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Michigan Men on The Sultana
By Michigan County

SurnameGivenRankCompanyRegimentPost OfficeCountyKilled Lost LivedRecord Of ServiceLoss Of SultanaExtra NotesWeb Page
AlfredZ.privateA2d Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official Listno one found in this regiment with this last name. Possible Alvord, Friend of Co. A. taken prisoner March 1865. 
BarrG.privateG11th Michigan Infantry UnknownunknownnoneOfficial ListCan find no soldiers serving Michigan in the 11th Regiment with this name. 
BremerJ. L.sergeant L1st Michigan E. & M. UnknownunknownnoneOfficial Listno records found for this name in this regiment. A John Bremer fought in the 15th Michigan Infantry. 
ByronJosephprivateE2d Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official ListNo person found in Michigan Civil War records with this name 
CormeteadprivateK2d Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official Listno name found that matches or comes close to varied spellings. Think this may be a misread Comstead for last name. 
DickensL. F.lieutenantE2d Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official Listno one found with this name as a lieutenant in this regiment. See Simeon Dickenson. 
DillardJamesprivateC2d Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official ListNo man served Michigan by this last name. Could be James Doddard who was taken prisoner November 8 1864 at Shoal Creek. 
EddyW.privateD18th Michigan Infantry UnknownunknownnoneOfficial ListResearch shows no such person in Company D. All men listed with Eddy surname are in other companies and some died of disease before the explosion. 
FinkM. L.privateH18th Michigan Infantry UnknownunknownnoneOfficial ListLevi Fink transferred from Co. B 11th Cavalry to Co. C of 18th Infantry. Does not show taken as prisoner or mustered out correct place or date. 
FordendL. D.privateI4th Michigan Cavalry UnknownunknownnoneOfficial Listname not found in Civil War records at all. 
FreeM. C.privateM1st Michigan Cavalry UnknownunknownnoneOfficial Listrecords not found with this spelling or any near this spelling 
GlumT. P.sergeantC8th Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official ListThere was a Thomas P. Gheen in Co. C that was a sergeant. He died at Andersonville in October 1864. 
HartT.privateI6th Michigan Cavalry UnknownunknownnoneOfficial Listno men with this last name in this company that were taken prisoner at the right time. 
HendeeJ.privateE2d Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official Listno one found with this name in this regiment. Suspect this is David Herren of Co. E taken prisioner at Florence Ala. October 30 1864. 
HollerR.privateH2d Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official Listfound no one in this Company or Regiment with this name 
IvesE. H.privateD1st Michigan Infantry UnknownunknownnoneOfficial Listno man with this name or one near in spelling served in this regiment. Edward Ives served in 1st MI Cavalry. 
JohnsonB.privateA2d Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official ListCould be Calvin B. Johnson or Henry G. Johnson both were taken prisoner. 
LacklerGeorgeprivateF18th Michigan Infantry UnknownKilledLackler, George. Enlisted in company F, Eighteenth Infantry, Oct. 10, 1863, at Nashville., Tenn., for 3 years, age 32. Mustered Oct. 10, 1863. Joined regiment at Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1863. Missing in action at Athens, Ala., Sept. 24, 1864. Killed in explosion of steamer "Sultana" near Memphis, Tenn., April 27, 1865.Official Listname is misspelled in Loss of Sultana as Ladder 
LangleyWilson S. or William S.privateE2d Michigan Cavalry UnknownlivedLangley, Wilson S., or William S. Enlisted in company E, Second Cavalry, Sept. 10, 1864, at Huntsville, Ala., for 3 year. Mustered Sept. 15, 1864. Taken prisoner at Florence, Ala., Oct. 30, 1864. Discharged at Detroit, Mich., Jnne 30, 1865.Official List  
LebreyC. J.privateB8th Michigan Cavalry Unknownunknown Official ListNot found in other records. 

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