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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AndrewsJohnH.St. IgnaceMackinac 
BaileyJohnR.Village of MackinacMackinac 
BergyNoah MarquetteMackinac 
BisselPhilipD.St. Ignace City 4th WardMackinac 
BlanchardJohn NewtonMackinac 
BruceMyron Village of NaubinwayMackinac 
BurgessRadolph St. Ignace City 3rd WardMackinac 
BurrowsArielW.St. Ignace City 3rd WardMackinac 
CarrChesterA.St. Ignace City 4th WardMackinac 
ChapmanAndrewJ.Village of MackinacMackinac 
ClouseChauncy MoranMackinac 
CollinsPatrick GarfieldMackinac 
CornellHenryB.St. Ignace City 4th WardMackinac 
CowdenCharles BrevortMackinac 
CubleyByronE.St. Ignace City 2nd WardMackinac 
DustonJames PortageMackinac 
DustonThos. PortageMackinac 
FawcettJohn PortageMackinac 
GanvungEdward CedarMackinac 
GennellA.J.St. Ignace City 2nd WardMackinac 
HammondTheo. Village of MackinacMackinac 
HarderTennisS.Village of NaubinwayMackinac 
HoldenL.O.Village of MackinacMackinac 
JuilleretteJosephA.St. Ignace City 1st WardMackinac 
KerrieganPatrick Village of MackinacMackinac 
KetchumGeorgeC.Village of MackinacMackinac 
KunterDaniel St. Ignace City 3rd WardMackinac 
LaBelleJoseph NewtonMackinac 
LachanceBenoni Village of MackinacMackinac 
LaLondeFrank Village of NaubinwayMackinac 
LaVaqueJohn St. Ignace City 3rd WardMackinac 
LennonMichael St. Ignace City 2nd WardMackinac 
LullJames Village of NaubinwayMackinac 
MaharJohn GarfieldMackinac 
MaloneyJamesA.St. Ignace City 4th WardMackinac 
MarrGeorge NewtonMackinac 
MarrGeorge St. Ignace City 4th WardMackinac 
MarshallWilliam Village of MackinacMackinac 
MayEli NewtonMackinac 
McAllisterArtis MoranMackinac 
McCormickPatrick Village of MackinacMackinac 
McCuloughNeal MoranMackinac 
McElroyMichaelM.St. Ignace City 4th WardMackinac 
McLaughlinHugh St. Ignace City 3rd WardMackinac 
MellanFrancis HendricksMackinac 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.