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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AbbeyAmosW.Bear CreekEmmet 
AngusElijah Bear CreekEmmet 
AnnableEdwin Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
AntonRobert Bear CreekEmmet 
AshkonacJoseph Cross VillageEmmet 
AtkinsJno. Village of PetoskeyEmmetyes
AustinRichardF.Little TraverseEmmet 
BabcockE.D.Little TraverseEmmet 
BabcockOrrin Village of PetoskeyEmmetyes
BabcockOrrin Bear CreekEmmet 
BacheeJohn FriendshipEmmet 
BachelderAmaraJ.Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BallCharles Village of Harbor SpringsEmmet 
BanghartPhilipD.Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BarberSamuelL.Village of Harbor SpringsEmmet 
BarnardA.C.Bear CreekEmmetyes
BarnesGeorgeS.Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BarnesGeorgeW.Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BarnesMartinV.Village of Harbor SpringsEmmet 
BartonCharlesS.Village of Harbor SpringsEmmet 
BattWm.S.Bear CreekEmmet 
BayhaFrederick BlissEmmet 
BeamanAlson Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BemanLemuelS.Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BennettMoses Village of Harbor SpringsEmmet 
BennettNelson CenterEmmet 
BlackmanOrrinA.Little TraverseEmmet 
BlackmerM.H. Little TraverseEmmet 
BlanchardWilliam LittlefieldEmmet 
BlowPeterE.Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BontecouJosephC.Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BradleyBrazaliB.Village of Harbor SpringsEmmet 
BradleyJamesM.Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BradleyJosephN.Village of Harbor SpringsEmmetyes
BrennerAndrew Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BrooksAlfronso CenterEmmet 
BrownEdwinB.Cross VillageEmmet 
BrubeckerJohnS.Village of Harbor SpringsEmmet 
BuckHiram CenterEmmet 
BuckleyJames Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
BumpGeorgeW.Village of PetoskeyEmmetyes
BurbankSamuel Bear CreekEmmet 
BurchMelvin Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
CalkinsHenryT.Village of PetoskeyEmmet 
CampfieldElburtus FriendshipEmmet 
CampfieldElburtus Village of Harbor SpringsEmmetyes
CanamJohn CenterEmmet 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.