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Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic Battle Creek, Michigan June 14, 15, 16, 1904

Department Officers, Grand Army of the Republic for the Year 1903-04

Commander: D. B. K. Van Raaltr, Holland

Senior Vice Commander: S. A. Aldrich, Holland

Junior Vice Commander: Edward S. Jameson, Marine City

Medical Director: W. W. Root, Mason

Department Chaplain: William Putman, Lansing

Assistant Adjutant General: Favette Wyckoff, Lansing

Assistant Q. M. General: P. H. McBride, Holland

Judge Advocate: Bishop E. Andrews, Three Rivers

Department Inspector: Frank R. Chase, Smyrna

Chief Mustering Officer: Andrew J. Ward, Flint

Chief on Staff: John R. Bennett, Muskegon

Senior Aide: A. W. Alvord, Battle Creek


Department Officers

* Absent          ** Previously Reported              ↕ Deceased

President:                            Vina E. Redfield, Jackson

Senior Vice President:           Minnie E. Lewis, Muskegon

Junior Vice President:           Eliza Snell, Midland

Secretary:                           Anna E. Griffith, Jackson

Treasurer:                           Emma E. Cole, Jackson

Chaplain:                             Hattie M. Padden, Traverse City

Inspector:                           Clara L. French, Ashley, R. F. D. No. 1

Counselor:                           Annie E. Udell, Three Rivers

I. And I. Officer:                   Addie H. Hall, Saginaw

Patriotic Instructor:              Emma E. Knapp, Howell


Florence E. Moody                Detroit

Agnes M. Wiley                    Albion

Rosa Eckerman                    Muskegon

Florence S. Babbitt               Ypsilanti

Ella S. Phillips                      Muskegon Heights


↕Ella W. Shank                     Lansing

Emma Stark Hampton           Detroit

↕Mary Sherwood Hinds          Stanton

*Sarah A. C. Plummer          Lansing

*Louise B. Robbins               Adrian

*Hattie P. Thompson            Flint

*Sarah L. Brown                  Ithaca

Allaseba M. Bliss                   Saginaw, W. S.

↕Ann M. Barney                    Kalamazoo

Emma E. Knapp                   Howell

Manda J. Halsted                  Concord

*Louise A. Turck                  Alma

Mary A. McConnelly              Flint

*Mary A. Maynard                Coldwater

Annie E. Udell                      Three Rivers

Jennie L. Pond                      Lansing

Lydia C. Hopkins                  Detroit


*Susan K. Winans                Lansing

*Catherine C. Partridge         Flint

Hattie H. Willard                   Battle Creek

*Annie M. Brown                  Ithaca

M. Jennie Carpenter              Saginaw, W. S.

Anna L. Shakespeare            Kalamazoo

*Cora L. Drake                     Concord

↕Mary L. Taylor                    Alma

Eunice B. Haynes                 Flint

*Martha L. Ball                     Coldwater

Ella M. Herndon                    Three Rivers

Celia A. Lozee                      Lansing

Ada M. Stoddard                  Detroit


*Adelaide F. Wallace             Detroit

↕Harriet A. Tenney                Lansing

*Phoebe Curtis-Fish              Adrain

*Helen M. Burbank               Flint

Stella L. Parker                    Battle Creek

*Jennie A. Richardson           Ithaca

Mina D. Kinsey                     Saginaw

Laura C. Foote                     Kalamazoo

*Kate K. Collins                    Howell

*Flora B. Stahley                  Concord

*Lena M. Turck                    Alma

*Emma J. Chamberlain         Flint

Fannie B. Nodell                   Coldwater

*Susan Pealer                      Three Rivers

Elizabeth Kenney                  Lansing

**Florence E. Moody            Detroit


Anna E. Griffith, Dept. Secretary

        I have the honor to submit, through you, to the twenty-first annual convention of the Department of Michigan, Woman’s Relief Corps, the report of the secretary of the legislative and annex committee of the Michigan Soldiers’ Home.

        When Mrs. Flagg, the chairman, notified me that I would act as secretary of this committee for the year just passed, I confess I felt not a little hesitancy about accepting, knowing, as I did, that the work would be entirely new to me; I feared my inability to satisfy the committee in that capacity. It has been a valuable school of instruction to me, and I have striven to do the work as Mrs. Flagg would have it done. If it had not been for her kindly assistance and advice I should not have succeeded as well as I have. I wish to express to her my sincere thanks for the honor she conferred upon me in selecting me for this important work.

