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3rd Battery 3rd Regiment C Cavalry


August l—The grand opening! We looked like a bunch of bathers on the beach. Our equipment was served in steady streams. We stood our first regular formation.

August 2—Beat the sun up by an hour. Spent most of the day in a weed-picking contest. Some of the boys spent most of the time laughing, for they claimed the shovel handles tickled their hands. Received our sabers, rifles and other equipment. (Some of the boys were dubious as to the use of the above, but expected to learn. They did.)

August 3—Sunday! The addition of an extra hour of sleep seemed wonderful to most of us but after breakfast we received our pistols. Wonder if our officers ever cleaned “cosmo” from a gun? Ice cream and cake for dinner!

August 4—New student captain chosen. K. P. list starts to grow.

August 5—Everyone settled . Seems as though we have been here for weeks.

August 6—The K. P. list keeps on growing each day as the days grow cooler. We did our duties heroically in the hot sun. We drew our spurs, though we had not “won” them as yet.

August 7—Too many K. P. marks break the student captain. He is succeeded by a Wisconsin man—Frank Schermacher. Voluntary athletics begin in earnest.

August 8—Grub here is fine. Fish day for some but we all ate—and liked it.

August 9—Parade for all except Whites. They did bunk fatigue. Some people are born fortunate.

August 10—Few left in Camp today. Battle Creek lured them away. Someone for­got to let us sleep till 6:30. The student captain nearly lost his scalp for it. Extra ice cream for us today.

August 11—Why can’t every day he a holiday? But then we had mounted drill, so we didn’t mind,—-until we felt the effects. ‘‘This is the life,’’ so some claim.

August 12—The K. P. list is growing enormously. Lectures are becoming very popular and are attended accordingly. General Hines made his first appearance today.

August 13—We knew there was to be a parade, so we prepared for it—and got it.

August 14—-Over the hills and far away. We learned the rudiments of musketry. All were tired at night and none heard taps.

August 15—More musketry. One lad said there would be two men missing in the next war, he and the man looking for him.

August 16—Another parade passed safely by. We just love parades.

August 17—O blessed day of rest! Mounted passes were issued, but no causalities resulted. The boys can ride now.

August 19—One lad was indiscreet today and mentioned his birthday. He will not sit down tomorrow, either.

August 20—Our half—day of rest wasn’t here. Had to attend field meet, and we did enjoy it. Our regiment ran away with the honors. Champions!

August 22—Mounted drill and excitement, for after mess we expected a fight. Christie, our Chicago sheik, and our student captain had terrible words today.

August 23—A demonstration of chemical warfare. Interesting.

August 24—-Our last Sunday in camp. Ice cream again. We resolve to return again next year. All K. P.’s forgive their officers.

August 25—The last lap. Mounted drill in the early morning. No runaway or any— thing—rather quiet. Our student captain won the cup for the best horseman in camp. Four of the seven winners were from Troop “C”!

August 27—Mounted drill in morning. Afternoon off. Nobody cried, but only a few days left. Initiations began: each trooper was brought fully clothed to the showers.

August 28—A few hours of mounted drill, riding into the sunrise. Final review in afternoon, also awarding of medals. The return of the colors.

August 29—The last real day. We leave tomorrow at dawn. Strange to get back in civics! Farewell to Camp Custer, And we will certainly be back next year.

Third Battalion 3rd Regiment Company C Cavalry

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