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1886 PROCEEDINGS Of The Third Annual Convention Of The
Woman’s Relief Corps

Auxiliary to Grand Army Of The Republic,
Department of Michigan

Held At Jackson, Michigan April 21 and 22, 1886

Department Officers, 1885

President__ Emma S. Hampton, Detroit

Senior Vice President__ Mary A. McConnelly, Flint

Junior Vice President__Charity A. Dykeman, Jackson

Secretary__Armilla A. Cheney, Detroit

Treasurer__Adelaide Wallace, Detroit

Chaplain__Sarah Lyon, Howell

Inspector__Lucy Wilcox, Owosso

Conductor__Julie E. Throwbridge, Dundee

Guard__Bertha E. Smith, Stanton

Chief Instituting and Installing Officers__Sarah A. C. Plummer, Lansing.

Assistant Inspectors

Mary A. McConnelly, Flint; Charity Dykeman, Jackson; Amanda O. Miner, Muskegon; Sarah A. C. Plummer, Lansing; Jennie L. Gibbs, Grand Haven; Hattie R. Murray, Homer; Amanda H. Tripp, South Haven; Hattie M. Padden, Greenville; Maggie Campbell, Alpena; Mary E. Parker, Frankfort

Board of Directors

                 1__Amanda H. Tripp

                 3__Lizzie Stangel

                 4__Maddie A. Rowell

                 6__Nellie Stengel

                 7__Mary Reed

                 12__Susie H. Atkins

                 13__Lillie A. Rutter

                 16__Flora Doty

                 17__Susie S. Stitzel

                 18__Addie C. Morey

                 19__Addie Bush

                 20__Lucelia B. Belding

                 21__Clarissa A. Short

                 22__Loanna Wert

                 24__Eizora Maxfield

                 25__E. C. Slocum

                 27__Ella Surprise

                 28__Emily P. Dye

                 30__Mary E. Winters

                 31__Mary E. Collar

                 32__Ann E. Lewis

                 33__Emily Darrow

                 34__Frankie Barlow

                 36__Marg’t E. Roseboom

                 37__Mary L. McIntyre

                 39__Artemisia Ester

                 40__Carrie Barnard

Finance Committee

Flavilla B. Holt, Detroit; L. S. Bamford, Union City; Emorett Reynolds, Coldwater.

Aides-De-Camp to National President

Emorett Reynolds, Coldwater; Elizabeth C. Ellsworth, Greenville.

Proceedings of the Third Annual Convention W. R. C.

Department of Michigan

Jackson, Michigan, April 21st, 1886

        Conformable to notice given in General Order No. 5, Department Headquarters were established at the Hurd House, Tuesday, April 20th, thus giving an opportunity for meeting with members, delegates and comrades of the Grand Army, also discussion of matters pertaining to proper legislation in the coming Convention.

        The meeting of the Board of Directors, which was appointed for April 20th, 2 P. M., was called to order, and adjourned to the following morning at 9 o’clock, to await the arrival of later trains.

        According to announcement, the Department Officers held an informal reception Tuesday evening, an invitation being extended to each and all interested, with an assurance of a warm and cordial welcome to all. Many were the greetings, and those who witnessed the hearty hand shaking of the veterans were re-assured that there could be no stronger tie than that which binds old soldiers’ hearts together, and that there exist strong bonds of fellowship between them and their co-workers, the loyal women of the W. R. C.

        At the adjourned meeting of the Board of Directors various subjects were brought up and informally discussed, pertaining to the welfare of the Order in Michigan.

        While in the providence of God we have been allowed to meet at the first, second, and some of us the third, annual convention, let us not forget the vacant chairs and the faces we will behold no more.

        While we bow in humble submission to the decrees of our Heavenly Father, we would speak with reverent lips the familiar names of:

Mrs. Jennie M. George, Past Sec., Dept. Mich., Corps No. 7, Lansing

Mrs. Clara Davis, April 16th, 1885, Corps No. 7, Lansing

Mrs. Nancy Johnson, Nov. 24th, 1884, Corps No. 14, Greenville.

Mrs. Augusta Hodgkiss, March 4, 1886, Corps No. 14, Greenville.

Mrs. Eliza Jane Whitney, June, 1885, Corps No. 22, Fowlerville

Mrs. Fannie Ball, March 6, 1886, Corps No. 31, Coldwater

Mrs. Sarah Kopp, Nov., 1885, Corps No. 18, Charlotte

Diana Sellick, March 7, 1886, Corps No. 55, Lockwood

Mary L. Day, 1886, Corps No. 48, Howard City.

