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Mackinac County Original Land Claims

American State Papers, House of Representatives, 20th Congress, 1st Session
Public Lands: Volume 5 – Beginning page 220 for Michilimackinac

Book No. 6
Claims within the County of Michilimackinac

DOUSMAN, Michael Dousman – Island of Michilimackinac??

DOUSMAN, Michael – Bois Blanc Island

DOUSMAN, Michael – Tract of land on main land within reservation at Old Mackinac dated May 30, 1811

CAMPBELL, John – Island of Michilimackinac south end of village

DAVENPORT, Ambrose R. – Island of Michilimackinac

JAUDRON, Michael – Point St. Ignace

LORRAIN, Alexis - Point St. Ignace

VAILLANCOURT, Joseph – Village of Michilimackinac, Island of Mackinac

GAUTHIER. Magdaline - Village of Michilimackinac, Island of Mackinac

GAUTHIER, Charles – Widow and legal heirs – Bois Blanc Island, Point Aux Peris – not confirmed

BOUISSON, Louis – Mackinac Island

CHAMPAIGNE, Simon – Island of Mackinac

BOURRASSA, Daniel – Point St. Ignace

LAPOINTE, Francois – Point St. Ignace

MULLER, Pierre – Point St. Ignace

TESSERRON, Jean Baptiste – Point St. Ignace

BABBIEN/BEAUBEN, Joseph and Mary heirs of Louis BABBIEN/BEAUBEN – Point St. Ignace – rejected

BABBIEN/BBABEN, Joseph and Mary heirs of Louis BABBIEN/BABEN – Point St. Ignace

CADOTT, Augustus – Michilimackinac

DOUSMAN, Michael – Point St. Ignace called Meadows and Hog’s Back – not confirmed

MARLEY, Charles – Michilimackinac

PILOT, Ignace – Michilimackinac

VAILLANCOURT, Joseph – Mackinac Island or Michilimackinac

SOLOMONS, Ezekiel – Point St. Ignace opposite Island of Michilimackinac – not confirmed

BERTRAND, Jean Baptist – Point St. Ignace opposite Island of Michilimackinac

CHEVALIER, Louis – Aux Sables River (Sandy River) Ό mile from mouth

LOUISIGNANS, Francis – Island of Michilimackinac

MARTIN, Antoine Jr. – Point St. Ignace - family outline

ST. ANDRIE (St. Andrew), Joseph – Point St. Ignace

COWME alias CONSTANT, Pierre – Island of Michilimackinac

DELVARE, Joseph – Island of Michilimackinac

TRUCKEY, Francis – Point St. Ignace

LASLEY, Samuel C. – Island of Michilimackinac – rejected

HAMLIN, Augustin – Point St. Ignace

SOLOMOMS, Ezekiel – 1795 Island of Michilimackinac – died 1809

MARTIN, Antoine Sr. – Point St. Ignace family outline

HAMLIN, Augustin – Point St. Ignace

CLAIRMON, Francis – deceased – Heirs of – Point St. Ignace

MCGULPIN, William – Bourough of Michilimackinac

St. Ann’s Parish Catholic Inhabitants of – Borough of Michilimackinac

Indexed by Patricia Wazny-Hamp March 2006.  Author's notes: more data is obtainable from these reports, including previous owners of lots, approximate dates of owner ship, etc. More data will be added as time allows. Earlier land claims exist and will be worked on next.

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