        We have received forty-three applications for admittance to the Woman’s Building during the year. These have been carefully investigated and acted upon as follows:

        1__Lucinda Carrier, Grand Rapids, widow; age 70 yrs; two children. Action deferred.

        2__Sarah M. Briggs, Muskegon, widow; age 75 yrs.;two children. Approved.

        3__Margaret Rosegrant, Grand Rapids, wife; age 68 years; three children. Approved.

        4__Cornelia Le Barrow, Muskegon, widow; age 58 years; three children. Approved.

        5__Laura Herrick, Grand Rapids, widow; age 68 years; one son. Approved.

        6__Emily L. Buell, Byron Center, widow; age 58 years; two children. Approved.

        7__Orvilla S. Earl, Flint, wife; age 62 yrs; one son. Not approved.

        8__Mary Butler, Ionia, widow; age 70 yrs.; no children. Not approved. Remarried twice.

        9__Minerva Stillson, Saugatuck, wife; age 73 yrs; five children. Approved.

        10__Cornelia Stearns, Constantine, wife; age 75 yrs.; three children. Approved.

        11__Elizabeth E. Barney, Grand Rapids, wife; age 55 years; no children. Approved by the committee, and approved by the board, but has never presented herself for admittance.

        12__Helen A. Pond, Saugatuck, widow; age 62 yrs.; no children. Approved.

        13__Ellen O’Brien, Edmore, widow; age 70 yrs.; two children. Not approved.

        14__Frances M. Guest, Allegan, widow; age 64 yrs; four children. Approved.

        15__Eleanor McAllister, Battle Creek, widow; age 74 yrs; two children. Action deferred.

        16__Margaret Lardy, Grand Rapids, wife; age 75 yrs; seven children. Did not come before the committee for approval, but was approved and admitted by the board.

        17__Clorinda Ryckman, Grand Rapids, widow; age 74 yrs; two children. Approved.

        18__Hattie M. McClain, Boone, wife; age 62 yrs.; no children. Approved.

        19__Alice Williams, Alpine, widow; age 75 yrs; three children. Approved.

        20__Amanda R. Green, Stanton, wife; age 65 yrs; no children. Approved.

        21__Sophia Smith, Shelby, widow; age 75 yrs.; two children. Approved conditionally.

        22__Elizabeth G. Flack, Constantine, wife; age 75 yrs.; no children, Approved.

        23__Emily Blackman, Traverse City, widow; age 60 yrs.; one son. Not Approved.

        24__Ella Loomis, Mount Pleasant, wife; age 56 yrs.; three children. Approved.

        25__Mary Ann Kelley, Charlevoix, widow; age 74 yrs.; no children. Approved.

        26__Martha Payne, Cedar Spings, widow; age 62 yrs.; two children. Not Approved on account of marriage limit.

        27__Caroline A. Smith, Grand Rapids, widow; age 70 yrs.; no children, Approved.

        28__Mary E. Cutler, Hillsdale, widow; age 54 yrs.; one son. Approved.

        29__Betsey Flowers (now Truax), Edmore, widow; age 71 yrs.; three children. Not approved on account of marriage limit.

        30__Phoebe A. Buck, Grand Rapids, widow; age 72 yrs.; four children. Approved.

        31__Mary Stillwell, Grand Rapids, widow; age 68 yrs.; five children. Approved.

        32__Emily Wardell, Owosso, wife; age 53 yrs.; six children. Not Approved. Applicant, when appraised of conditions, did not wish to go.

        33__Lydia Doesnberry, Howard City, wife; age 63 yrs.; three children. Approved.

        34__Emeline Sparks, Edmore, widow; age 67 yrs.; five children. Not approved.

        35__Elizabeth A. Miller, Grand Rapids, widow; age 59 yrs.; one son. Approved.

        36__Martha A. Reynolds, Ashley, widow; age 72 yrs.; no children. Action deferred.

        37__Margaret Huckelberry, Sand Lake, widow; age 52 yrs.; one son. Not approved.

