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   Proceedings at the Organization and Institution of the Department of Michigan,
W. R. C. And at the
Second Annual Convention.

Held Respectively at Lansing, April 2, 1884 and at East Saginaw, February 11 & 12, 1885

Department Officers, 1884

President:                          Ella W. Shank, Lansing

Senior Vice President:       Mary E. Hinds, Stanton

Junior Vice President:      Amanda O. Miner, Muskegon

Secretary:                         Jennie M. George, Lansing

Treasurer:                        Kittie A. Stone, Lansing

Chaplain:                          Amanda H. Tripp, South Haven

Inspector:                        A. E. N. Rich, Jackson

Conductor:                         Stella L. Parker, Battle Creek

Guard:                                Jennie Harris, Battle Creek

Chief Mustering Officer:    Alfreda Allen, Pokagon

PROCEEDINGS of the Organization of the Dept. Of Mich. W. R. C., Auxiliary to the G. A. R.

Lansing, Michigan, April 2, 1884

        The meeting opened at 10 o’clock, A. M., with Mrs. Lois W. L. Holbrook, of Toledo, O., in the chair. Mrs. Amanda O. Miner, of Muskegon, was chosen Secretary, and Mrs. Francis C. S. Curtiss, Assistant Secretary.

        Mrs. Holbrook read Order No. 1, from National Headquarters, Boston, Mass., relative to forming State Departments; also Rules and Regulations concerning the same.

        Next in order, roll call of Corps by Secretary, as follows:

Corps No.   1 - Zach Chandler, South Haven

            2 - A. M. Allen, Pokagon

               3 - Chauncy Perry, Coral

               4 - Farragut, Battle Creek

               5 - Edward Pomeroy, Jackson

               6 - E. Edmonds, Big Rapids

               7 - Chas. T. Foster, Lansing

               8 - Phil. Kearny, Muskegon

               9 - Stanton, Stanton

               10 - Fairbanks, Detroit

Corps Nos. 1, 2, and 3 were not represented.

        The following Committee on Credentials was appointed:

Mrs. Emma S. Hampton, Detroit; Mrs. Kittie A. Stone, Lansing; Mrs. Mary E. Hinds, Stanton; Mrs. Caroline Bradford, Muskegon; and Mrs. Mary F. Priest, Big Rapids.

        Committee on Nominations:

Mrs. Henrietta Young, Stanton; Mrs. Fannie L. Huff, Detroit; Mrs. Jennie M. George, Lansing; Mrs. Charity A. Dykeman, Jackson; Mrs. Mary E. Miller, Muskegon; Mrs. A. E. Preston, Battle Creek; and Mrs. Eva Moore, Big Rapids.

        Mrs. Holbrook then exemplified the work of the Order in an able manner. An opportunity was here given members to ask questions concerning the W. R. C., all of which were satisfactorily answered.

        A motion was then made that there be a public installation of officers in the evening. Carried.

        Adjourned to meet at two o’clock, P. M.

Afternoon Session

        The Committee on Credentials submitted the following report: Farragut Corps, No. 4, Battle Creek, 3 delegates; Edward Pomeroy Corps No. 5, Jackson, 4 delegates; E. Edmonds Corps, No. 6, Big Rapids, 2 delegates; Charles T. Foster Corps, No. 7, Lansing, 9 delegates; Phil. Kearney Corps, No. 8, Muskegon, 6 delegates; Stanton Corps, No. 9, Stanton, 4 delegates; Fairbanks Corps, No. 10, Detroit, 4 delegates;

        Total number of delegates present, thirty-two.

        Report accepted.


Corps No. 4: Battle Creek__ Mrs. Mary A. E. Preston, Mrs. M. A. Rowell, Mrs. Stella L. Moore

Corps No. 5: Jackson__        Mrs. Charity A. Dykeman, Mrs. Adeline Stevens, Mrs. Allie Welling, Mrs. Ita Bliss.

Corps No. 6: Big Rapids__     Mrs. Mary F. Priest, Mrs. Eva Moore

Corps No. 7: Lansing__         Mrs. Ella W. Shank, Mrs. Jennie M. George, Mrs. Lydia O. Beard, Mrs. Mary Reed, Mrs. Flora Lesher, Mrs. Sarah A. C. Plummer, Mrs. Anna Pinkerton, Mrs. Kittie A. Stone, Mrs. Laura Rice.

