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Preparedness Camp Custer 1924
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Preparedness Volume IV Sixth Corps Area, Camp Custer Michigan. Prepared by the Men of the Citizen's Military Training Camp 1924 Published by the Military Training Camps Association of the United States. CMTC=Citizen's Military Training Camp
BeachLeonR.F.D. 3 Box 34 Port HuronSt. ClairThird3B CavalryHistory Link
BerkleyC. P.407 15th St. Port HuronSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
BondOscar1003 Bond St. Port HuronSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
BrowningP. W.1602 Lapeer Ave. Port HuronSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
BurseEarl M.24 Huron Blvd. MarysvilleSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
CarleGeorge E.48 River Road MarysvilleSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
ClancyHugh C.929 Huron Ave. Port HuronSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
DuncanC. E.1522 Connecticut MarysvilleSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
FlinnGerald W.1801 Oak St. Port HuronSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
JoachimJoseph L.618 N. 6th St. St. ClairSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
JohnsonW. L.1715 7th St. Port HuronSt. ClairSecond3B Signal CorpsHistory Link
MacDonaldK. A.5 N. River St. Marine CitySt. ClairSecond2RHistory Link
PoseyWalter J.354 Bell River Ave. Marine CitySt. ClairSecond2RHistory Link
SteroskyJohn G.909 Oak St. Port HuronSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link
ThompsonWilliam Darius 1928 7th St.Captain Port HuronSt. ClairPolar Bear339InfantryHistory Link
WestrickM. V.1336 Georgia Ave. MarysvilleSt. ClairFirst2NHistory Link

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