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2nd Battery 2nd Regiment Company R



This Company is composed entirely of Michigan men.

Activities started the day following the arrival of the candidates from various points in the state, which was Friday, August 1st.

Prospects for a “soft” job were very dark when the rifles were issued and orders to clean them were given. All hands turned to with a will, however, and after the ordeal was over, things (not the rifles) began to brighten up. 

Of course, no rifle was made, but what it must be cleaned; and if it is to be cleaned, is it not to be shot? Logic is logic. This being the case, the men were given a chance to shoot; so on Thursday, August 14th, they proceeded to show the world how, why, and what for a rifle is used for target practice. The results of the shooting affair were two sharpshooters, Dumanois, and Hershey, too many marksmen to mention and one man who excelled all others. The two men who got the highest scores are now competing for entrance to Camp Perry, while the one man in question will be described herewith.

This man leads the simple life of a farmer, where he operates a stock exchange. His reason for coming here to camp was to get more information for his book, “The Ways and Wiles of the Mule”, which we hope to see soon. He stays in the background, content with his work as a rifleman; he does not brag, nor heed the plea of the reporter for his story, nor give instruction to the rest of the men. He insists that flinching does not hinder his aim, for facts prove that he made three bulls-eyes while flinching. We all know that wherever there is a very good man in any one thing, he has his oddities, so we are forced to believe that our man is a genius. His name is (—?—) but no, we will not reveal it, for we have already stated he does not care for publicity, but if there is anyone who would like to see him, he can be found easily enough.

In order to promote a greater interest in CMTC work, our Captain has instilled an idea in the company which has proved very successful with the men from Flint, The idea is to form a club in the city where there are several CMTC men, and by getting a competent instructor, and also admitting several associate members, (men who will attend the next year’s camp), a group of men can be formed and military drill can be given to help them. It is his suggestion that if the group is large enough, the men become members in the National Rifle Association, and thus marksmanship, and Manual of Arms may be brought into being, along with the drill. The men from Flint have elected officers and are getting well under way, while the men from Bay City are also trying the experiment and it is hoped that a complete success will be made of it.

With the termination of the 1924 camp in view, a successful encampment has been shown and felt by the men in the company and this success is wholly due to the everiving officers in charge. Questions were asked by the millions and we were a bunch of the original greenhorns, but we came through with the aid of their instruction as a fair example of a soldier.

Our commander, Captain J. E. Gough, of Flint, is a DOL man, and is one of the type that knows just what is to be done, how it is to be done and, at the proper time, it is done and in a manner that cannot help but earn praise. Lieutenant Gunn is another of our officers, and being a West Point man, shows his true color. He is an all-around sport, an athlete, and also helped us out of our difficulties, and bettered us in our specialties. Lieutenant Becker was also a great aid in straightening out the difficulties the men had in the drills and gave instruction as much as possible. All the officers tried to show the men that they wanted to help them as much as possible and help them to places which they have gained through their efforts.

Second Battalion 2nd Regiment Company R



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