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Of The Twentieth Annual Convention

Department of Michigan


Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic,

Held At MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN June 10 and 11, 1903

        The Twentieth Department Convention of the Woman’s Relief Corps, auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, assembled in the First congregational Church in Muskegon on the morning of June 10, and was called to order at 9 o’clock by Department President Lydia C. Hopkins, and was opened with the Lord’s Prayer led by Department Chaplain Emilie V. Wilson.

        Department President introduced Rev. Archibald Hadden, pastor of the church, who gave the ‘Welcome’ address.

Report of Woman’s Building Committee,

Battle Creek, June 9, 1903

Mrs. President and Ladies of the Convention:

        As Chairman of the Woman’s Building Committee I herewith submit the annual report. Three attempts were made to hold a meeting of the Committee at the Home, but owing to illness or other causes it was impossible to have a full representation. The first was attended by our Department President and Mrs. Turck, the second I was alone, but on May 7th I had the pleasure of meeting our President there, during a session of the Board of Managers of the Home meeting. In the Woman’s Building everything was in perfect order; the many improvements made possible by the enlargement of the building, giving hospital, dining room, kitchen and laundry departments, is thoroughly appreciated by the women, and great credit is due the Matron, Mrs. Rutherford, for the able manner in which it is conducted. By the aid of the Department Woman’s Building Fund needed improvements are being made on the hospital floor.

        Investigation of applications for admission has called for careful study and many times the perplexing problems have seemed almost greater than the information derived, after the most painstaking investigation, and it was hard to decide where to draw the line between our desire to see all needy ones made comfortable and the stern justice which, when the building was comparatively full, made it necessary to strive to have those who possibly could be, cared for outside, lest some more unfortunate should be obliged to remain in or be sent to our county homes.

        When we reported one year ago two applications were pending investigation: that of Electa Kingsley was approved, also that of Margaret Whalen, but she died prior to the meeting of the Board.

        During the year, 46 applications have been investigated and acted upon, as follows:

Janette E. Taylor, Mt. Morris

Martha A. Clark, Cato

Julia A. Leslie, Cannonsburg

Annie M. Odell, Keewandin

Melissa C. Rice, Deerfield

Elizabeth North, Detroit

Sarah F. Aldrich, Muskegon

Mary J. North, Homer

Lydia Croop, Potterville

Olive F. Runnels, Reynolds

Jane West, Crystal Lake

Cordelia L. Munger, Climax

Elizabeth Luce, Monroe

Emily L. Thomas, Grand Rapids

Charlotte A. Smith, Sand Lake

Matilda A. Codner, Grand Rapids

Catherine Keith, Detroit

Sarah Williams, Talmage

Frances J. Brezee, Hesperia

Anna Mahoney, Detroit

Ellen Creale, Hopkins Station

Elizabeth Sexton, Grand Rapids

Elizabeth Crittenden, Vassar

Mary J. Shaff, Lawton

Susan S. Bennett, Sand Lake

Mary Ann Smith, McBride

Elizabeth Lawrence, Ann Arbor

Otella C. Ledyard, Sturgis

Mary A. Welch, Grand Rapids

Sarah Garwick, Traverse City

Margaret Aldrich, Buchanan

Lydia Glancey, Jackson

Emaline L. Wheeler, Dundee

Helen L. Miller, Tekonsha

Mary L. Richards, Grand Rapids

Mary E. Van Dyke, Grand Junction

Margaret A. Price, Reed City

Ursula Denest, Hart

Sarah W. Hall, Petoskey

Emma J. Tiehenor, Marshall

Sally Tibbett, Grand Rapids

Mary Potts, Moline

Sarah A. Harden, Newaygo

Sarah L. Howard, Elmira

Saphronia J. Pierce, Jackson

Annie B. Sharpe, Byron

Number of applications approved            30

Approved conditionally                           03

Action deferred                                     04

Not approved                                        08

Action pending                                      01

                 Of this number 21 were wives of veterans, 24 widows, one mother.

        Four received pensions of $12 per month, 11 of $8 and 9 had applications for pension pending.

        The following information was kindly furnished by Mrs. Rutherford, Matron of the Woman’s Building.