Corps No. 8: Muskegon__     Mrs. Caroline Bradford, Mrs. Sarah Connolly, Mrs. Victoria Parsons, Mrs. Nellie Sprague, Mrs. Mary E. Miller, Mrs. Amanda O. Miner.

Corps No. 9: Stanton__        Mrs. Mary E. Hinds, Mrs. Carrie E. Stevens, Mrs. Harriet P. Youngs, Mrs. Adelie E. Turner.

Corps No. 10: Detroit__        Mrs. Emma S. Hampton, Mrs. Lizzie G. Hawas, Mrs. Francis C. S. Curtiss, Mrs. Lydia J. Renton.

Committee on nominations having reported, the following ladies were elected to fill the various offices for the ensuing year:

        President: Ella W. Shank, Lansing

        Senior Vice President: Mary E. Hinds, Stanton

        Junior Vice President: Amanda O. Miner, Muskegon

        Secretary: Jennie M. George, Lansing

        Treasurer: Kittie A. Stone, Lansing

        Chaplain: Amanda H. Tripp, South Haven

        Inspector: A. E. N. Rich, Jackson

        Guard: Jennie Harris, Battle Creek


Delegate -at-Large: Emma S. Hampton, Detroit

Delegates: Theresa French, Battle Creek; Fannie L. Huff, Detroit; Mary F. Priest, Big Rapids; Caroline Bradford, Muskegon.

Alternates: Carrie E. Stevens, Stanton; Kittie A. Stone, Lansing; Maggie B. Dixon, Detroit; Eva Moore, Big Rapids.

        Voted that the per capita tax be 20 cents per quarter for each Corps member. Also voted that each Corps member be assessed 5 cents for Department charter.

        Adjourned to meet at 7:30 P. M.

Evening Session:

Convention called to order by Mrs. Holbrook.

        Roll call of officers-elect by the Secretary.

        The beautiful and impressive installation service was then appropriately performed by Mrs. Holbrook, and the officers escorted to their several stations.

        Mrs. Holbrook in a few well chosen words congratulated the Department upon the harmonious and successful manner in which the various Corps had worked to organize the same. Mrs. Shank, Department President, thanked the Convention for the honors conferred upon Charles T. Foster Corps.

        All joined in singing “America.”

        W. L. Smith, editor of the “Veteran,” then made some very interesting remarks.

        A vote of thanks was extended to Mrs. Holbrook for her efficient services in forming the Department of Michigan.

        W. L. Smith was then invited to sing, and responded with “Marching Through Georgia,” all joining in the chorus.

        Rush J. Shank, Department Commander, G. A. R., being called upon, appropriately responded.

        C. P. Lesher, Commander of Chas. T. Foster Post, No. 42, G. A. R., being called upon, congratulated the ladies upon the speedy and pleasant manner in which the Depart had been formed.

        The organist then played a march, while the ladies received the Department password.

        Time and place of next meeting not decided upon.

        Department Headquarters established at Lansing.

        There being no further business the Convention adjourned, all feeling that the meeting had been a pleasant and profitable one.

Respectfully submitted,

        AMANDA O. MINER, Acting Secretary.


Department Officers, 1885

President__ Emma S. Hampton, Detroit

Senior Vice President__ Mary E. McConnelly, Flint

Junior Vice President__ Charity A. Dykeman, Jackson

Secretary__Mary B. Durfee, Detroit

Treasurer__Adelaide Wallace, Detroit

Chaplain__Sarah Lyon, Howell

Inspector__Lucy Wilcox, Owosso

Conductor__Julia E. Throwbridge, Dundee

Guard__Bertha Smith, Stanton

Chief Mustering Officer__Sarah A. C. Plummer, Lansing


Delegate- at- Large__Sarah A. C. Plummer, Lansing

Alternate-at- Large__Flavilla B. Holt, Detroit

Delegates__Fannie L. Huff, Detroit; Martha Strong, Jackson; Mary E. McConnelly, Flint; Flora Lesher, Lansing; Hattie Padden, Greenville; Bertha Rose, Muskegon; Mrs. Dr. Wilson, Flint; Amanda O. Miner, Muskegon; Mary E. Hinds, Stanton.

