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Highland Cemetery Families
Highland Township, Oakland County, Michigan

Following is a record of Highland families drawn from burial records of the Highland Cemetery.

  1. Because the township uses burial dates rather than death dates for the cemetery records, you will find that dates given are not conclusive. Also, note that in some cases there is no stone or marker to show actual burial (indicated by n/s).
  2. Some conclusions as to relationships have been drawn based on burials in individual lots.
  3. Handwriting in early records also may lead to incorrect spelling of names. Oakland County records have been used extensively as well as other documentation.

According to Durant's History of Oakland County, 1877, the ground for the cemetery was not purchased until 1849 so many earlier recorded burials in this record may only indicate memorials.

The reader is therefore asked to bear these points in mind when using this record. Those who are buried in the cemetery have their names underlined. If an asterisk (*) appears before their name, that person is listed elsewhere in the record. This is done to avoid duplication of statistics. Several buried in Highland lived to be 100 or more years old. This is indicated by boldface typing on the dates of birth and death.

This record is limited to a generation prior and after recorded burials and is not without error. Any corrections the reader would like to make would be sincerely appreciated. For actual placement of burial, please contact the Highland Township clerk's office.

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