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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AnthonyEdwWNegaunee City Second WardMarquette 
BackesLouis MichigammeMarquette 
BahmanGustave SkandiaMarquetteyes
BennettGeo RepublicMarquette 
BillingsSamuel Marquette City Fourth WardMarquette 
BlanchardChasDMarquette City Third WardMarquetteyes
BoiceWm Marquette City Fourth WardMarquette 
BrailChas Marquette City First WardMarquette 
BreenPatrick Marquette City Second WardMarquette 
BushnellHiram Marquette City Fourth WardMarquette 
ByrneRobtPMarquette City Sixth WardMarquette 
careyEdwJNegaunee City Fourth WardMarquette 
CareyRichard Ishpeming City Tenth WardMarquette 
CavanaughJames Negaunee City First WardMarquette 
CharltonJohnRMarquette City Seventh WardMarquette 
ClarkGeo IshpemingMarquette 
ClingeChristopher IshpemingMarquette 
ColeAddisonAMarquette City Sixth WardMarquette 
ColesJeffrey Marquette City Fifth WardMarquette 
ConnorsPat Marquette City First WardMarquetteyes
CowdenAllen Marquette City Third WardMarquette 
CurtisHenryWMarquette City First WardMarquette 
DavidVirgilEMarquette City Third WardMarquette 
DayTheoMIshpeming City Sixth WardMarquette 
DobbsGeo NegauneeMarquette 
DooleyJohn Marquette City Sixth WardMarquette 
DouglassJoseph Ishpeming City Sixth WardMarquette 
FalphJohn Marquette City Fifth WardMarquette 
FisherJohnCMarquette City Fifth WardMarquette 
FiskeEbenWIshpeming City Sixth WardMarquette 
FrazierJohn Marquette City Seventh WardMarquette 
FrenchRobtRMarquette City Fourth WardMarquette 
FullerHenryWNegaunee City Third WardMarquette 
GaynorThomas Ishpeming City Ninth WardMarquetteyes
GillettJnoHMarquette City Third WardMarquetteyes
GogarnAugust TurinMarquette 
GrantJohn Marquette City Fifth WardMarquette 
GrayJohn Marquette City Fifth WardMarquette 
GrimesGeo TurinMarquette 
GruppieChristopher RepublicMarquette 
HanscomIDMarquette City Third WardMarquetteyes
HapgoodJesse Marquette City Fifth WardMarquette 
HieserMartin Negaunee City Fourth WardMarquette 
HoganJohn Marquette City First WardMarquette 
HomeierJohnGMarquette City Fifth WardMarquette 
HoraGeo MichigammeMarquette 
HoughEmerson ForsythMarquette 
HowderJohn Marquette City Second WardMarquette 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.