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Doings Of Battery B

328th Field Artillery American Expeditionary Forces

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 PVT. ARCHIE BELL Kingston, Mich. Bell was inducted November 24, 1917, at Camp Custer. He was of a very radiant and sunny disposition and took exceptionally well to soldiering. He made many buddies during the short time he was with us, being transferred to Camp Pike, Arkansas, December 17, 1917. REMEMBER THIS? When Sunday inspections were fashionable, and Major General Parker, in order to demonstrate what is earned is more keenly enjoyed, gave the order to clean barracks after dinner on Saturday, before passes were given out. AND THIS? The competition between the Batteries for the sale of Liberty Bonds. How Nelson and Haley made a proposition to the Captain that they would buy and pay cash on $500 worth of bonds if they were each given a seventy-two-hour pass, and which the Captain agreed to. AND THIS? The evening that the Battery were given a chance to attend a kindergarten a la military— in other words, that sham battle that took place one evening giving an imitation of artillery fire, gas attack, infantry making charge, and so on. AND THIS? Medical General Orders said each man’s head must be thirty inches from the next man’s. A new consignment of recruits made things crowded, so for two weeks the command played ‘‘Pigs in Clover,” arranging and rearranging the bunks to meet this requirement. Page one hundred sixty-eight

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