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Company M 2nd Regiment



August 1, 1924, was a great day for us. It was our first day in camp. We were tagged, shown to our tents and then put through the mill. Remember the milling process? The esquimo’s (Eskimo's) shower? How invigorating it was! Well, anyway, we came through none the worse and in our uniforms we were ready to learn the army life.

We decided the first four weeks would he the hardest; so we snapped into it to play the game as best we could. Everything was strange and new to us but in time we caught on fairly well.

We found life here never dull but always more or less interesting. We found our­selves too busy to become homesick. At first we found our drill and setting up exercises somewhat tiresome but later became accustomed to them.

Company “M” was well represented in athletics. Frank Kenney played well on the Michigan football team and Floyd Pintler won several honors in the CMTC track meet.

We went on the range August 18 for our first time. Our rifles did not kick us as hard as we expected but we were not in the least disappointed. After three days of preliminary firing we spent two days of firing for record. Company “M” did well firing for record, winning several Sharpshooter’s and Marksman’s medals. We found firing very interesting and were sorry when our days on the range had passed.

During the last two weeks after our time on the range we were out on parade quite often. Parade became a frequent event; so when we heard the announcement, “parade this afternoon”, we usually wished we were sick. It gave us about the same feeling we had when we would find our names on for K. P. But all in all we can readily agree that our life here at camp has been fine in all respects.

NOTE: This company was comprised of men from Illinois and Michigan.  Only Michigan names were extracted.

First Battalion 3rd Regiment Company M

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