        38__Julia R. Morrow, Benzonia, wife; age 70 yrs.; no children. Application withdrawn, husband having died at the Home while the application was pending.

        39__Josephine Freeman, Sand Lake, wife; age 64 yrs.; four children. Approved.

        40__Julia Ann Nobles, Grand Rapids, widow; age 73 yrs.; one child. Approved.

        41__Keziah Hawkins, Burt, widow; age 71 urs.; two children. Approved.

        42__Mary A. Hooker, Grand Rapids, wife; age 73 urs.; three children. Approved.

        43__Lizzetta Danforth, Grand Rapids, wife; age 64 yrs.; no children. Approved.

        Of this number fourteen were wives, twenty-four were widows, two had remarried, one had remarried twice, the second husband died and the thrid divorced. One supposing her soldier husband dead, had remarried, and the second husband died; twenty-four years after the war the soldier husband was discovered at the Home, and she returned to her “first love.” Seven received $8 per month pension, eight received $12; one $10, and one $17.

Number of applications approved:           28

Number approved conditionally               01

Number Not approved`                          09

Action deferred                                     03

Application withdrawn                            01

Application did not come to Committee, but approved by the board....01.

Respectfully submitted in F., C. And L.

Celia A. Lozee

Secretary of the Legislative and Annex Committee of the Michigan Soldier’s Home.

Admitted to the Woman’s Building, June 1st, 1903 to May 31, 1904.

Date of              Name:                                 Prev. Res.                  Age:

Admission:                                                    County: 


June 18             Tichenor, Emma J.                Calhoun                      56

        28             Pierce, Sophronia J               Jackson                      77

July   07             Lardie, Margaret                   Grand Rapids               75

Aug   10             Briggs, Sarah M.                  Muskegon                   74

Nov   07             Flack, Elizabeth G.                Grand Rapids               75

        17             Guest, Frances M.                Allegan                       64

        17             Stearns, Cornelia                  Constantine                 75

        17             Williams, Alice                      Alpine                         75

        23             Ryekman, Clorinda               Grand Rapids               74

Dec   02             McClain, Hattie                     Boone                         62

        10             Kelly, Mary Ann                    Charlevoix                   74


Jan   08             Buck, Phoebe A.                   Grand Rapids               72

        19             Loomis, Ellen                       Mt. Pleasant                56

        20             Cutler, Mary E.                     Hillsdale                      54

        23             Smith, Caroline A.                Grand Rapids               70

Feb   08             Miller, Elizabeth A.                Coopersville                59

        10             Smith, Sophia                      Shelby                        57

Mar   10             Dozenbury, Lydia                 Howard City                53

        13             Hastings, Lizzie                    Ypsilanti                      60

        17             Payne, Martha                      Nelson twp.                 66

Apr   05             Flowers, Betsey                    Edmore                       71

May  16             Stillson, Minerva                   Saugatuck                   73

        25             Nobles, Julia A.                    Grand Rapids               73

Total number admitted, 23; average age of those admitted, 67.

Deaths of members of the Woman’s Building, year ending May 31st, 1904.

Date of

Death:                                         Name:                                 Age: 


June 14                              PUTNAM, Lucinda                          78

        23                              SUPRY, Lydia                                68

        24                              ARMSTEAD, Mary                          85

        25                              McGINN, Sarah                             54

July   31                              SHULER, Emma E.                        67

Sept  15                              DUFFANY, Margaret                       65

Oct   10                              MINER, Ann W.                             65

Dec   01                              RYCKMAN, Clorinda                       74

        04                              STEARNS, Cornelia                        75

        26                              GUEST, Frances M.                        64


Jan   23                              LARDIE, Margaret                         74

Feb   21                              PIERCE, Sophronia J                      77

        21                              BUCK, Phoebe                              72

Mar   11                              BABCOCK, Frances E                     50

Apr   08                              DRAPER, Ann                                70

Average age of those dying, 69. Whole number of deaths of members of the Woman’s Building since opening January 1st, 1894, 62. Whole number admitted since opening, 267.

Respectfully yours,

CHARLOTTE RUTHERFORD, Matron Woman’s Building M. S. H.

