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2nd Battery 2nd Regiment Company C



Motto: Triumphant always.

Fate played a triumphant hand in bringing the best men of three states to camp, shoving them through the “process” like so many streams and bringing them to a con­verging point, that then became known as Company “T”.

Immediately after getting settled we were initiated into “The Order of Army Food Consumers”. We never appreciated our mothers’ cooking one bit as much as we did after that meal. Some of our slender boys were round-shouldered, with the weight of the food. We will all admit the food will make a he-man of the frailest in a short time.

We were next introduced to our Officers. We find it is impossible to put down in writing our exact feelings towards them. It would take a statesman and author to depict our high regard of them. We’ll sing their praise for years to come. The last paragraph is always the most interesting in any narrative; we are saving that for our officers.

We were fortunate in having two men from our company on the championship foot­ball team. St. Mitchell starred playing left end. Seeburger, as a sub, showed he was made of the right stuff. Our company won the regimental championship in basketball. We commend the following for their fine work: Kernan, Watson, Kemnitz, Christopher­son, Donley; subs: Straub, LaCrosse, Giese.

Our work on the rifle range was excellent. We regret to say that most of us came within a few points of earning a coveted medal. We had four men qualify as sharpshooters twelve as marksmen. Sjoberg, our best shot, has one hundred and ninety points, a record to be envied by all. He ranks among the best, if not the best shot in Camp. He has been a model soldier in everything.

Our Captain is the man we all have practically worshiped. He has been in the Army for a number of years. In his contact with men he is one of the very few who have learned the way of getting the best out of a group of men without continually bawling them out. He has been like a father to us. We are the obedient sons. Our Company’s ranking as best is the true exam p le of our Captain’s ability.

First Lieutenant Frame has also been in the Army for a number of years. He is a regular encyclopedia of training regulations. His ability to define things to us clearly is largely responsible for our success. We thank him for his interest in us and wish him as great a success in years to come as he has had this year.

We also thank our Second Lieutenants Edmondson and McCord for their interest in us and their instructions in army drill. They are both among the youngest officers. That alone speaks for their ability.

The cooks, we shall never forget. They treated us as pals and were willing to give us instructions on how to cook any food we thought we would like to cook at home. Ser­geant Jenkins, sergeant of the mess hall, treated us fine. We wish to thank him for the considerate attention he paid our parents, who ate with us during their visits. Corporal Brady, who issued mail, was very popular with us. Corporal Cawthorn instructed us in military training. We owe him a great deal for our success. We sincerely thank him.

In completing the history of our company, we wish to submit our farewell motto. We have been one big, harmonious family while at camp. We shall, for all time, keep our family together by spirit and correspondence. 

Second Battalion 2nd Regiment Company T

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