. Smith              152

Julia E. F. Ainsworth     140

Addie Benjamin Jones  185

Hannah Haines            068

Rhoda Patterson          131

Tillie Whited                026

Mary E. Marshall          044

Mary Rockwell             071

Julia Silk                     257

Melinda Blood              067

Lucy Willey                  070

Jennie Burke               100

Margaret Brown           218

Charlotte Humphry      046

Lucy Reed                   078

Mary Feeter                 230

Nancy Clark                 154

Margaret Sturgeon       105

Jane Gifford                 148

Sophia Croop               083

Mary Johnson              098

Mary Linsay                 069

Mary Farnsworth          016

Mrs. Petterson             038

Adaline Tracy              205

Lydia A. Nichols           152

Jennie Wood                213

Lucy E. Atwell              212

Francis Parrister          212

Adaline B. Valentine     053

Sabina Lawson            068

Hattie Davis                011

Harriet Gleason           082

Margaret W. Cooper     027

Nellie Coleman            027

Lucy Cook                   023

Eliza Hollensworth        023

Rosina Culver              015

Alice Moak                   077

Louise Hewlett             005

Catherine Riggs           154

Harriet Allen                089

Susan Hinkle               148

Martha Bradley            026

Amanda Stone             040

Sophia Baker               181

Mrs. Walker                 171

Mrs. Wallwork              257

Mary Hack                   114

Mary E. F. Siggins        008

Elizabeth Coate            218

Mary Baird                  046

Francelia Armstrong     146


Transcription by Barbara Lesser July 2004 © copyright all rights reserved.

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