Lucreta Parker, Feb. 16th, 1886, Corps No. 32, Webberville

Sara A. Sage, Feb. 17th, 1886, Corps No. 28, Ionia


        The Woman’s Relief Corps was organized as a Department in Michigan April 2d, 1884, with 10 corps and about 300 members. At the second annual Convention, February 11th, 1885, No. 32 was reported organized, but No. 12 being vacant, there were 31 regular corps, with a membership of 1,051, a gain of 21 corps and 700 members in a little more than 10 months.

        There have been added since last Convention 51 new corps and 1,453 members; voluntarily disbanded, 3; disbanded to reorganize, 1; charter revoked, 1; under suspension, 1.

        From the first to the last of my administration I have aimed to establish a through system of approved discipline and government, such as would place us in the highest rank of excellence as a Department.

        As Michigan did her duty in the war, so now let her daughters emulate the example, and if we be anything in this holy cause, let us never rest until we stand prominently first in discipline, unselfish charity and purity of purpose.

        Roll of Convention was read by Secretary, members present being marked with a *. Those holding duplicate representation and present, thus a ↨.


Dept. President__                 *Emma S. Hampton             Detroit

Dept. Sr. Vice Pres__            *Mary A. McConnelly            Flint

Dept. Jr. Vice Pres__            *Charity A. Dykeman            Jackson

Dept. Secretary__                *Armilla A. Cheney               Detroit

Dept. Treasurer__                *Adelaide Wallace                Detroit

Dept. Chaplain__                  *Sarah Lyon                        Howell

Dept. Inspector__                *Lucy Wilcox                        Owosso

Dept. Conductor__               *Julie E. Trowbridge             Dundee

Dept. Guard__                     *Bertha E. Smith                  Stanton

Dept. I. And I. Officer__       *Sarah A. C. Plummer          Lansing

Dept. Past Pres.__                *Ella W. Shank                     Lansing

No. 1, South Haven

Pres., Mary E. Dodge; Past Pres., Mary E. Dodge and Josephine Prentiss.

Delegates: *Elsie Hicks, *Clara Smith. Alt. Del., Mercy Balsh

No. 2, Niles

Pres., Mrs. Millard

No. 3, Coral

Pres., Lizzie Hanson; Past Pres., Maggie B. King and Francis B. Davis.

Delegate, Maggie B. King; Alt., Francis B. Davis.

No. 4, Battle Creek

Pres., *Eliza W. Roberts; Past Pres., M. J. French and *Lottie Nichols

Delegates, *Carrie E. Surby and *Stella Parker. Alt., Nettie Cummings and Mrs. Guy Newbre.

No. 5, Jackson

Pres., *Maria C. Stevenson; Past Pres., *Martha Strong and ↨Charity A. Dykeman. Delegates: *Sarah Cordon and *Mary L. Gifford; Alt., Mary Chapman and Louisa Hewlett.

No. 6, Big Rapids

Pres., Harriett Cooper; Past Pres., Catherine Hart; Delegate, Mary Pratt; Alt., Mary G. Burnett.

No. 7, Lansing

Pres., *Mary Reed; Past Pres., Alice S. Garlick, ↨Ella W. Shank; Del., *Annie Klockseim, *Martha Bliss, * Louisa Less, * Laura Rice, *Sarah Dayton; Alt., Lucy Morgan, Adell Thompson, Mary McKinley, Sarah Allen, Hattie Clark.

No. 9, Stanton

Pres., * Carrie E. Stevens; Past Pres., *Mary Hinds; Del., *Lu E. S. Towle, *Mary Clark; Alt., Estella L. Moore, Harriett P. Youngs.

No. 10, Detroit

Pres., *Lydia C. Hopkins; Past Pres., ↨Emma S. Hampton, *Helen T. Gibbons; Del., Ada M. Stoddard, *Flavilla B. Holt; Alt., *Lucy M. Griswold, Jennie S. Oster.

No. 11, Dundee

Pres., *Mary J. Mason; Past Pres., Mattie D. Smith; Del., ↨Julie E. Trowbridge, *Melinda Carr; Alt., Maria Kenyon, Sarah Bell.

No. 12, North Muskegon

Pres., Susie H. Atkins; Past Pres., Rachel Storrs; Del., Electa A. Wixom; Alt., *May Freighner.

No. 13, Berrien Center

Pres., Almeda Suavely

No. 14, Greenville

Pres., *Hattie M. Padden; Past Pres., J. S. Chase; Del., Nancy Miller, *Miranda Griffith, *Anna S. J. Grabill; Alt., Martha Jennison, E. B. Mayo, Hattie Turner.

