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Preparedness Camp Custer 1924
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Preparedness Volume IV Sixth Corps Area, Camp Custer Michigan. Prepared by the Men of the Citizen's Military Training Camp 1924 Published by the Military Training Camps Association of the United States. CMTC=Citizen's Military Training Camp
AndersonD. W.11 Erskine Court Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
ArmstrongWm. M.  AlbionCalhounSecond2SHistory Link
BennettJohn G.15 Willard Ave. Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
BurchDavid W.75 Woolnough Ave. Battle CreekCalhounFirst3DHistory Link
CalwellWm. M.50 Poplar St. Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
CarterThomas Milton115 North Huron St.1st Lieut. AlbionCalhounPolar Bear339InfantryHistory Link
ChaseLawrence81 Marshall St. Battle CreekCalhounFirst3CHistory Link
DarlingC. C.R.F.D. 6 Box 90 Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
DavisCharles W.Co. L, 6th Inf. Camp CusterCalhounFirst3DHistory Link
DellJames H.48 Kellogg St. Battle CreekCalhounSecond2SHistory Link
GallagherJno. E.131 North Ave. Battle CreekCalhounSecond3A EngineersHistory Link
GardnerRay277 Kalamazoo St. Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
GillomChas. T.82 N. Union Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
GodfreyG. D. H.24 Atwood St. Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
GrantArthur A.37 Inn Road Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
GravesFred. W.238 Cherry St. Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
HaleWilliam N.110 Stein St. AlbionCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
HaywoodEd. B.606 Marshall St. Battle CreekCalhounThird3B CavalryHistory Link
HewittC. W.R.F.D. 1 Battle CreekCalhounThird3A CavalryHistory Link
JohansonEllis C.82 Howland Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
KelloggWill K.250 W. VanBuren Battle CreekCalhounFourth3B Field ArtilleryHistory Link
KingEverett E.120 Frisbie Ave. Battle CreekCalhounSecond2UHistory Link
KingNelson N.128 Vale St. Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
KirkpatrickW.73 Cleveland St. Battle CreekCalhounSecond2UHistory Link
KolvoordC. L.237 N. Wash. Battle CreekCalhounSecond3A EngineersHistory Link
KolvoordF. H.237 N. Wash. Battle CreekCalhounSecond3A EngineersHistory Link
MayoPhillip M.51 Elizabeth St. Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
MillerRalph P.387 Hamblin Ave. Battle CreekCalhounSecond3B Signal CorpsHistory Link
MillerRobert B.84 Harrison Ave. Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link
MoodyHerman R.207 N. Wood Battle CreekCalhounFirst2OHistory Link

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