Michigan Soldiers’ Home, June 2, 1903

Mrs. Abbie R. Flagg, Chairman Woman’s Building Committee, Woman’s Relief Corps:

        Madam__I have the honor to submit herewith for your use, statistics of the Woman’s Building of the Michigan Soldiers’ Home, for the year ending May 31st, 1903.

        The membership June 1st, 1902, was as follows: Present, 75; on leave, 19; total membership, 94. During the year there have been admitted, 29; re-admitted, 6; total, 35. There have been honorably discharged, 12; summarily discharged, 2; dropped from roll, 3; died, 8; total, 25.

        The membership June 3rd, 1903, is: Present, 61; on leave 43; total membership, 104. These are classified as follows: Mothers of veterans, 5; widows of veterans, 45; wives whose husbands are members of the Michigan Soldier’s Home, 42; wives of husbands not in the Home, 12. Ten of the members draw pensions of $12.00 per month; 24 draw $8.00 per month.

        I append below a list of those who have been admitted during the past year, and a list of those, who have died during the year.

Admitted to the Woman’s Building, June 1st, 1902, to May 31st, 1903:

Date of                                                          Previous Res.

Admission         Name                                  County                       Age


June 16            CHURCH, Mary Ann              Saginaw                      75

        20             KEYES, Mary E.                    Ionia                          59

July   08             DeGLOPPER, Mary C.            Kent                           59

        15             MUNSON, Emeline                Kent                           49

Aug   08             CLARK, Martha A.                 Montcalm                    63

        19             LESLIE, Julia                        Kent                           61

Sept  06             RUNNELS, Olive F.                Montcalm                    68

        08             CROOP, Lydia                       Eaton                          83

        10             RICE, Melissa C                    Isabella                       63

        14             KINGSLEY, Elizabeth             Kent                           64

Oct   15             LATHROP, Mary E                 Osceola                       63

Nov   04             CODNER, Matilda                  Kent                           60

        12             NORTH, Elizabeth                 Wayne                        80

        14             KEITH, Catherine                  Wayne                        73

        14             WEST, Mary Jane                 Benzie                        75

Dec   11             COLE, Ellen                          Allegan                       62

        11             ALDRICH, Sarah                   Mudkegon                   70

        12             BREEZEE, Frances J              Newaygo                     65


Jan   13             GARWICK, Sarah                  Grand Traverse            72

        20             WHEELER, Emeline               Monroe                       58

        23             WELCH, Mary A.                   Kent                           67

        30             GLANCY, Lydia                     Jackson                      70

        31             CRITTENDEN, Eeliza             Tuscola                       69

Feb   18             MILLER, Helen L                   Calhoun                      60

        24             HALL, Sarah A                      Emmett                      61

Mar   13             TIBBETTS, Sally                   Kent                           85

        14             SWAN, Emma                      Kent                           60

        15             HOWARD, Sarah L                Otsego                        72

        20             HARDEN, Sarah A                 Newaygo                     67

Total number admitted, 29; average age of those admitted, 67; the oldest being 85 years and the youngest 49 years of age.

Deaths of members of the Woman’s Building, year ending May 31st, 1903:

Date of

Death                                  Name                                  Age


June 10                      LINCE, L. Maria                             68

July 15                        MUNSON, Emeline                         49

Sept 15                       MOORE, Harriett                           76

Sept 28                       RATHBONE, Sally                          68


Jan 15                        ALDRICH, Sarah F                         70

Jan 27                        COOPER, Clemindza                      74

May 05                       CURLE, Ellen                                63

May 08                       HALL, Sarah A                              61

Average age of those dying, 66. Whole number of deaths of members of the Woman’s Building since opening, January 1st, 1894, 47; whole number admitted since opening, 244.

Respectfully yours,

        Matron Woman’s Building, M. S. H.


        Whereas, The angel of death had entered our ranks, taking from us one whom to know was to love, one whose memory will ever be held in fond remembrance by all who were favored with her acquaintance, and especially by the pioneer workers in our Order, of which, as our first Department President, she labored faithfully and conscientiously for the up-building of the work of loyalty to our country and its defenders, therefore,

        Resolved, That in the death of Ella W. SHANK, we are called upon to mourn the loss of an able leader, a conservative adviser and loving friend, and further

        Resolved, That the sincere sympathy of the members of the Woman’s Relief Corps is extended to her sorrowing family, in whose hearts the tender memories of her life will, like the echoes of sweet music, be ever present.


