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Preparedness Camp Custer 1924
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Preparedness Volume IV Sixth Corps Area, Camp Custer Michigan. Prepared by the Men of the Citizen's Military Training Camp 1924 Published by the Military Training Camps Association of the United States. CMTC=Citizen's Military Training Camp
BorromeyR. J.2006 Adams FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
BrockO. W.508 Stewart FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
CampfieldK. V.109 W. 5th St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
ClarkJohn C.201 W. Caroline St. FentonGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
CooleyRoland C.2225 Bonbright St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
CowdreyEd. L.1302 Cleveland Ave. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
DucapGerald J.134 W. Tobias FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
DumanoisH. C.1215 Detroit St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
EvansLester J.233 East Baker St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
EvansRobert R.719 Beach St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
FinnJoseph I.1052 Black Ave. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
FlandersRobt. T.1818 Adams Ave. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
GibsonLowell C.2214 Riverside Dr. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
GilbertDon. F.306 E. Anne St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
GrahamFred W.1217 Ave. C FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
HallackC. W.203 Saginaw St. FlushingGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
HibbardFrank809 Graland St. FlintGeneseeSecond3B Signal CorpsHistory Link
HustonM. E.422 Ravine St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
JillisonJack B.226 Detroit St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
JohnsonK. G.121 E. Oakley FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
JohnstonWm. H.559 Peterson St. FlintGeneseeThird3B CavalryHistory Link
KriegerRoy R.1313 Richfield Rd. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
LarsonBurdett302 East St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
MacIsaacJohn D.2320 George St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
MeadBryce E.Henry St. FlushingGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
MortonT. A.601 E. Rankin St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
NickelsRalph E.807 Liberty FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
OdleKeith B.159 Hamilton Ave. FlintGeneseeSecond3B Signal CorpsHistory Link
OttPaul A.610 Baker St. FlintGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link
PascoJames M.  FentonGeneseeSecond2RHistory Link

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