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Bounties 1898-1910

Mackinac County Clerk

Note: Records in these files go to 1920. At this date only the files to 1910 have been finished.


AnceAntoine1903 Apr. 17Lynx St. Ignace$5.00 
AnceAntoine1906 Jan. 20Wildcat St. Ignace  
ArchamboAlex.1902 Feb. 10LynxHendricks $5.00 
ArchamboAlex. A.1906 April 6WildcatHendricks   
BaconCharles1900 May 3LynxNewtonGould City$5.00 
BaconChas.1903 Feb. 3WildcatNewton $3.00 
BarhamNess1903 May 6LynxHendricks $5.00 
BarhamNess1899 Mar. 27LynxNaubinway $5.00 
BarrettCharles1906 Jan. 16Lynx St. Ignace  
BarrettHarvey1906 Feb. 5LynxMoran   
BaumFrank1903 May 27WolfGarfield $23.00 
BaumFrank1900 May 153 LynxGarfieldWelch$15.00 
BaumFrank1900 March 103 WolvesGarfield $69.00 
BaumFrank1902 Dec.22LynxHendricks $5.00 
BaumFrank1902 April 23LynxGarfield $0.00 
BaumFrank1906 Jan. 20WolfGarfield   
BaumFrank H.1902 Mar. 6Lynx  $5.00 
BellantChas.1902 Feb. 10LynxHendricks $5.00 
BergeyNoah1902 Oct. 13LynxMoran $5.00 
BeveridgeD. P.1903 Nov. 27Wildcat St. Ignace$3.00 
BillmanEllsworth1899 Nov. 28WolfSolanLelanau Co.$23.00 
BlackbirdClement1906 Feb. 21LynxClark   
BodneFrank1903 Mar. 23LynxBrevort $5.00 
BouchaWilliam1904 Mar. 2LynxGarfield $5.00 
BourkeJames1901 Dec. 12Wolf  $23.00 
BowlingJames1907 May 6LynxHendricks   
BrawleyT. R.1909 Oct. 8WildcatNewton   
BrownCharles1900 October 29LynxBrevortAllenville$5.00 
BrownChas.1902 Apr. 14LynxPortage $5.00 
BrownR. T.1903 Dec. 10LynxBrevort   

Source: Mackinac County Clerk, Correspondence and documents files with the Mackinac County Clerk 1865-1920
Archives of Michigan - RG 2008-44E.1 Box 11 Folder 2 & 9 - HOL 9
Title: Bounties 1902-1920 Note: Folder found for 1898-99 and other years also.
Data collected and transcribed on site and contributed by: Patricia Wazny-Hamp  Copyright © 2024