        Whereas, The Woman’s Relief Corps has again been called upon to mourn the loss of one of its early and honored leaders, Past Department President Mary Sherwood HINDS, whose lovable disposition, diligent and earnest work in our Order, and constant efforts to ameliorate suffering, and scatter happiness and sunshine in the paths of others, will be cherished by us in fond remembrance, therefore,

        Resolved, That in the death of Mrs. Hinds our Order has lost one of its most loyal members, one who possessed that broad and loving spirit of charity toward humanity and endeared her to all.

        Resolved, That our deep sympathy is extended to her husband and dear children, in their loss of a devoted wife and mother, who counted that time best spent that was devoted to the interests of home and family.

        Abbie R. Flagg

        Allaseba M. Bliss

        Florence S. Battitt, committie


NAME                                           CORPS

Marie Lintz                                   027, Grand Rapids

Mary Sherwood Hinds                    009, Stanton

Sarah A. Roach                             011, Dundee

Julia Hill                                       011, Howell

Amanda Dickenson                       [none given]

Sarah Hill                                     132, Diamondale

Ann M. Brigham                            132, Diamondale

Minnie A. Schmidt                         132, Diamondale

Eunice How                                  067, Morrice

Amelia L. Gould                            057, Saginaw

Evelyn Overton                             057, Saginaw

Ann M. McArthur                           108, Saginaw

Ann Wildrig                                  010, Detroit

Susan A. Fay                                010, Detroit

Harriet A. Brown                           010, Detroit

Jerusha Johnson                           218, Ann Arbor

Julia Colgrove                               218, Ann Arbor

Carrie Sage                                  218, Ann Arbor

Mary E. Densmore                        217, Maple City

Lillian Louck                                 217, Maple City

Sophronia VanSycke                     113, Ravenna

Mary A. Boucher                           035, Chesanig

Lottie E. Sherman                         090, Ithaca

Catherine Day                              078, Hubbardston

Olive Van Buren                            039, Caro

Ann Warren                                  134, Clayton

Lettie Chase                                 134, Clayton

Cora S. Kimball                             121, Benton Harbor

Augusta Scherig                           183, Alma

Ella W. Shank                               007, Lansing

Elmira Straw                                007, Lansing

Eliza Piper                                    007, Lansing

Julia E. Childs                               007, Lansing

Rebecca Mass                               007, Lansing

Sarah Foster                                 092, Kalkaska

Eliza McDowell                              237, Globeville

Helen Post                                    237, Globeville

Lucinda J. Ingalls                          152, Petoskey

Olive Thornton                              031, Coldwater

Mercy McBride                              207, Hopkins Station

Merribah Popino                            142, Sturgis

Amanda E. Allen                           167, Saginaw

Eliza Holcomb                               069, Saginaw

Della J. Wright                              020, St Johns

Julia T. Cole                                 020, St Johns

Maude Reynolds                           020, St Johns

Carolyn L. Bradford                       105, Muskegon

Maria Luce                                   105, Muskegon

Hannah L. Peternan                      232, Marshall

Mrs. Consaul                                072, Marshall

Mrs. Avery                                   072, Marshall

Isabell Potter                                189, Otsego

Rachel Donthitt                             171, Grand Rapids

Harriet W. Galusha                        026, Owosso

May Nichols                                  185, Portland

Maria Baldwin                               185, Portland

Mrs. McCansey                             185, Portland

Mrs. Adeline Stitts                         131, Mason

Mrs. Mary Borland                         097, Bay City

