Shepherd Area Historical Society

            Transcribed scrapbooks and other papers of the Shepherd Area Historical Society.
            The scrapbooks include obituaries, marriages, marriage licenses, funeral home
            notices and births. The transcriptions were graciously loaned by Rose Cohoon,
            with permission from Jane Cowles, to be scanned and uploaded to the web.
            The transcriptions are "as is", without any modifications or corrections. Please
            visit each individually to explore the contents. Some have indexes, some are
            alphabetized, and others are not. Many of the obituaries appear in several
            extractions. However, the newspaper may have been different, and there is
            different information in some.

Please check as many of the extractions as possible.
  Assessment Roll for the Township of Coe in the County of Isabella

  The Shepherd Area Historical Society has the Assessment Rolls or Tax Rolls for Coe Township
   for the following years:

    1859 - 1862 - 1863 - 1873 - 1874 - 1875 - 1876 - 1877 - 1878 - 1879 - 1880 through 1973

  The rolls give the name of the owner or occupant (resident or non-resident), description of the property
   (i.e. S 1/2 of SE 1/4), Section, Town, Range, Acres in each tract or parcel, Value of the tract or parcel,
   Value of personal estate, Total Value, State Tax, County Tax, Township Tax, Highway Tax, School Tax,
   and the Total Value of the Taxes with any remarks made by the assessor.

 Isabella County Book VII

  Register of Death - 1904-1907 (Coe Township, Isabella Co.)

 Condensed Transcripts of OBITS in the Region of
 Southeast Isabella County, Michigan and surrounding
 areas. Transcribed by Jane Cowles and Melva Wilbur.

  Rose Cohoon Papers - Funeral home memorial leaflets, news items and
            Struble records.

  Mabel Wonch Eschenweck Scrapbook - obituaries.

  A-D | E-K | L-R | S-Y

  Lena French Scrapbook
  Click on the appropriate letter of the alphabet for obituaries saved by Lena
      French.  Scrapbook provided to the Shepherd Area Historical Society by
      Rose and Leo Cohoon, of Shepherd, Michigan.

  A | B | C | E | F | G | H | JKL | M | OPR | S | T | UVW | YZ

  E. Evelyn Fuller Papers - transcribed from the scrapbook of Miss Fuller
            who was keenly interested in preserving the newspaper clippings of residents of
            Southwestern Isabella County and the Mt. Pleasant area, where she taught in the
            elementary schools for several years.  Many of these people were pioneers or
            children of pioneers and contributed to the history and development of their
            communities.  The newspaper source is unknown, but it is highly likely that the
            source was a Mt. Pleasant paper.  Miss Fuller was affiliated with the DAR and
            was active in the organization.

  Hamlin, Northup, Smith & Walling Records - these records
            were copied April 8, 1894, very possibly from Bible Records, into a copybook
            owned by Miss Libbie Hamlin of Shepherd, Michigan.  The book is now owned
            by Joan Stilgenbauer Durham, grand daughter of Libbie Hamlin.  She
            lent it to her kinswoman, Irene Hamlin, who graciously permitted it to be copied
            for the records of the Shepherd Area Historical Society, November 7, 1979.
            An attempt was made to copy these facts exactly as written in the copybook, but
            some of the letters were hard to decipher and the book itself is very fragile.

  Anna Koyl Scrapbooks -

      Index to Marriage Scrapbook
          Marriage Scrapbook, Part A
      Marriage Scrapbook, Part B
      Marriage Scrapbook, Part C

Marriage Licenses:

  1914  |  1915  |  1916  |  1917  |  1918  |  1919  |  1920  | 1921  |  1922  |  1923  |  1924

  1925 1926  |  1927  |  1928-1929  |

Marriages and Anniversaries

   1914  |  1915  |  1916   |  1917   | 1918  |  1919   |  1920  |

Index to Obituary Scrapbook
  Obituary Scrapbook, A through L
  Obituary Scrapbook, M through Z

  Index to Obituaries for 1914 - 1920
         Obituaries for 1914
         Obituaries for 1915
         Obituaries for 1916
      Obituaries for 1917
      Obituaries for 1918
      Obituaries for 1919
      Obituaries for 1920

  Index to Obituaries for 1921- 1924
      Obituaries for 1921
      Obituaries for 1922
      Obituaries for 1923
      Obituaries for 1924

 Index to Obituaries for 1925 - 1927
      Obituaries for 1925
      Obituaries for 1926
      Obituaries for 1927

Index to Obituaries for 1928 - 1932
     Obituaries for 1928
     Obituaries for 1929
     Obituaries for 1930
     Obituaries for 1931
     Obituaries for 1932

Index to Obituaries for 1933 - 1935
     Obituaries for 1933
     Obituaries for 1934
     Obituaries for 1935

 Miscellaneous Obituaries from local newspapers and scrapbooks; not in
         alphabetical order.

         From the early part of the century:

              Part A
              Part B

           Primarily from the late 40's through the 70's:

              A - B
              C - F
              G - H
              H - R
              R - S
              S - W

  Julia Ruhle Papers - reflecting a small portion of pioneer life in early
            Isabella County.  The papers show through obituaries how people felt about
            each other, the emigration to the area and information about the early
            businesses in the area.

  Merita Myers Van Vranken Papers - newspaper clippings, listing
            of area early settlers.

  Merita Myers Van Vranken  Funeral Home Memorials

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