No. 15, Howell

Pres., ↨Sarah E. Lyon; Past Pres., Elizabeth Waddell, Ella J. Wing; Del., *Mary J. Wilcox, *Elizabeth Noble, *Anna Herrington; Alt., Amanda Kent, Kate Kriseler, Emma Johnson.

No. 16, Grand Ledge

Pres., Harriet Foreman; Past Pres., Hattie Chamberlain, Augusta Chadwick; Del., *Sarah Bigelow; Alt., Nancy Byxbe.

No. 17, Constantine

Pres., Eliza Machimer; Past Pres., Sue Stitzel, Cecelia J. Edwards; Del., *Matilda Rodecker; Alt., Sue Stitzel.

No 18, Charlotte

Pres., *Addie C. Morey; Past Pres., Sarah Carroll, ↨Jennie Johnson; Del., *Emorette Winchell, *Jennie M. Johnson; Alt., Sarah Carroll, Mary Bennett.

No. 19, Gaines

Pres., Mary Stewart; Past Pres., Edna Van Vleet; Del., Nell Aldrich, Augusta Symons; Alt., Augusta Rood, Addie Bush.

No. 20, St. Johns

Pres., Sarah Hillaker; Past Pres., Monira Crull; Del., Julia Cole, Abby Isbell; Alt., *Lucilia R. Belding, Josie Thomas.

No. 21, Partello

Pres., Mary J. McGraw; Past Pres., ↨Phoebe Hazen; Sr. V. Pres, *Mary J. Case; Del., *Melissa M. Phillips; Alt., ↨Mary J. Case

No. 22, Fowlerville

Pres., *Tama E. Carr; Past Pres., *Ella B. Fisher; Del., Cecelia Bushy, Francelia Smith; Alt., ↨Tama E. Carr, *Mary Kuhn

No. 23, Flint

Pres., *Hattie P. Thompson; Past Pres., ↨Mary A. McConnelly; Del., *Mary Numa, *Amelia Bassett, Emma Hubbard, *Martha Clarkson, Catherine Partridge; Alt., Lydia Hughes, *Helen Warren, *Helen Burbanks, Harriet Farnum, Sarah Becker.

No. 24, Coopersville

Pres., *Mary Hamilton; Past Pres., Amelia Rice, Lida Griffin; Del., Lida Griffin; Alt., Elizora Maxfield.

No. 25, Union City

Pres., * Elizabeth Slocum; Past Pres., * Alice Rowe; Del., *H. H. Harsh, *Lucy Simmons; Alt., Carrie Seymour, Nora Streeter.

No. 26, Owosso

Pres., *Sarah A. Wiley; Past Pres., *Mattie Tillotson; Del., *Martha Ridley, *Alice Henderson; Alt., Jane A. Steves, Martha Gilbert.

No. 27, Grand Rapids

Pres., *Francis I. Stephenson; Del., * Kate A. L. Baxter, *Mary Clark; Alt., Viola Dipple, Jennie M. Lalone.

No. 28, Ionia

Pres., Lizzie B. Maxwell; Past Pres., Sylvia M. Spencer; Del., Hattie E. Cornell, Ettie Scott; Alt., Kate Smith, Sarah Brookins.

No. 29, Lakeview

Pres., * Esther Macomber; Past Pres., ↨Ellen C. Everett; Del., *Ellen C. Everett; Alt., Esther Macomber.

No. 30, Bellevue

Pres., Nancy Adams; Past Pres., *Cornelia Perry; Del., *Cornelia Hugget; Alt., Nettie Beers.

No. 31, Coldwater

Pres., Emorett Reynolds; Sr. V. Pres., *Lucina Milnes; Del., *Mary E. Collar, *Mariette Cushman, Sabina Hanna, *Arminda Russell, *Margaret Long; Alts., Alida Miller, *Almira Whitten, Sarah Russell, Dora Alexander, Caroline Parker.

No. 32, Webberville

Pres., Henrietta Boardman; Past Pres., Esther Carr; Del., Roxy Whitehead, Loretta Rogers; Alt., *Hannah Lane, Ann Lewis.

No. 33, Homer

Pres., *Hattie R. Murray; Past Pres., *Priscilla Beedan; Del., *Chloe Juckett; Alt., Marcella Burt

No. 34, Jones

Pres., *Mary F. Arnold; Del., *Mary J. Morton; Alt., ↨Mary F. Arnold.

No. 36, Grand Haven

Pres., * Jennie L. Gibbs; Del., *Francis L. Finch; Alt., Jennie Gardner

No. 37, Hillsdale

Pres., *Alice C. Tallman; Del., *Maria L. Baker, *Juulia M. Janes, *Mary l. McIntyre; Alts., Annie L. Seeley, Susan Baker, Fannie Flint.