Alternates__Kittie A. Stone, Lansing; Jennie M. George, Lansing; Josephine Prentice, South Haven; Emoret Reynolds, Coldwater; Anna Kenyon, Dundee; Hattie Chamberlain, Grand Ledge; Elizabeth Waddell, Howell; Amelia Benjamin, Fowlerville; Vina Redfield, Jackson.

PROCEEDINGS of the SECOND ANNUAL CONVENTION, W. R. C. Department of Michigan

East Saginaw, February 11, 1885

        The Second Annual Convention was called to order in the First M. E. Church, at 10 o’clock A. M., with Ella W. Shank, Department President, in the chair. Owing to the extreme cold weather but few of the delegates had arrived, and it was decided to adjourn the meeting, after appointing the following committee to report in the afternoon: Committee on credentials, Jennie M. George, Emma s. Hampton, Vina Redfield. Assistant Secretary, Mrs. L. S. Banford.

        Moved by Mrs. Banford to suspend regular business. Carried.

        Discussion on the recommendation of the Board of Directors was then taken up. At the first meeting of the said board we were happily interrupted by the announcement of Commander-in-Chief Kountz and others.

        As no other business could be done this forenoon it was moved by Mrs. Wallace to adjourn till 2 o’clock P. M. Carried.

Afternoon Session

        Meeting called to order at 2:30 P. M., Department President in the chair, and the Convention was duly opened for business.


Department Officers:

President__ Ella W. Shank,* Lansing

Senior Vice President__Mary E. Hinds, Stanton

Junior Vice President__ Amanda O. Miner, Miskegon

Secretary__Jennie M. George, * Lansing

Treasurer__Kittie A. Stone,* Lansing

Chaplain__Amanda H. Tripp, South Haven

Inspector__Mrs. A. E. N. Rich, Jackson

Conductor__Stella L. Parker, Battle Creek

Guard__ Jennie Harris, Battle Creek

Mustering Officer__Alfreda Allen, Pokagon


Corps No. 1, South Haven, 3__Pres., Josephine Prentice; Past Pres., Mary E.

                         Dodge; Del., Clara B. Smith

Corps No. 2, Pokagon, 1__Pres. Martha Schelll

Corps No. 3, Coral, 4__Pres., Frances B. Davis; Past Pres., Maggie King;

                         Del., Carrie King; Alt., Millie Culver

Corps No. 4, Battle Creek, 6__Pres. Lottie Nichols; Past Pres., Theresa

                         French; Del., Miss E. M. Theirs; Mrs. R. Surby; Alt., Mrs.

                         Cummings, Mrs. Blank.

Corps No. 5, Jackson, 8__Pres. Charity Dyckman;* Past Pres., M. C. Strong;

                         Dels., Mrs. May Chapman, Mrs. Mary A. Gifford, Mrs.

                         Cordon; Alt., Vina Redfield,* M. C. Stevens, Allie Welling.

Corps No. 6, Big Rapids, 4__ Pres., Sophia Pangborn; Past Pres., Mary F.

                         Priest; Del., Alta Wynkoop; Alt., Nellie Stengel.

Corps No. 7, Lansing, 14__Pres., Ella W. Shank,* Past Pres., Alice Garlick;

                         Del., Mary L. Smith, Mary Reed, Flora Lesher,* Sarah

                         Plummer,* Lydia Beard, Louise Lees; Alt., Laura Rice,

                         Susan R. Winans, Carrie Clark, Augusta Hart, Sarah

                         Dayton, Martha Bliss.

Corps No. 8, Muskegon, 8__Pres., Amelia Hughson; Past Pres., Caroline

                         L. Bradford; Del., Hannah Coon, Maggie Curren; Alt., Rosa

                         Eckerman, Nellie Sprague, Effie Rose.

Corps No. 9, Stanton, 6__Pres., Carrie Stevens; Past Pres., Mary E. Hinds;

                         Del., Roxy Miner,* Harriet Young;* Alt., Estella Moore,

                         Mrs. Bertha Smith.

