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Biographies from 1857-1998... provided by Engadine Elementary Fifth Grade
SURNAMES: Baier, Klobucher, Schroeder, Boucha, Leveille, Schroeder, Brockman, Matchinske, Schroder, Butkovich, McCarney, Stimac, Butkovich, McDonald, Sullivan, Collins, McGraw, Thomas, Converse, Proton, Travers, Converse, Rosenthal, Vallier, Dailey, Rosenthal, Wagner, Edwards, Salter, Wentland, Klobucher, Salter, Wentland

Biographies from 1855-1997 ...provided by Engadine Elementary
SURNAMES: Linck, Linck, Hastings, Petty, O'Neil, Hastings, Edwards, Franklin, Linck, Krause, Blakley, Weber, Blakley, Butkovich, Carlson, Raski, Bond, Ozanich, Linck, Salter, Ocko, Krause, Ozanich

Biographies from 1865-1996 ...provided by Engadine Elementary
SURNAMES: Bevard, Butkovich, Bevard, Legault, Mantei, Clark, Binko, Drown, Bevard, Freeman, Freeman, Davis, Bennett, Paja, Olson, Barber, Stimac, Bennett, Cashman, Butler, Ozanich, Seiling, Yale, Salzeider, Freeman, Dailey, Gribbell

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