Approved: Geo. E. Judd, Commandant


NAME:                                 CORPS NO.                 TOWN

CARROLL, Sarah                   134                            Clayton

BOVEE, Elizabeth                  134                            “

FREEMAN, Abigail                 007                            Lansing

EARL, Margaret                    152                            Petoskey

BISHOP, Maria                     122                            Bannister

PEASE, Augusta                   010                            Detroit

DARBY, Mary                       237                            Gobleville

PRICE, Mary E.                     168                            Mt. Clemens

BALL, Olive                          031                            Coldwater

YOUNGS, Emily                    025                            Union City

KINNE, Diadema                  095                            Breckenridge

BABCOCK, Susan                 023                            Flint

GAY, Luna                           023                            “

STEARNS, Lois                     029                            Lakeview

NICKOLS, Susan N.              159                            Marcelius

POWELL, Harriet                   062                            Sunfield

FOX, Caroline                       095                            Breckenridge 

BOGAST, Marietta                 073                            Crystal

ANDREE, Catharine               123                            Scottville

BOYER, Phoebe M                 090                            Vermontville

LEONARD, Mary                   090                            “

WAITE, Harriet                     [not given]                  Saginaw

COBLEY, Mollie                     022                            Fowlerville

TREADWELL, Maggie             036                            Grand Haven

NAFTZKER, Helen M.             137                            Petoskey

PICKETT, Elmira                   183                            Alma

PICKENS, Alice                     137                            Petoskey

DeWOLFE, Sarah A               005                            Jackson

PEASLEY, Nancy A.               209                            Gowen

HOWARD, Anna                    028                            Ionia

WALPER, Esther                   028                            “

SAUNDERS, Harriet              246                            Elm Hall

TAYLOR, Frances                  231                            Holland

SKUTT, Mary A.                    187                            Evart

BURLEY, Mary J                    020                            St. Johns

CHAMBERLAIN, Tobiatha       075                            Decatur

WILCOX, Margaret                008                            Detroit

HAWKINS, Hannah               008                            “

BROWN, Jessie                     173                            Charlevoix

OLIVER, Catherine                123                            Scottville

WATERS, Mary                     123                            “

CLAPPER, Lucena                 246                            Elm Hall

CRAIG, Mary Ann                 239                            Columbiaville

HAYES, Margaret Fuller         239                            “

BALDWIN, Eliza                    131                            Mason

JONES, Anna                        174                            Sumner

OSBORN, Eunice                  001                            South Haven

CARVER, Lucy A                   253                            Hemlock

EVANS, Anna                       179                            Akron

CHAPPELL, Hannah M           146                            Plainwell

REEF, Frances                      146                            Plainwell

POWELL, Harriet                   062                            Sunfield

MASSACAR, Survina             136                            Albion

STREET, Lydia E.                  072                            Adrian

BARTLETT, Harriet                152                            Petoskey

ZIMMERMAN, Lydia E            053                            Stanton

TIERMAN, Relief                   035                            Chesaning

HOOVER, Mary A.                 245                            Big Rapids

HOOD, Anna                        245                            “

PIERCE, Mary A.                   245                            “

FERGUSON, Nellie                245                            “

MONTAGUE, Lydia                245                            “

GALLOWAY, Fannie               014                            Greenville

PITTINGER, Helen                014                            “

GLEASON, Sarah                  014                            “

BROWN, Susan                    221                            Turell

COOLEY, Melissa                  166                            Benzonia

RAYNER, Elizabeth W            166                            “

BIER, Margaret A.                172                            Mancelona

BUSH, Jennie                       161                            Jordan

THOMPSON, Sarah               242                            Newago

GUNTHRIE, Clarissa              236                            Clio

HYDE, Mary A.                     132                            Dimondale

CRANE, Susan                      135                            Saginaw, W. S.

