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Michigan Students By County

SurnameGivenNotesClassSchoolYearbook PublishedYearbook TitlePlaceCountyPhoto
AGONBarbara SeniorOttawa Hills High School1948LegendGrand RapidsKent 
AGONLeon SeniorOttawa Hills High School1946LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ALDRICHJo Ann StricklenFebruary GraduateSeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ALESSANDRINIAlfred SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ALEXANDERJames SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ALKEMAHarold SeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ALLISONMary SeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
AMMONConstance SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
AMMONSid SeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ANDERSONPaul SeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ANDERSONWalter SeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ANDRECarl SeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ANDREWSChester SeniorOttawa Hills High School1948LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ANDREWSMarguerita SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ANDREWSWarren Dale SeniorOttawa Hills High School1948LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ANGLELangdon E. Jr. SeniorOttawa Hills High School1948LegendGrand RapidsKent 
APPLEBEERobert SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
ASHCROFTJacqueline SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
AVENELLAudreeFebruary GraduateSeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BAASRoland C. SeniorOttawa Hills High School1946LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BAKERFrances SeniorOttawa Hills High School1946LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BAKERGwendolyn SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BALEBetty SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BALTUTATMarshallJanuary GraduateSeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BALTUTATPatricia SeniorOttawa Hills High School1946LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARBERNancy SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARENDSEDon SeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARKLEYGeorge SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARNABYJane SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARNABYJean SeniorOttawa Hills High School1945LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARNESCharlene SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARNESGerald SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARTHarold SeniorOttawa Hills High School1946LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARTHWilliam F. III SeniorOttawa Hills High School1948LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BARTLETTCharles PhilipJanuary GraduateSeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BASHARADolores SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BATESMarilyn SeniorOttawa Hills High School1946LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BEAKR.Elaine SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BEAMISHDorcas Joan SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BEELBYBarbara SeniorOttawa Hills High School1946LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BEELBYNancy Ann SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BELFERHarvey Alan SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BELLOWSGrace SeniorOttawa Hills High School1946LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BELLOWSMarianne SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BENDERWarren SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BENEDICTClinton SeniorOttawa Hills High School1947LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BENJAMINDuane SeniorOttawa Hills High School1948LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BENNETTElaine SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BENNETTR. Dudley SeniorOttawa Hills High School1946LegendGrand RapidsKent 
BERGERSBrenda SeniorOttawa Hills High School1944LegendGrand RapidsKent 

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