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I ENLISTED in the service of the United States at Ionia, Ionia county; Mich., December 25, 1863, in Company I, 1st Regiment Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, and joined the regiment at Bridgeport, Tenn. Was captured at a small place called Ackworth, August 8,1864, and taken to the Cahaba prison. In March I was taken to Vicksburg and put on board the "Sultana." Her boiler exploded when about ten miles above Memphis. At the time H. C. Aldrich and myself were lying on one of the upper decks, near the starboard wheel-house. He said, "What shall I do, I cannot swim?" I replied, "Yon have got to." I got two blinds for him from a window and he went overboard. I followed him as quickly as possible. While I was swimming for dear life, a man called to me and asked for a chew of tobacco. I started to swim for the timber and was caught in an eddy and nearly drowned. When I got out of it I could see the lights of Memphis, but could not reach the dock, and finally was pulled out by a colored guard at Fort Pickens. Was sent from there to "Camp Chase," Ohio, and was given a furlough. I was discharged at Detroit, June, 1865.

Occupation, farming. Postoffice address, Harrison, Clare county, Mich.

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