No. 39, Lakeside

Pres., Isabella Cord; Past Pres., *Caroline Bradford (transferred from No. 8)

Del., *Nellie A. Whipple; Alt., Alice McConnell.

No. 40, Fremont

Pres., Sarah A. Barnhard; Delegate (none elected)

No. 41, Grand Rapids

Pres., *Allie S. Mallett; Del., *Hattie Wheeler

No. 42, Nashville

Pres., Elizabeth Barber; Del., *Aggie Putnam, *Elvira Wheeler; Alts., Sarah Beigh, Della Tyler.

No. 44, DeWitt

Pres., *Rachel Brink; Past Pres., Mitilda Loll; Del., none elected.

No. 45, Wayne

Pres., *Nancy Irvin; Del., *Emma Althouse; Alt., Adelia Collins.

No. 47, Olivet

Pres., *Sarah E. Savory; Past Pres., *Phoebe Hazen (transferred from No. 21); Del., *Augusta Keeney; Alt., Bessie Galusha.

No. 48, Howard City

Pres., Jennie Drew; Del., Mary Church; Alt., Celia Vanda.

No. 49, Lowell

Pres., Lucinda R. Robinson; Past Pres., Emma B. Hine; Del., *Leonore Perry; Alt., Emma B. Hine.

No. 50, Ludington

Pres., Emmile C. Dowland; Del., Charlotte Chase; Alt., Mary A. Ransom

No. 51, Marshall

Pres., *Maggie Town; Past Pres., Amy Peterman; Del., Mary Counterman.

No. 52, Middleville

Pres., Sophia Bassett; Del., Sophia Bassett; Alt., Eliza Hubbard.

No. 53, Bloomingdale

Pres., Lide McMeekin; Del., Sophia Peck.

No. 54, Fowler

Pres., * Ann E. Rice.

No. 55, Alpena

Pres., Jennie B. Wheeler; Del., Sarah B. Field; Alt., Ruth M. Sproat.

No. 56, Mt. Pleasant

Pres., *Ellen A. Hicks; Del., *Kate Harris; Alt., Ella Bowen.

No. 58, Richmond

Pres., *Ellen M. Walton; Del., Lizzie Raphelje; Alt., Helen Beebe.

No. 59, Maple Rapids

Pres., Olive S. Perry; Del., Mattie Smith; Alt., Libbie Anderson.

No. 60, Morley

Pres., Hattie M. Hicks; Del., Mary J. Yost; Alt., Amanda Williamson

No. 61, Frankfort

Pres., Mary E. Parker; Del., Mary E. Parker; Alt., Diana E. Spicer.

No. 62, Sunfield

Pres., Mary Richards; Del., Cassie Kreamer; Alt., Emma Peabody.

No. 63, Mecosta

Pres., Annie R. Wade; Past Pres., Mary Layton

No. 64, Morenci

Pres., *Lucy Converse; Del., *Kittie Boody; Alt., Mary Walker

No. 65, Ypsilanti

Pres., *Josephine Carson; Past Pres., Leonore Seigle; Del., *Nellie L. Bowen.

No. 66, Fenton

Pres., Abbie J. Curry.

No. 67, Perry

Pres., Mahala Hawley; Del., *Rachel Bott

No. 68, Leslie

Pres., *Elizabeth Willson

No. 69, Millington

Pres., Ellen A. Atwood

No. 70, Assyria

Pres., Mattie Ellis

No. 71, Luther

Pres., Grace M. Seeley

No. 72, Adrian

Pres., *Louise A. Robbins

No. 73, Crystal

Pres., Mary E. Stiffey

No. 74, Hudson

Pres., *Catherine Whitney

No. 75, Corunna

Pres., *Lucy Armstrong.

No. 76, Carson City

Pres., Mary A. Gibbs

No. 77, Schoolcraft

Pres., Catherine E. Harper

No. 78, (no town listed)

Pres. *Lucy D. Reed

No. 79, Brighton

Pres., Hattie E. Durfee; Jr V. Pres., *Mary J. Tobin

No. 80, Litchfield

Pres., *Carrie E. Howard

No. 81, Buchanan

Pres., Sarah A. Howel; Jr V. Pres., *Amanda Beistle

Frank Graves

Phil. Kearney

Amos E. Steel


W. J. May




N. Muskegon




Apr. 2, 1886

Mar. 24, 1885

Mar. 21, 1885

Mar. 12, 1885

Apr. 8, 1885

Mar. 25, 1885

Emma S. Hampton

Jennie L. Gibbs

Amanda O. Miner

Emma S. Hampton

Cecelia J. Edwards

Mary A. McConnelly


Transcription by Barbara Lesser July 2004 © copyright all rights reserved.

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