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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AbbottJohn BangorVan Buren 
AbramsJames LawrenceVan Buren 
AckerChas. Village of BangorVan BurenYes
AckersonPeter Village of BangorVan Buren 
AckleyLevi ColumbiaVan Buren 
AdamsNathan BangorVan Buren 
AdamsWm. CovertVan Buren 
AdrianceWm.H.WaverlyVan Buren 
AlbrightHnery BangorVan Buren 
AllenForbes Village of BloomingdaleVan Buren 
AllenS.D.ArlingtonVan Buren 
AllenWm. ColumbiaVan Buren 
AlmyAndrew ColumbiaVan Buren 
AmesAllenW.Village of BloomingdaleVan Buren 
AmpeyGeo. LawrenceVan Buren 
AmpeyIsam BloomingdaleVan Buren 
AndersonDavid ColumbiaVan Buren 
AntonMarvin WaverlyVan Buren 
AusmanJacob Village of BangorVan Buren 
AustinAlex.J.WaverlyVan Buren 
AustinHarveyH.BloomingdaleVan Buren 
AustinJohn KeelerVan Buren 
AustinN.C.BloomingdaleVan Buren 
AustinWelcome BangorVan Buren 
AveryJamesT.Village of South HavenVan Buren 
BagentThos. CovertVan Buren 
BagleyM.E.BloomingdaleVan Buren 
BairdAdam LawrenceVan Buren 
Bairdphiletus BangorVan Buren 
BakerChas.W.WaverlyVan Buren 
BalchCyrusM.Village of South HavenVan Buren 
BalchHiram WaverlyVan Buren 
BaldwinMoses Village of HartfordVan Buren 
BaldwinNelson Village of LawtonVan Buren 
BaldwinShepardH.Village of GoblevilleVan Buren 
BaldwinWm.H.DecaturVan BurenYes
BaldwinWm. PorterVan Buren 
bameNicholas Village of BangorVan Buren 
BanksJacobF.BloomingdaleVan Buren 
BanksWm. H. S.BloomingdaleVan Buren 
BantaJohnE.ColumbiaVan Buren 
barclayFrancisM.Village of HartfordVan Buren 
BardEphraim CovertVan Buren 
BarkerJohnC.PorterVan Buren 
BarkerPeter PorterVan Buren 
BarkerWesleyT.PorterVan Buren 
BarlettAndrewJ.HartfordVan Buren 
BarnesH.G.LawrenceVan Buren 
BarnesMerrilll ArlingtonVan Buren 
BarnumJohn DecaturVan Buren 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.