Corps No. 10, Detroit, 5__Pres., Emma S. Hampton;* Del., F. B. Holt,* Mary

                         Durfee; Alt., Fannie L. Huff,* Adda M. Stoddard.

Corps No. 11, Dundee, 5__ Pres., Mattie D. Smith; Del., Anna Kenyon,*

                         Julia Trowbridge; Alt., Amy McBride, Mary Stewart.

Corps No. 13, Berrien Center, 3__Pres., Almeda Snavely; Del., Ray Ober;

                         Alt., Cordie Jenkins.

Corps No. 14, Greenville, 6__Pres., Hattie M. Padden; Past Pres., Anna M.

                         Chase; Del., Elizabeth G. Ellswroth, Amanda E. Belknap;

                         Alt., Hattie M. Turner, Delia Dunnison.

Corps No. 15, Howell, 5__Pres., Elizabeth Waddell; Del., Emma Sweet,*

                         Mrs. Herrington; Alt., Mary J. Wilcox, Ella J. Wing.

Corps No. 16, Grand Ledge, 5__ Pres., Augusta Chadwick;* Del., Augusta

                         Chadwick, Hattie Chamberlain; Alt., Susan Nastrant, Lizzie


Corps No. 17, Constantine, 3__ Pres., Cecelia J. Edwards; Del., Sue Stitzel,

                         Alt., Jessie Sharp.

Corps No. 18, Charlotte, 6__Pres., Jennie Johnson; Past Pres., Sarah Carrell;

                         Del., Mary Mallory, Mattie Rowley; Alt., Sarah Carrell, Kate


Corps No. 19, Gaines, 1__Pres., Edna VanVleet.

Corps No. 20, St. Johns, 5__Pres., Monira Crull; Del., Amanda Hamilton,

                         Josie Thomas; Alt., Mary E. Hart, Sarah Hilliker.

Corps No. 21, Partello, 3__ Pres., Phoebe Hazen; Del., Clarrissa Short;

                         Alt., Melissa Phillips

Corps No. 22, Fowlerville, 3__Pres., Ella B. Fisher; Del., Amelia Benjamin;

                         Alt., Ariva Lockwood.

Corps No. 23, Flint, 5__ Pres., Mary A. McConnelly;* Del., Rhoda Wilson,*

                         Catherine Partridge;* Alt., Lydia Hughes, Hattie Thompson.

Corps No. 24, Coopersville, 4__ Pres., Lydia Griffin; Past Pres., Amelia Rice;

                         Del., ________; Alt., Mary Goodrich.

Corps No. 25, Union City, 3__Pres. Mrs. Young:* Del., H. H. Harsh; Alt., Mrs.

                         L. S. Banford.

Corps No. 26, Owosso, 1__ Pres., Mattie Tillotson*.

Corps No. 27, Grand Rapids, 1__ Pres. Sarah L. Olmstead.

Corps No. 28, Ionia, 1__ Pres., Mrs. S. M. Spencer.

Corps No. 29, 1__ Pres., Ellen C. Everett (no town listed)

Corps No. 30, 1__ Pres., Cornelia Perry (no town listed)

Corps No. 31, 1__ Pres. Emorett Reynolds (no town listed)

Corps No. 32, 1__ Pres., Esther Carr (no town listed)


Mrs. Mercer, Flint; Mrs. Owens, Owosso; Mrs. Banford, Union City; Mrs. Wallace, Detroit.

Recapitulation of Mustering Officer’s Report

Emma S. Hampton, 1; Alice S. Garlick, 2; Jennie M. George, 1; Kittie A. Stone, 2; Mary Reed, 1; Elizabeth Waddell, 1; Amanda O. Miner, 2; Charity A. Dyckman, 1; Mary E. Hinds, 1; Sarah A. C. Plummer, 1; Ella B. Fisher, 1; Mrs. Finch, 1; Ella W. Shank, 5; Post Commander, 1;

Total, 21

Respectfully submitted,

ALFREDA ALLEN, Chief Mustering Officer

        Inspector’s report at hand, but as it was not called for did not think it necessary to read it.

        Moved and supported to suspend regular business, to transact such business as may come up.

        Moved by Mrs. Kenyon to adjourn to meet at 10 o’clock A. M. Thursday. Carried.

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