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2nd Battery 3rd Regiment A Engineers


JOHN R. Keith

Aug. 1—Men reported for duty. Captain R. J. Pflaum, Captain H. B. Vaughn, Jr., 1st Lieut. J. B. Newman, 2nd Lieut. H. F. Hannis in command of Co. “A”. 

Aug. 2—Issued riles. No formations.

Aug. 3—Rifles cleaned. Blues issued pistols.

Aug. 4—Scouting and patrolling for Blues. Men issued mess kits, belts, canteens and pillow cases.

Aug. 5—Whites studied 37 mm.; Blues, pistol instruction.

Aug. 6—Whites out on 37 mm. range. Blues shot on pistol range.

Aug. 6—Signed the payroll. Rained all afternoon and evening.

Aug. 7—Same instructions for Whites and Blues. Knots and lashings.

Aug. 8—Pay day. Third Regiment dance.

Aug. 9—Blues instructed in surveying. Whites drilled with 3 inch trench mortars. Reds instructed in machine guns.

Aug. 10—Church services. Most boys slept in the afternoon; others took hikes.

Aug. 11—Blues dug trenches. Whites fired 3 inch mortars. Reds still on machine gun.

Aug. 12—I. D. R. in the morning. Blues had scouting and patrolling. Inspection of rifles.

Aug. 13—Instructed in different types of trenches. Parade for General Hines.

Aug. 14—Trench digging. Lecture on duties of an Engineer. Many boys went to see “Birth of a Nation” at the Liberty.

Aug. 15—Company worked on a trestle bridge in a creek near Eagle Lake. Snake killed and skinned. Were many water fights.

Aug. 16—More rain, but paraded anyway. Afternoon off.

Aug. 17—Church. Afternoon chilly.

Aug. 18—Built pontoon bridge. Won Regimental Championship in volleyball. Robbery reported. Guards posted.

Aug. 19—Built Lampert bridge. Third section made best time on building and dismount­ing the bridge.

Aug. 20—I. D. R, in the morning. Field fortification instructions. Track meet, Third Regiment victorious. Signed payroll for way home.

Aug. 21—I. D. R. and field fortifications. Blues had physical exams for commissions.

Aug. 22—I. D. R. in the morning. Marched out to witness demonstration of chemical warfare.

Aug. 23—Parade at nine a. m. Another Chemical demonstration. Airplane from Mary­land laid a smoke screen. Company confined to quarters.

Aug. 24—Church. 3rd Battalion beat 1st Battalion in a game of baseball. Score 8-6.

Aug. 25—P. T. Signed individual records. I. D. R.

Aug. 26—Another review.

Aug. 27—Finishing touches. Final physical exams.

Aug. 28—General Hale spoke. Turned in our Flags.

Aug. 29-30—The wind-up. Turned in equipment. Donned civics. Pay day. En route home.


Gustav H. Lehrke
IRA T. Maupin
Jos. H. Butterworth
George M. BECK

Second Battalion 3rd Regiment Company A Engineers


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