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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AbbeyJariusW.Flint City Third WardGenesee 
AckermanLewisC.Village of FentonGenesee 
AdamsD.A.Flint City Second WardGenesee 
AdamsDexter ForestGeneseeYes
AdamsGeorge Village of FentonGenesee 
AdamsJohnQ.Grand BlancGenesee 
AdamsLeonardG.Village of DavisonGenesee 
AlbroJarvisE.Mt. MorrisGenesee 
AldrichHenry Village of FentonGenesee 
AlexanderLutherH.Flint City Second WardGenesee 
AlexanderRobertF.Flint City Second WardGenesee 
AlexanderWm. Village of OtisvilleGenesee 
AlgoeJohn Flint City Third WardGenesee 
AllenAugustus AtlasGenesee 
AllenHenry Village of GainesGenesee 
AllenJuliusS.Flint City First WardGenesee 
AllenLevi Village of FlushingGenesee 
AllenSamuel Flint City First WardGenesee 
AllenWillardB.Flint City Second WardGenesee 
AllportLeonardP.Flint City Third WardGenesee 
AnthonyJohn ThetfordGenesee 
ArmstrongJames Village of FlushingGenesee 
ArnotJohn AtlasGenesee 
AshtonRobert DavisonGenesee 
AthertonCyrusC.Village of GainesGenesee 
AthertonRufus Village of GainesGenesee 
AustinCharlesW.Flint City Second WardGenesee 
AustinJames ViennaGenesee 
BabcockDwight Flint City Third WardGenesee 
babcockFrancisL.Village of FlushingGenesee 
BachtelHiramJ.Flint City Second WardGenesee 
BackEphraim GeneseeGenesee 
BadgleyChauncy MundyGenesee 
BagleyWilliamM.Village of DavisonGenesee 
BaileyNathaniel MontroseGenesee 
BaileyWm.D.Flint City Second WardGenesee 
BakerCharlesJr.Grand BlancGenesee 
BakerHenry Village of ClioGenesee 
BalchJno. Village of Mt. MorrisGeneseeYes
BalchJohn GeneseeGenesee 
BanksElias FlintGenesee 
BanksHenry MontroseGenesee 
BanksJohnW.Village of FentonGenesee 
BanningWalterV.Village of FlushingGenesee 
BarberCharlesF.Village of FentonGenesee 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.