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Preparedness Camp Custer 1924
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Preparedness Volume IV Sixth Corps Area, Camp Custer Michigan. Prepared by the Men of the Citizen's Military Training Camp 1924 Published by the Military Training Camps Association of the United States. CMTC=Citizen's Military Training Camp
BarkerOscar H.R.R. 1 Benton HarborBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
EycleshymerH.101 S. 13th St. NilesBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
GombosiWm. J.704 Days Ave. BuchananBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
GreeneCecil W.502 Vineyard Ave. Benton HarborBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
GrowWendell H.444 Division St. Benton HarborBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
HargerMarvin L.102 Grant St. NilesBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
LindenfieldB. G.R.F.D. 1 Benton HarborBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
ListerLeo H.301 S. Portage St. BuchananBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
MartinS. M.  BarodaBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
PeapplesA. L.165 Benton St. Benton HarborBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
ReadHorace M.595 Colfax Ave. Benton HarborBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
SeelLeo E.R. 1 Benton HarborBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
SimpsonChas. H.218 Cecil St. BuchananBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
TowarH. M. Jr.1101 S. Third St. NilesBerrienFirst2OHistory Link
WearGeorge T.  New BuffaloBerrienFirst3DHistory Link
WoolleyR. E.204 N. Lake St. BuchananBerrienFirst2OHistory Link

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