ATKINS, Marjorie                  082                            Ovid

BONTELL, Mary                    065                            Ypsilanti

McKINSTRY, Elizabeth           010                            Detroit

VINCENT, Clara                    028                            Ionia

RYAN, Jennie                       232                            Marshall

KRIEDMAN, Minnie               154                            Cheboygan

SHELDON, Laura A.              031                            Coldwater

MOSS, Delia                         138                            Harbor Springs

DAVIS, Susan                      204                            Granges

PIERCE, Sarah E.                  163                            Coloma

GORDON, Sarah L.               257                            Detroit

WALDRON, Hannah              002                            Midland

HAMS, Louisa                       064                            Morenci

HALE, Alice                          145                            Hersey

HUDSON, Lorane                  025                            Union City

LYTLE, Mary                         212                            Lawton

VERITAS, Ardella                  139                            Holton

BROOKS, Mary                     176                            Averill

VERITY, Alice                       176                            “

DUSSETT, Amelia                 157                            New Haven

HAYES, Margaret F               008                            Detroit

PAINE, Mary                        064                            Morenci

STIMPSON, Mary J                027                            Grand Rapids

MOYER, Mary A.                   059                            Maple Rapids

WEBSTER, Amanda              059                            “

PETTIBONE, Mary E.             028                            Ionia

FRANCIS, Abigail G.              075                            Decatur

CHILSON, Eliza                    107                            Vermontville

VANCE, Sarah                      078                            Hubberdston

SHOW, Eliza                         213                            Athens

BROOKS, Mary                     195                            Boyne

RANSOM, Mary                     183                            Alma

SHAW, Asenith                     191                            Vassar

DANDY, Francis                    192                            Nunica

MINER, Roxa L.                    053                            Stanton

WATTS, Emilne                    152                            Petoskey

SMITH, Jane                        114                            Three Rivers

STANLEY, Amelia                  068                            Leslie

HAGGERMAN, Martha            114                            Three Rivers

GRIDLEY, Harriet                  151                            Traverse City

FORTNER, Eliza                    159                            Marcellus

HICKS, Rhoda                      159                            “

MYERS, Rebecca                   159                            “

WARE, Etta                          159                            “

YOUNGS, Emelia                  025                            Union City

CARSON, Agnes                   026                            Owosso

ROSE, Mattie                       010                            Detroit

DAVIS, Nancy                      260                            Oxford

TREADWELL, Maggie             064                            Morenci


P      =President

PP    =Past President

SVP  =Senior Vice President

JVP  =Junior Vice President

D      =Delegates

ALT  =Alternate Delegates

Corps No.

1__South Haven. D, Indetta Olds; PP, Elsie A. Hicks

2__Midland. P, Eliza Snell; PP, Edith Richardson, Frances Hall, Laura Freeland, Josephine Stearns.

4__Battle Creek. P, Mary O. Hayes; PP, Sarah J. Cooper, Laura L. Barrows, Mary Beach, Lillian M. Proseus, Mary C. Flowers, Julia Stagman, Marie Traver, Elizabeth Dowsett, Elizabeth Slocum, Carrie Thayer, Kate M. Redner; D, Ellen Taylor.

5__Jackson. P, Elizabeth Kaywood; PP, Hattie Page, Mary Gifford, Agnes Allen, Clara A. Mix; D, Eliza Martin, Helen Freeman.

6__Grass Lake. P, Ada M. Cooper; PP, Amelia Hindes

7__Lansing. P, Laura Russell; D, Mary Nevis, Rebecca Neaon, Maria Aldrich, Nora Wortman.

8__Detroit. P, Ada Coon; PP, Evelyn Creusere, Sarah Devlin; D,Hannah Lozier

10__Detroit. P, Henrietta L. Peirce; PP, Emma Bailey; D, Emma L. Davey, Mary Hart.

11__Dundee. PP, Lucy J. Hurd; D, Mary J. Briggs

12__N. Muskegon. PP, Ella Phillips

14__Greenville. PP, M. Lena Merritt; D, Louisa Bennett

15__Howell. PP, Emma J. Sweet

16__Grand Ledge. D, Helen Southwell

18__Charlotte. P, Ann M. Holbrook; PP, Louisa Snow

19__Paw Paw. P, Ida E. Adams

20__St Johns. P, Lovina Wilson; D, Julia Williams, Sarah Stocker

22__Fowlerville. D, Laura Carr

23__Flint. P, Essie Green; PP, Clara Ruch; D, Ina Stone, Lucy Caleb, Laura Austin

26__Owosso. P, Sarah A. Wiley; PP, Lorinda Bennett, Rosamond Eastman; D, Mary Sadler, Mary E. Weeks

27__Grand Rapids. ALT, Maud Decker

28__Ionia. PP, Sallie M. Perry; D, Anna Curtis, Sophia Sherman, Carrie Hilton.