Mrs. Motter                                  083, Potterville

Mrs. Madeline S. Reynolds             005, Jackson

Mrs. Sarah Sage                           005, Jackson

Mary Caswell                                021, Marine City

Catherine Diechman                      257, Detroit

Blanche Lindley                            008, Detroit

Catharine Cook                             008, Detroit

Helen M. Blake                             171, Grand Rapids

Serepta Houghton                         221, Lapeer

Eliza Baker                                   197, Allegan

Mrs. Malory                                  089, Bangor

Emma Foster                                010, Kalamazoo

Maggie R. Smith                           076, Carson City

Franc Thompson                           077, Port Huron

Mary Woods                                 077, Port Huron

Elizabeth Shaw                             065, Ypsilanti

Lydia Wilcox                                 235, Rockford

Louas (?) Town                             235, Rockford

Helen M. Nafzker                          090, Ithac

Almira Pickett                               183, Alma


D: Delegate

P: President

PP: Past Presidents

SVP: Senior Vice President

JVP: Junior Vice President

ALT D: Alternate Delegate

Corps #

01__South Haven. D: Mary E. Dodge

02__Midland. D: Eliza Snell; PP: Francis Hall

04__Battle Creek. P: Elizabeth Dowsett; D: Cornelia Keets

05__Jackson. SVP: Elizabeth Cooper; PP: Anna E. Griffith; D: Matilda Zuber, Helen A. Freeman

07__Lansing. PP: Laura L. Rice, Sarah H. Wyckoff; D: Nora Wortman, Althea Clark, Delia Payne

08__Detroit. P: Sarah Devlin; D: Maggie Roby

09__Stanton. D: Ethel Mosier

10__Detroit. SVP: Emma L. Davey; PP: Elizabeth McKinstry, Emma E. Bailey; D: Henrietta L. Pierce, Mary E. Wellington

11__Dundee. D: Sarah Casey

12__North Muskegon. P: Elizabeth Lynder; PP: Jane Horton, Nellie Sprague, Catherine Leslie, Sarah Briggs, Ella Phillips.

14__Greenville. D: Cordelia Rhodes; PP: Anna Grabill

15__Howell. D: Augusta Barnes

16__Grand Ledge. D: Helen Southworth

18__Charlotte. D: Louisa Snow

20__St. Johns. D: Ida Whitney, Sarah E. Johnson

23__Flint. P: Clara Rush; PP: Emily S. Marsh; D: Lucie Thayer, Ella Bump

24__Coopersville. PP: Edna Jackson, Melissa Kearney

25__Union City. ALT: Marion Watkins

26__Owosso. D: Eva Dutcher

27__Grand Rapids. P: Etta Van Norman; PP: Emma Runion, Lou E. Johnson, Viola Lipple, Douisa Brown, Emily Sones, Cornelia Smith, D: Leta Winkels

28__Ionia. PP: Sallie Perry, Gertrude Welker; D: Belle Turner, Nellie Kirsheman, Huldah Williard

29__Lakeview. D: Marianna Scurrah, Esther Van Keuran

30__Bellevue. D: Terissa Conklin

31__Coldwater. D: Matilda Parker, ALT D: Ruth Harris

36__Grand Haven. P: Louisa Van Wormer; PP: Helen Bell; D: Jessie Dewitt

37__Hillsdale. P: Frances Green; D: Addie Lane

38__Eaton Rapids. P: Lizzie Cook; D: Belle Montgomery

40__Fremont. PP: Helen Allen; D: Melissa Douglass

41__[town not given]. P: Edith Kipp; PP: Hattie Sherman, Augusta Phillips, Eva Gray, Alice Bailey, Delia Fox; D: Alice White

42__Nashville. D: Delila Cassell

46__Hartford. D: Mahala Olds

49__Lowell. P: Elmira Morse

51__Hart. D: Emma Carter

52__Middleville. D: Georgia Wade

53__Stanton. PP: Carrie Stevens

57__East Saginaw. D: M. Jennie Budd

59__Maple Rapids. D: Mae Casterline

61__Cedar Springs. PP: Louisa Jackson; D: Minnie Smith

65__Ypsilanti. PP: Florence S. Babbitt, Alvira Clough; D: Nettie Camp

66__Fenton. D: Anna Ludlow

69__Detroit. P: Carrie Beck; D: Della Crysler

70__Lyons. D: Lucy Bradt

71__Luther. D: Mary E. Menold

73__Crystal. P: Mary Steffey; D: Laura Fuller

74__Hudson. P: Amanda Sturges

76__Carson City. PP: Julia Morse; D: Laura Burnham

77__Fort Huron. PP: Josephine Poste; D: Lucy Brown, Frances Dewsett

78__Hubbardston. P: Edith Bennett; D: Carrie McVeigh

89__Bangor. PP: Emma Howell; D: Mary Thomas

90__Ithaca. SVP: Hannah Beasley; PP: Julia M. Phillips, Clara L. French

91__Hawkins. D: Eliza Cook

92__Kalkaska. P: Matilda Decker; D: Eliza Manning

95__Breckenridge. D: Addie Weed

96__Williamston. D: Rosella Leighton

99__Mears. D: Margaret Myers

100__Hastings. JVP: Mary E. Maynard; D: Emily Wilcox

102__Pontiac. D: Effie Cotcher

103__Holly. D: Mary Wade

105__Muskegon. P: Minnie Lewis; PP: Rosa Eckerman, Lou M. Tayer; D: Phidena McMichael

