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Civil War Veterans
Highland Township, Oakland County, Michigan

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HC = Highland Cemetery WHC = West Highland Cemetery
AllenCharles W.1843-1901WH/1-11318 Nov. 18616 Dec. 1863Co. D, 75th NY lnf.Military marker onlyPension
Armstrong Ira1841-1862 10 Aug. 186115 Jan. 1862Co. A, 8th Ml Inf.DiedDied
ArmstrongReuben WH/1-1620 Oct. 186124 July 1862Bat. H, 1st Ml L. A.Individual markerDisability
BabcockJamesUnknownHC/Unknown  Co. E, 3rd NY CavI.No marker 
BabcockL. S.1838-1918HC/160-75 Sept. 18641 Aug. 1865Bat. M, 1st Ml Lt. Art.No military markerPension
BakerAndrew J.1847-HC/75-15 Sept. 18641 Aug. 1865Bat. M, 1st Ml Lt. Art.No markerPension
BakerLarkin1838-1901WH/3-4713 Aug. 186225 May 1865Co. H, 22 Ml lnf.Military marker only 
BakerWm. H.1838-1901WH/  Co. H, 23 Ml lnf.No marker 
BallWm. F.1838-1913HC/132-516 Jan. 186216 Apr. 1865Co. F 94th N.Y. Regt.No military marker 
BeachWm. C.1823-1862HC/51-48 Aug. 18618 Oct. 1862Co. E, 7th Ml lnf. Died D.C.
BeaumontDarwin1842-1911HC/142-627 Aug. 18625 July 1865Co. G, 11 Wis. Inf.Military marker only 
BeaumontJohn F.1843-1940HC/67-46 Jan. 186412 Feb. 1866Co. A, 3rd Ml CavI.Family markers 
BeaumontWm. G.1841-1903HC/50-16 Nov. 186120 Mar. 1862Co. I, MI CavI.Military marker only 
BingamanWilliam1842-1913HC/224-819 Mar. 186420 Aug. 1865Co. G, 6th MI Inf.No military marker 
BryantJames W.1842-1901WH/3-321 Dec. 186417 June 1865Co. C, 30th Ml Inf.Two separate markers 
ButtsMilesUnknownHC/55-1  No MI listingNo marker 
CarpenterErastus1823-1865HC/12-24 Apr. 186513 Aug. 1865Co. F, 14th Ml lnf.Military marker only 
CaseJohn A.-1903HC/31-4  Co. G., 16th Ml lnf.Military marker only 
CateLyman1841-1912WH/4-1315 Aug. 186115 June 1865Co. I, 5th Ml lnf.No military marker2 Enlistments
ClarkA. K.1831-1894HC/53-810 Feb. 186122 July 1865Co. D, 1st MI CavI.Military marker only 
ClarkH. A.1842-HC/96-19113 Aug. 1861 Co. A, 1st Ml CavI.Family marker only 
ClarkJames-1864HC/63-710 Feb. 186422 Sept. 1864Co. D, 14th Ml CavI.Two separate markersDied VA
ClarkN. L. HC/9615 Feb. 186315 Oct. 1864Co. K, 11th Ml lnf.Family marker only 
ClarkW. E.1840-1914HC/96-113 Aug. 186113 Jul 1865Co. A, 1st MI Cavi.Two separate markers 
ClayMarcus1832-1914HC/70-64 Apr. 186513 Aug. 1865Co. F, 15th MI Inf.No military marker 
CogshillJerome1836-1867HC/123-85 Sept. 18641 Aug. 1865Co. M, 1st MI Lt. Art.Family markers 
CollinsHenry A.1838-1882WH/1-42 Sept. 18648 June 1865Co. A, 21st Ml lnf.Military marker only 
CookWm. H.1846-1912WH/1-11613 Dec. 186430 June 1865Co. A, 30th Ml Inf.No military marker 
CoppPeter1842-1918HC/151-5  Co. D, 3rd Ml CavI.No military markerDeserted
CowlesElias1846-1867WH/1-9120 Feb. 18658 July 1865Co. H, 16th MI Inf.No military marker 
DarlingThomas1842-1864 11Jan.186411 June 1864Bat. M, 1st MI L. A. Died
DavisJoshua H.1834-HC/108-2  No Ml listingMilitary marker only 
DeanAlonzo D.1842-1911HC/64-15 Sept. 18646 Aug. 1865Co C, 1st MI L. A.Two separate markers 
DownsWilliam1831-HC/139-614 Mar. 18656 Sept. 1865Co H, 29th Ml lnf.Military marker only 
DunhamWilliam1821-1885HC/148-810 Feb. 186417 Nov. 1865Co. D, 1st Ml CavI.Military marker onlyTransferred
FordHiram HC/17610 Oct. 186410 Apr.1865IA lnf.No marker 
FranklinHubbard W.1834-1913WH/1-1 1212 Sept. 186412 Mar. 1865Co. H, 1st MI Lt. Art.Two separate markersDisability
FurmanEdward1836-1862 20 June 186116 Dec. 1862Co. H, 4th Ml Inf.Died/DiseaseDied/POW
GordonJames1835-1910HC/3212 Nov. 186124 Dec. 1864Bat. M, 1st MI L. A.No marker 
HewittWindham W.1838-1922WH/3-5413 Aug. 186226 June 1865Co. H, 22nd MI Inf.Two separate markers 
HortonFriend D.1845-1929HC/139-610 Aug. 186110 Oct. 1865Co. D, 17th IL Cavl.No military marker 
HubbardBenjamin1839 1900HC/86-812 Aug. 18646 Sept. 1865Co. E, 29th MI Inf.Two separate markers 
JonesWilliam1838-1863 6 Jan. 186210 April 1863Co. E, 10th MI InfKilled in battleKilled
LeeSpencer D.1837-1920WH/1-9916 January 186410 March 1866Co. D, 1st MI CavI.Two separate markers 
LeekGeorge1841-1865HC/61-58 Nov. 186122 December. 1862Bat. H, 1st Ml L. A.Family Marker/Died inBecame ill/died
LewisGeorge1839-1920WH/3-445 Sept. 18649 Aug. 1865Bat. H, 1st Ml L. A.No military marker 
LockwoodJ. W.1847 1915HC/148-25 Sept. 18646 Aug. 1865Bat. G, 1st MI L. A.No military marker 
LockwoodMajor G.1813-1864WH/2-46 March. 18621 Oct. 1864Lt. Col., 9th MI Cavl.Memorial markerKilled in battle
LockwoodPlatt H.1832-1914HC/83-31 Aug. 186216 June 1865Co. D, 23rd MI Inf.No military marker 
LymanCharles W.1810-1882HC/15-710 February. 186428 April 1865Co. I, 22nd MI Inf.No military markerDisability


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