29__Lakeview. PP, Julia Rossman; D, Ella Rogers

30__Bellevue. P, Etta F. Meech; PP, Augusta Sturge, Theresa Conklin, Esther W. Cook, Lillian J. Roberts; ALT, Lydia Hawley.

31__Coldwater. D, Lovina Monroe, Ursula Underhill

32__Montrose. D, Sarah Baker

37__Hillsdale. P, Isabelle Fink; PP, Amy L. Wood, Frances I. Green; D, Clara Brooks.

38__Eaton Rapids. P, Lizzie Cook; PP, Matilda Norton, Effie Coulson, Eliza Olmsted; ALT, Belle Montgomery.

40__Fremont. D, Jennie Pumfrey

41__Grand Rapids. P, Eva Gray; PP, Delia A. Fox, Alice Bailey

44__De Witt. PP, Ida Brink

45__Wayne. PP, Adelia A. Collins

47__Niles. P, Emma J. Scribner

49__Lowell. D, Lura E. Vining

52__Middleville. PP, Emma Williams, Frances J. Wilson

56__Mt. Pleasant. ALT, Lillian Moore

57__Saginaw, E. S. P, Jennie N. Budd; PP, Anna Dedrick; D, Cornelia Young

60__Bronson. P, Belle Bailey

62__Sunfield. PP, Helen Edwins

64__Morenci. D, Hattie Stephenson

65__Ypsilanti. PP, Alvira Clough, Caroline Phillips; D, Jennie Ostrander.

66__Fenton. D, Elsie Slocum

76__Morrice. D, Hattie Austin

68__Leslie. PP, Lucinda Laberteaux; D, Ella Stone

69__Detroit. P, Clara Luebs; D, Delia Chrysler

70__Lyons. PP, Belle Manning; D, Susie Lung

72__Adrian. P, Margaret V. Reynolds; PP, Eliza E. Camburn

73__Crystal. D, Mary Van Buren

74__Hudson. PP, Celia Westfall, Anna Ames, Julia Carmer; D, Mary Pursell.

76__Carson City. PP, Julia Morse; D, Elizabeth Worden Hoffman.

77__Port Huron. P, Jennie Buckridge; D, Emma Cady, Mary Trowbridge.

78__Hubbardston. SVP, Mary Reed; ALT, Maria Baker

79__Wolverine. PP, Lillie Mackin

80__Litchfield. D, Lydia M. Sharp

83__Potterville. PP, Alameda Godsmark

85__Reading. P, Esther Daniels; D, Lunette Saunders

86__Davison. PP, Emily Elmore.

89__Bangor. P, Nellie M. Phillips; D, Sarah Nyman

90__Ithaca. P, Hannah E. Beasley

92__Kalkaska. D, Agnes Hitchcock.

94__St. Louis. ALT, Ella H. Histed

95__Breckenridge. D, Elizabeth Halbert

96__Williamston. PP, Rosella Leighton, Rosa L. Dana

98__Centerville. PP, Mary Morehouse

100__Hasting. P, Mary E. Maynard; D, Euna Moore

102__Pontiac. D, Mary Montross.

103__Holly. PP, Julia Allen; D, Sarah Smith

105__Muskegon. D, Florence Cox

107__Vermontville. P, Eliza Fuller; PP, Charlotte Gunn; ALT, Minnie Remalie

110__Kalamazoo. P, Ida Delevan Arnold; PP, Electa Perkins, Clarrisa Root, Louise Pixley, Annie Robbins; D, Catherine Miller.

113__Ravenna. D, Edith Hass

114__Three Rivers. P, Mary Engleman

117__Saranac. D, Polly Haskins

121__Benton Harbor. PP, Clara Granville.

123__Scottsville. D, Mary Jaques

132__Dimondale. D, Alma Gardenier

133__Corunna. PP, Sarah Moreau, Cindona Jacobs; D, Matilda Moreau.

135__Saginaw, W. S. D, Marion Dunn

136__Albion. PP, Elizabeth Smith, Alice Perrine, Nellie M. Gardner, Mamie O’Hara Bennett, Lucinda Page; ALT, Lydia Bolles.

