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Doings Of Battery B

328th Field Artillery American Expeditionary Forces

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 · 1ST CL. PVT. CARL W. SWANSON Serial No. 2,046,483 Skandia, Mich. · 1ST CL. PVT. EDWARD C. UREWS Serial No. 2,986,108 Brimley, Mich. · PVT. HENRY FLEISCHER Serial No. 2,044,336 Pewamo, Mich. · PVT. ALEXANDER PUROL Serial No. 2,041,532 Metz, Mich. · PVT. CHARLES R. MONROE Serial No. 2,048,579 Mikado, Mich. · PVT. BENJAMIN F. ROBINSON Serial No. 2,981,048 Sand Lake, Mich. · 1ST CL. PVT. GUY E. CLIPFELL Serial No. 2.017.894 Colon, Mich. · PVT. JOHN DE VRIES Serial No. 2,983,414 Grant, Mich. · 1ST CL. PVT. JOSEPH FARRAH Serial No. 2,983,112 158 Woodbridge St., Detroit, Mich. · PVT. ARVO PITKANEN Serial No. 2,983,647 Herman, Mich. · PVT. BERNARD W. THOMPSON Serial No. 2,045,060 722 F. Danaher St., London, Mich. · PVT. DENZIL R. WOLFE Serial No. 2,045,730 Shepherd, Mich. · 1ST CL. PVT. PETER A. GERTH Serial No. 2,017,796 Sebewaing, Mich. · PVT. PETER KLOK Serial No. 2,017,810 Leroy, Mich. · PVT. WAYNE J. KESLER Serial No. 2,986,996 Hives Junction, Mich. While the editor can visualize each of the men mentioned above, in the absence of notes on the individual and the strain put on his memory, the editor will not attempt to give a separate sketch of each man. They were all drivers, which means that their duty was to bring rations and ammunition, regardless of danger or obstacles, to the men who were doing the fighting. All acted as the arteries which supplied the blood of action for both men and pieces. They not only had to have the presence of mind necessary for self-control, but they must also be capable of calming their horses and the physical strength to handle them should they become unmanageable when frightened by explosions. It is not possible to describe the individual types, but it is sufficient to say that they had the qualifications which furnished sinews to our army. · PVT. JOHN DUFFY Serial No. 2,046,170 Shepherd, Mich. · PVT. FRED WHITMORE Serial No. 2,044,892 Union City, Mich. · PVT. ARTHUR H. W. BEITZ Serial No. 2,017,875 711 Franklin St., Sheboygan, Wis. · PVT. HENRY PETIT Serial No. 2,985,051 Hancock, Mich. · PVT. FRANK B. LAWRENCE Serial No. 2,985,305 401 Mulberry St., Owosso, Mich. The above joined the Battery at Camp Coetquidan. Of a private in the American army it may be truly said that he was the monarch of action, of achievement, of ultimate victory. In no army of any country or time did the private stand for what he did under the Stars and Stripes. The humblest in life’s scale weighed for as much and perhaps more than the son of millions beside him, whom public selection in private existence would accord the balance of power. In the army “every man is wanted and no man is wanted much.” The editor regrets that in the absence of notes on each individual, and his inability to recall any special incident occurring in the career of those listed above, he is unable to give each one a special sketch. Yet, without doubt, around each one could be grouped incidents of thrilling interest or happenings that would furnish rich humor. Page eighty-seven

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