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Company “A” Signal Corps was organized July 30, 1924, with the following officers and staff: Captain F. W. Hoorn, 1st Lieut. R. T. Schlosberg, 2nd Lieut. Harry Foster, Clerk A. S. Armstrong, Sgt. E. F. Dasky, Supply Sgt. and Corp. Willis A. Martin, Mess Sgt.

The food was prepared by the following men: First Cooks Lawrence Green, Co. “K”, 6th Inf. and Adolph C. Shefferd, Co. “E”, 6th Inf.; Second Cooks Louis J. D. Artagan, Co. “E”, 6th Inf., and Rudolph Covar, Co. “A”, 2nd Inf. They were assisted by Samuel Patti, Battery “B”, 14th F. A.

Instruction was given in radio, telephone, telegraph, message centers, electricity, code and physics.

Through the aid of our officers and some of the men, electric lights were installed in every tent, with only a small cot to each student; we were the only company in the CMTC having electric lights.

We made the best record on the pistol range, qualifying 21 men or 46 per cent, 7 being sharpshooters and 14 marksmen.

In the track meet Ted Anderson won first prize in the discus throw. Everett F. Cone became champion of the 3rd regiment, and second in the CMTC, in the 100-yard dash. Wm. J. Hueckel became champion of the 3rd regiment and third in the CMTC in the 220-yard dash. Robert C. Goodrich, was fourth in the half-mile race; and one of the members of the team that won the half mile relay race. Walter D. Knobeloch and Deane J. Williams qualified as lifeguards.

Our team were regimental volleyball champions and second in the CMTC. The following men played on the team: Donald T. Coats, Captain; Ted Anderson, Jerry Bald-ridge, Carl C. Peterson, Evert F. Cone, Emmett J. Nolan and Evert S. Stoutenburg.

The battalion lightweight basketball championship was also ours. The following men composed the team: Jerry Baldridge, Captain; Fred W. Willis, John H. Willis, Berwyn Jackson, Chuck Ulirich, Russel G. Langley and Even S. Stoutenburg. Everett F. Cone was Captain of the Illinois heavyweight football team.


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Second Battalion 3rd Regiment Company A Signal Corps

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