138__Harbor Springs. D, Mary Manchester

142__Sturgis. P, Julia Allen; PP, Sue E. Cook; D, Ada Van Vleck

144__Sand Lake. D, Emma Willett

146__Plainwell. P, Almina Anway; PP, Emma Madden, Effie C. Duncan Brown; D, Mary A. Stratton.

147__Grand Rapids. P, Mary Dean; D, Minnie Redhead

151__Traverse City. ALT, Mary J. Dunraven

152__Petoskey. PP, Dora Jennings

154__Cheboygan. P, Mary Geyer

156__Milford. PP, Hattie F. Austin; D, Delia Sebring.

157__New Haven. PP, Maggie Beardslee; D, Anna L. Edmunds.

159__Marcellus. P, Sabrina Groner; PP, Alice Streeter; D, Amanda Mahoney.

162__Grayling. D, Florence Shook

167__Saginaw, E. S. D, Mary Fessler

168__Mt. Clemens. PP, Mary Bush

169__Bay City. PP, Amanda Bradley

171__Grand Rapids. P, Francis L. Finch; D, Josephine Guinon.

176__Sanford. ALT, Nellie Verity

181__Whitehall. P, Chloe E. Ruggles; PP, Mattie Heinman.

182__Wacousta. D, Alice Andrews

183__Alma. D, Lettie Mapes

185__Portland. P, Edith Kennedy; PP, Alvira Arino, Ruth Hastings; D, Delia Horner, Sarah Taylor.

186__Concord. P, Mary B. Hamblin; PP, Ruth Adams; D, Cornelia Bouldry.

193__Quincy. ALT, Jeanette Cummins

194__Stockbridge. PP, Janet Miller, Mary J. Bowdish.

197__Allegan. PP, Henrietta Hurd, Helen F. Thomas.

202__Shepherd. D, Hannah Joslin

204__Ganges. P, Helen Miller; D, Lucy Hampton

207__Hopkins Station. P, Lucy Jackson; PP, Sarah Hoffmaster, Lydia Lindsey; D, Lena Tooker.

208__Gaylord. P, Mry Mead Smith; D, Julia L. Stewart.

209__Gowen. D, Libbie Bigler

210__Chelsea. P, Mary Van Tyne; PP, Roxy Wilkinson; D, Nettie Fuller.

211__Ogden Center. PP, Margaret Pifer; D, Almira Fay

212__Lawton. PP, Rohanna Cory, Ann Hitchcock.

213__Athens. PP, Melvina Carpenter, Almina Blanchard; D, Anna B. Grill.

214__Parma. PP, Rosetta Rogers, K. Irene Hadley; D, Mabel Clark.

216__Woodland. P, Nancy C. Long

218__Ann Arbor. PP, Mary E. Ball, Jennie Pearsons; D, Mary E. Soule.

221__Lapeer. PP, Charlotte Bradshaw; ALT, Blanche Ward.

222__Wayland. D, Lucy Eckhardt.

224__Escanaba. P, Stella H. Rolph

225__Northville. SVP, Ardella A. Brooks; PP, Mary L. Ambler; D, Augusta D. Murdock.

227__Rochester. P, Belle M. Hadley

228__Elsie. P, Almenia Downey; D, Nellie M. Ferguerson.

231__Holland. PP, Katie Van Raalte; ALT, Jane Higgins.

232__Marshall. P, Laura Van Aman; PP, Sarah M. Smith, Margaret G. Towne, Sarah Savory, Nellie Phillips; ALT, Anna Purdy.

234__Flat Rock. PP, Betsey Wager; D, Lucy Wells.

235__Rockford. D, Ida G. Butler

237__Gobleville. PP, Francis J. Wilson; D, Martha Sheldon, Jennie Sweet.

238__Iron Mountain. D, Amanda P. Burbank.

240__Romeo. PP, Rebecca Newberry, Clara Ruddock; D, Inez D. Carel.

241__Freeland. PP, Harriet Purchase, Mary Doran.

245__Big Rapids. D, Josephine E. Moon

250__Reed City. PP, Eliza J. Barker.

253__Hemlock. D, Carrie Thomas

257__Detroit. D, Tillie Eular

260__Oxford. ALT, Jennie Olmsted.

261__Palmyra. ALT, Dora Patterson

Transcription by Barbara Lesser July 2004 © copyright all rights reserved.

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