107__Vermontville. P: Eliza Fuller; PP: Laura Fay; D: Jennie Downing

108__Saginaw, S. S. ALT D: Sarah Alden

110__Kalamazoo. P: Anna E. Turner; PP: Louisa Pixley; D: Mary Dunbar; ALT D: Mary Wallace

113__Ravenna. P: Etta Plumhoff; PP: Mary E. Alberts, Henrietta Plate, Catherine Cryderman; D: Mabel Price

120__Casnovia. PP: Carrie Barnes

121__Benton Harbor. D: Celestia Neal

122__Bannister. PP: Alice Meacham; D: Rachel Davidson

126__Tustin. P: Rachel Stansell; PP: Melissa McGovern: D: Elnora Jaques

132__Dimondale. D: Nellie Hecock

133__Corunna. PP: Cindona Jacobs, Sarah Moreau; D: Alice Rice

135__Saginaw, W. S. D: Rosa Beer

136__Albion. P: Agnes M. Wiley

137__Petersburg. D: Mamie Miller

139__Holton. P: Elsie Ruggles; PP: Ann Wiegand, Luella Crawford, Frances Kitchen, Luetta Henry; D: Sarah Olson

140__Lake Odessa. P: Ellen Bywater; PP: Mary Mallery

142__Sturgis. D: Rebecca Zeigler

146__Plainwell. D: Almina Anway

147__Grand Rapids. P: Alma A. Dunham; PP: Eliza Elerick, Elizabeth Gardifee, Frances Alcumbrack; D: Esther Allen

151__Traverse City. P: Hattie Padden

152__Petoskey. P: Harriet Hull; PP: Mary D. Benham

159__Marcellus. P: Sabrina Groner; ALT: Samantha Lambert

161__East Jordan. ALT: Sarah Rogers

163__Coloma. D: Alice M. Baker

165__Bellaire. D: Harriet Hemstreet

167__Saginaw E. PP: Adda Hall

171__Grand Rapids. SVP: Eva Blake; PP: Josephine Virgil, Frances Finch, Mary Hanna: ALT: Pauline Stein

174__Sumner. P: Christine Button

175__Belding. PP: Mary Coville

181__Whitehall. P: Chloe Ruggles; ALT: Minnie Whitbeck

185__Portland. P: Edith Kennedy; D: Mary Rice, Alice Chaple

187__Evart. P: Jennie Graham

189__Otsego. D: Zelpha Hewitt

192__Nunica. PP: Jennie Plant, Amanda Castle; D: Frances Dandy

197__Allegan. P: Nellie Padgham; PP: Harriet Hurd, Ida Foster

207__Hopkins Station. PP: Sarah Hoffmaster

208__Gaylord. D: Anna Stevenson

210__Chelsea. D: Kittle C. Wurster

218__Ann Arbor. D: Bettina L. Stonebraker

221__Lapeer. D: Sarah Farquharson

222__Wayland. D: Maggie Fox

227__Rochester. D: Nellie Snook

231__Holland. ALT D: Edna Bertch

235__Rockford. PP: Mrs. M. Lamore; D: Harriet Sage

237__Gobleville. SVP: Adele Post; D: Anna E. Herrington

240__Romeo. P: Rebecca Newberry; D: Lydia Tinsman

242__Newaygo. D: Adele Thompson

245__Big Rapids. D: Sarah Hardy

250__Reed City. PP: Eliza Barker

253__Hemlock. PP: Caro Pettit

257__Detroit. D: Emma Adderley

258__Ironwood. D: Lizzie P. M. Buck

260__Oxford. D: Minnie Casmer

Transcription by Barbara Lesser July 2004 © copyright all rights reserved.

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