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1904 Atlas
Towns, Villages and Settlements
Mackinac Co., MI

1904 Map of Mackinac County

Allenville  Mackinac  Founded in 1880-1882.  1 April 1898 
Bois Blanc Island  Mackinac    12 December 1884 
Bovee  Mackinac  Lumber mill and railroad in 1891.  14 December 1897 
Brevort  Mackinac  Platting started in 1845.  25 June 1890 
Cedarville  Mackinac  Began as a lumber settlement in 1884.  14 July 1888 
Engandine  Mackinac  Started as Kennedy Siding and changed to Engandine in 1893.  25 August 1889 
Epoufette  Mackinac  Native American village in 1848.  19 December 1879 
Gilchrest  Mackinac  Lumber settlement on railway.  26 September 1879 
Gould City  Mackinac  Village founded in 1886.  26 September 1888 
Graylock  Mackinac  Misspelled on map as Greylock. Settled in 1891.   
Greylock  Mackinac  Misspelled on map should be Graylock   
Hessel  Mackinac  Founded in 1885.  13 September 1888 
Hunts Spur  Mackinac  Station on the railroad. Also spelled Huntspur in records.  9 October 1889 
Lewis  Mackinac  Also known as Caffey. Began about 1891.  23 November 1899 
Mackinac Island  Mackinac  First permanent white settlement was in 1780.  13 April 1819 
Marquette Island  Mackinac  No further information.   
Moran  Mackinac  First called Jacob City renamed in 1883.  23 February 1882 
Naubinway  Mackinac  Lumbering town  28 November 1879 
Naubinway Junction  Mackinac  Nothing found on junction. Probably rail station or road crossing.   
Orville  Mackinac  Also known is called Scott`s Point.  25 March 1880 
Ozark  Mackinac  Charcoal kilns and a flag stop for the railroad in 1882.  18 June 1884 
Palms  Mackinac  Railroad station here in 1882. P.O. named Pines orginally.  2 June 1884 
Pikes Lake  Mackinac  Also called Bryan as of 1905-1906.   
Rapinville  Mackinac  Misspelled on map. See Rasonville.   
Rasonville  Mackinac  Misspelled on map as Rapinville. Settled in 1885 by loggers.   
St. Ignace  Mackinac  Settled by French Jesuits in 1671.  3 November 1874 
St. Martin Island  Mackinac  Also called Plaster Islands or Burnt Islands.   
Viola  Mackinac  Also known as Corinne. P.O. was named Viola.  22 July 1889 
Welch  Mackinac Also known as Garnet. Railway, sawmill, and general store in 1891.  4 November 1898 


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