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Doings Of Battery B

328th Field Artillery American Expeditionary Forces

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 SERGT. HOWARD HOWORTH Greenville, Mich. He was inducted at Camp Custer, November 21, 1917, being assigned to Battery B that day. On December 3, 1917, he became assistant to Battery Clerk Griffith, and on December 10th received the rank of Corporal. When Griffith left our outfit, Howorth took full charge of the orderly room, and from then on until his records were turned over to his successor, Corp. Kern, he worked faithfully seeing that no errors entered the records. At Camp Coetquidan, again the command came to Battery B for an efficient non-com to work at Regimental Headquarters, assisting Adj. Fiske with the records of the personnel. Corp. Howorth was chosen and was later made Sergeant, remaining one of the staff at Regimental Headquarters. In thinking of Howorth we will all remember how our interests were his, as he would work until long into the night to get our insurance, allotments, etc., straightened out. SENTRY GO (By Wilfrid Wilson Gibson) True lad who shared the guard with me, That night of whirling snow, What other nights have brought to you I shall not know. I never even heard your name. And hardly saw your face; Yet you poured out your heart to me, As we kept pace. I don’t know if you’re living still, Or fallen in the fight: But in my heart your heart is safe, Till the last night. Paqe one hundred seventy

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