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Preparedness Volume IV Sixth Corps Area, Camp Custer Michigan. Prepared by the Men of the Citizen's Military Training Camp 1924 Published by the Military Training Camps Association of the United States. CMTC=Citizen's Military Training Camp
AlmBernhard T.  GalesburgKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
BakerAllen K.1320 Hillcrest Ave. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
BeimerErnest R.129 Buckley KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
BishopWinston F.204 W. North St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst3DHistory Link
BoersmaPaul M.422 E. South St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
BoysFloyd E.Michigan Ave. R.R. 9 KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
BrooksLloyd E.222 E. Main St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
BullardHarry F.120 Washington St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
BushouseBert611 Forest St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
CookHenry D/73 E. 10th St. HollandKalamazooThird3B CavalryHistory Link
CosterClyde H.182 W. 13th St. HollandKalamazooFirst2PHistory Link
DuMezHarold P.54 Gravis Road HollandKalamazooFirst2PHistory Link
FenkerEdgar L.809 W. Walnut St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst3DHistory Link
FitzpatrickM. F.715 Phillips St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
FoardPage V.502 Stanwood Ave. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
GlassbergLeo1608 Eggleston KalamazooKalamazooThird3B CavalryHistory Link
HeathHarold G.1211 S. West St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
HobeckDon. H.805 Hawley St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
HoeksemaJas. L.472 Central Ave. HollandKalamazooFirst2PHistory Link
HogueTheron D.214 E. Walnut St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
KarabaAlbert1003 E. Vine St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
KasteadJos. F.606 W. North St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
KimbleFred M.509 Willard St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
KlostermanH. B.107 Wilrod Place KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
KramerG. R.79 West 12th St. HollandKalamazooThird3C CavalryHistory Link
KramerL. A.62 W. 11th St. HollandKalamazooFirst2PHistory Link
KrelingDon. W.1334 Hillcrest Ave. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
KrizanicFrank J.422 Sheldon St. KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
LewisManuel A.225 S. Westnedge KalamazooKalamazooFirst2OHistory Link
MartinJames D.124 W. 12th St. HollandKalamazooFirst2PHistory Link

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