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I WAS born in Ireland, December 23, 1842, and enlisted in the service of the United States September 23, 1861, at Detroit, Mich., in Company I, 2nd Regiment Michigan Cavalry. Was captured at Florence, Ala., November 9, 1864, and was confined in the Meridian and Cahaba, Alabama, prisons.

My capture was as follows: When Sherman marched to the sea he sent Stanley to reinforce him, but Hood was nearer to Nashville than Stanley. Hood had Lee, Stewart and Cheatham. Lee crossed the Tennessee river at Florence, Ala. Stewart and Cheatham were still on the south side. I was sent for by Gen. Croxton, who asked me if I would go at night and cut the pontoon bridge at Florence, Ala. I could go alone or take some comrade with me. He said there was nothing I could ask the government for but that I could have it. I could have a commission, a furlough or anything else, and he would open communication with the "rebs" at daylight and exchange us, if it took one hundred for one. I started with five others. We got some citizens' coats and putting them on arrived at the bridge at two o'clock A. M., and, as the "rebs" stated in the newspaper the next day: "While portions of that army were on each side of the river, a party of bold federals came down the river in skiffs and succeeded in cutting the bridge in two or three places. Hatchets were found in their possession. It is one of the boldest of federal raids during the campaign." We got rid of the coats before we were taken prisoners. That night we were kept in a vacant store, and while the guards slept three of the comrades got away but they failed to cut the bridge. I drew the attention of the guard at the door by selling my watch that was hid in my boot leg. They (my three comrades) went up stairs and got out of the window. They were missed in three or four hours and the blood hounds were sent after them, but they had crossed the river. I had no one to help me get away, so I staid. I never saw or heard of them after that. I received a seven month's furlough, and then was paroled when the rest were.

Address, 3249 LaSalle street, Chicago, Ill.

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