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West Highland Cemetery
Oakland County, Michigan

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The cemetery ground was purchased by the Highland Baptist Church and Society in 1841, originally one acre from David Bangs for $12.00. Today it consists of about four acres of ground. The cemetery is divided into five divisions with the driveway as boundaries for Division I on the north and Division IV on the south. Divisions II and III are in between, III being to the east. Division V is the back area of the cemetery.

Originally a board fence was erected around the cemetery but was later replaced by a wire fence at the sides and back and an ornamental iron one in front. It was reported in The Milford Times of November 8, 1915, that the cemetery association would build an iron fence at a cost of $150.00. Rufus Tenny was in charge of selling burial lots and the money received was the only source of income for upkeep. In 1915 the Ladies' Aid introduced the idea of forming an association which was promptly organized with F. J. Barrett as president. It was not until 1927 that the church relinquished its ownership, however. Finally in the 1970's the cemetery came under the care of the Township.

This manuscript listing the genealogy of those buried in the West Highland Cemetery includes one generation before and one generation after the individuals buried in the cemetery, wherever possible. In some cases whole families are buried and so this manuscript gives an extensive background on certain families. Sources used in general research were monument information, the Oakland County Portrait and Biographical Book published in 1891, census records, veteran records, personal histories, Highland Township death and birth records and other related materials. A list of sources used in listing family backgrounds can be found at the end of the manuscript.

Those individuals buried in Divisions I through IV of West Highland Cemetery have been underlined (as well as some buried in Division V). When an asterisk appears before a name, that individual’s data is found listed with his or her family elsewhere in the manuscript. All children are listed only under the father's name.

Because genealogy is an ongoing research, this manuscript is not complete nor without error and is being updated as information is gained. Any errors or additions that the reader may wish to make would be sincerely appreciated. Please contact Diane Needham, 1563 Malibu Ct., Highland, MI 48357 or call 248-325-5808 to obtain an up-to-date copy.

April 2001


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